This is a work of love, poetry of my inner most depth. Please do not read it if you are not sensitive.
If you ARE sensitive, please read it only if you are sensitive to the OTHERS as well, thank you.
i update to twitter daily a new verse. There is also music, because this is a Sonata -
The reason is all explained in the first strophes. My devout followers - you will hear me sing it soon.

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Peoples of this globality,
How blessed you be,
For such fortune to hearken,
This Twinata of me.
Jun 8, 2010
illustration for verse 1
Call it not a Twinnet,
As i am not a sonneteer,
But my rhymes are as sweet,
As ones by SheksPir.
Jun 8, 2010
illustration for verse 2

Vex me not by insisting,
Upon the nature of a Sonata, was taken,
So i took .com Twinata.
Jun 9, 2010
i did compose it with a tune,
i will sing you to me soon !
Jun 10, 2010

Now finishes the Musical introduction,
(soon i will upload the singing of it)
and starts a more serious part:
Jun 10, 2010

Enough now, you waste my time,
You are all but liars and cheaters,
You compliment my writing and smile,
But will you grasp my Twitters ?
Jun 10, 2010
i`m not alone. i`m beautiful.
i`ve many thoughts and emotions so pure,
You have psychological problems,
i can solve them to you for sure.
Jun 11, 2010

Kiss me now, nice ladies,
i am a real friend, you know, to you,
Female`s sweet sweat on dresses,
Reminds me how my Mom loved to sew.
Jun 12, 2010
illustration for verse 7
Do they dance here on Twitter ?
Do you sing and touch ?
Once i canceled a cheque for a girl,
Who smiled, and played fat and such.
Jun 13, 2010
illustration for verse 8

Are you a troubled person ?
is this why you have come here ?
Most of the times i can cure you,
But you have to let me come near.
Jun 14, 2010
i do not want your friendship,
Go be friends with your like,
just give me respect and compliments -
That`s how all flatterers strike.
Jun 15, 2010

i ran a black cat business,
Fixing bad luck on people, for pay,
But my partner swindled me badly,
And took with all my coupons away.
Jun 16, 2010
Think you know the world?
D`you know i`m an enigmatic lover?
i`d never slap a girl after sex,
Unless perchance she blasphemes my father.
Jun 17, 2010

Perhaps i waste my time,
Presenting so many issues and subjects,
Yet true poets are committed to rhyme,
A variety of multiple aspects.
Jun 18, 2010
Look at the @DalaiLama,
Followed by many, yet follows none,
His silly tweets dont even rhyme,
Why not me ? Why is he the one ?
Jun 20, 2010

- Because peoples believe to promises,
and they want to be always gay,
They dont want to burn it all down,
So they will not do as I say.
Jun 20, 2010
Will i commit suicide? Why?
i am happy, i don`t feel too sad,
Perhaps its you that should commit it,
Because i`m not the one who is sad.
Jun 21, 2010
illustration for verse 16

i would like to speak to you,
About the wrong things that were done,
About how we can make amends,
And finally come all together as one.
Jun 23, 2010
But i cannot concentrate,
Because of all those wanton sluts,
They want me only because i`m hairy,
i miss my classy mom so much.
Jun 23, 2010
illustration for verse 18

Let`s start now, i ask a question:
you reply as best your iQ permits,
How to retouch life`s truth,
And reach a purity as nice as tits ?
Jun 24, 2010
Feel the softness-how they pink,
Reality is delicate as a woman`s nipple,
God forbade this fruit to pluck,
Even for abandoned cat so little.
Jun 25, 2010
illustration for verse 20

You should be very agitated by this,
So what do i do? How to cope?
How do i respect life`s reality,
Avoid sloping down molesters slope?
Jun 26, 2010
The first thing you should do-
Clear your mind of financial debt,
No one worse than peoples,
Catching you on promises you didn`t kept.
Jun 28, 2010

it`s a bad gate for wrong sex,
it separates the emotion from the thought,
`You hurt my sex life, i call you later`,
But you call them not
Jun 28, 2010
Now the mind is pure,
You can finally, at last, think the nipple,
But do it with your deeper side,
Here the intellect cannot be feeble.
Jun 29, 2010

Does this nipple speak to her?
Does it tell her how or where to invest?
No. Of course not. it smells good,
But finance is not it`s best.
Jul 1, 2010
it is object without life or wisdom,
The saying goes:`stupid as a tit`,
Treat it like it belongs to a being,
Not a piece of fertile meat.
Jul 2, 2010

Thats what God told the man:
You are master to all animal and beast,
Dont let little things put you down,
Not as little as this at least.
Jul 3, 2010
Why are you arguing with me, then?
Now you realize my mental scope,
How sharp and accurate i am,
And it should fill your heart with hope.
Jul 4, 2010

You have no idea how i feel,
i have a terrible headache today,
But i took half a glass of water,
With two aspirins and i am now ok.
Jul 5, 2010
Philosophers must spy on people,
To extract their secret details and actions,
Philosophy is really boring,
Without its spying functions.
Jul 6, 2010

They want to be your `friends`,
But when you require information,
They refuse to be exposed,
So you`ll have to dig it by infiltration.
Jul 7, 2010
i`ll show you different ways,
How to precisely ask your question,
So they`re forced to answer you,
With an honest, complete confession.
Jul 8, 2010

Never ask `How do you do?`,
`Are you OK?` or `How are you?`
No one will give away his own secrets,
Nothing revealed this way is true.
Jul 9, 2010
Ask instead, about another,
A mutual acquaintance or a friend,
`How is he?` or `i hope she`s well`
Then you`ll have some truth at hand.
Jul 10, 2010

Now you go to this other person,
And comfort him as best you can,
Be a real friend and support him,
And Don`t worry - it`s by the plan.
Jul 11, 2010
Now he loves you, and hates the other,
That gave his secret away to you,
So he tells you some good fact,
On this other (first) one, too.
Jul 12, 2010

Now you thinking: So this is it?
This your - Oh so big advice ?
it`s the oldest trick in books,
A worn, exhausted, overused device.
Jul 13, 2010
Also in your head you think:
Perhaps the second will call the first,
To complain how he told the secret,
Now they know you are the worst
Jul 14, 2010

But you always have so poor iQ,
This is why you will think this way,
Never interrupt me in the middle,
And let me finish when i say...
Jul 15, 2010
Remember i have many thoughts within me,
All emotioned through and through,
if i tell you `Go`, you `go`,
Do exactly what i tell you to.
Jul 16, 2010

Now you make an important meeting,
With the both of them and you,
They resist - they hate each other,
Apparently as if because of you.
Jul 17, 2010
Don`t be afraid, it will be very OK,
i have tested it many a time,
With both family and friends,
And the outcome was very sublime.
Jul 18, 2010

in the meeting you confess,
Everything you`ve done to them,
Now the both of them despise you,
That control their lives just like a game.
Jul 19, 2010
Now you cry with tears and sadness,
You repent your evil dead,
But they wont forgive before they know,
What made you cruelly so proceed.
Jul 20, 2010

Tell them the truth, i allow you it:
it was a black malicious cat,
That manipulated your behavior,
From a site on the internet.
Jul 21, 2010
The cat is glib and smooth of tongue,
He`s got verbal powers out of hand,
He completely mesmerized me,
And thus he brought me to my end.
Jul 22, 2010

I don`t mind if I am hated -
My noble mission under the sun,
Is to make all souls emotionally united,
You were three - I made you One.
Jul 23, 2010
i am the cat of peace and friendship,
i am the cat of pregnant girls,
i am the cat of contemplations,
i am the cat of wisdom pearls.
Jul 24, 2010

Now you three deeply revere me,
i am your admired spiritual guide,
You devoutly follow my advice,
To me your secrets you confide.
Jul 25, 2010
Please, each month all of you three,
Send funds into my account,
You really don`t need to go broke,
But don`t send a degrading amount.
Jul 26, 2010

OK, i`m tired talking about you three,
You have exhausted my resources,
Let us talk of something else,
Until i have regained my forces.
Jul 27, 2010
i sing to my friend:the jewish god,
i crave Minestrone soup+rye bread,
Please make them happen now,
i deserve it for the wisdom i spread
Jul 28, 2010
illustration for verse 52

i will never be caught in marriage,
Because of the mothers in law,
Their husbands are now old and ugly,
That`s why they lust for me so.
Jul 29, 2010
illustration for verse 53
Think: You`re young and virile,
She is old, wrinkled and spent,
She marries to you her daughter,
But she perfumes HERSELF in your scent.
Jul 30, 2010

it makes her younger much more,
And sometimes it makes her hot,
But you are not allowed to enjoy it,
it`s her husband that gets the lot.
Jul 31, 2010
illustration for verse 55
i`m not attracted to her oldness,
Cause i get them young when i need,
And i do resent being used so,
With no chance of spreading my seed
Aug 1, 2010

Then when you play hard to get,
The mother - she will feel rejected,
And your wife will not suspect,
Why dear mom seems so dejected...
Aug 2, 2010
Now, you have no more sex life,
Because the mother blocks the pipe,
Your semen starts to act crazy,
Because its bursting fresh and ripe.
Aug 3, 2010
illustration for verse 58

What to do ? Where to turn ?
You go speaking to your wife`s father,
You tell him to start doing his job,
And satisfy your wife`s mother.
Aug 4, 2010
But he gets angry back at you,
His manhood is being belittled...
`i will screw who i choose to screw,
And don`t you get in the middle.`
Aug 5, 2010

You drown in total despair,
Your wife dries you by her mom`s advice,
All day you cry semen tears,
Grandma still plays tempting and nice.
Aug 6, 2010
Finally you lose it completely,
You go to the old man and tell him so:
My poor Peos is dry: Bang your wife,
Or let me instead have a go!
Aug 7, 2010

Father-in-law is now very angry,
He hits you while you run to the door,
You push him back: he tumbles,
Over the banister, down 5 floors.
Aug 8, 2010
Yet no one knows you were there,
So You run home in your despair,
To hide a while from this world,
And relax from your very big scare.
Aug 9, 2010
illustration for verse 64

But your wife is out now shopping,
Mother-in-Law opens your door,
You really need comforting badly,
So you swoop her down to the floor.
Aug 10, 2010
Widowed granny is in love with you,
She got pregnant in age sixty five,
She bears two beautiful twins,
Brothers to your clueless wife.
Aug 11, 2010
illustration for verse 66

Now, you playing Oedipuss-in-law,
In this twisted modern adaptation,
Of the famous Sophoclean tragedy,
That captivated the Greek nation.
Aug 12, 2010
Geneticists develop many mutations,
non-sheding dog, non-allergenic cat,
but none will make more money,
than non-mothered wives, i bet.
Aug 13, 2010
illustration for verse 68

i`ll never forget the pleasant times,
When i was very early and small,
a bedtime story Mother used to tell me,
it was my favorite of all
Aug 14, 2010
A story of star crossed lovers,
Their love was not meant to be,
They were sexy and brave,
They were happy and free.
Aug 15, 2010

Oedipus & Jocasta they were named,
She was experienced and mature,
He was young curious and hungry,
Their coitus was wild and pure.
Aug 16, 2010
Lovers tend to always go back,
To the moment when they first met,
Well, this was no coincidence,
Such as meeting someone where you`re at
Aug 18, 2010

They were destined to each other,
Matched from birth by God,
But sometimes it may happen,
That true love must break the moral code.
Aug 19, 2010
Their families objected, whats new?
Her sons resented the situation,
His father was an ugly schnook,
That always smelled of perspiration
Aug 21, 2010

i stop now this nice narration,
i have an important thing to say:
i`ll get back to Oedipus only later,
Cause i`m angry at the Milky way!
Aug 21, 2010
Yes, i`m angry at it so much,
This very damned Milky way,
But people don`t like to understand it,
They pretend my judgment is not OK.
Aug 22, 2010

Why so angry at it? This milkway?
They ask me, as if bewildered,
But its me thats above those people,
So ignorant when they`re swindled.
Aug 23, 2010
Fuckin consumers never learn,
Ignoring the signs on the wall,
They keep consuming cause such galaxy,
Comes for free, her price so small.
Aug 24, 2010

When will you learn, consumers?
There`s no quality in bigness,
Didnt you learn to distrust corporations,
With all the scams we witness?
Aug 25, 2010
So why roll your eyes at me?
I`ve taken upon myself a brave fight,
Does it make me pathetic or stupid,
To stand alone when i am right?
Aug 26, 2010

i do not care to start explaining,
The injustice in this milky every day,
You`ve no idea what`s going on,
it`s his way or the highway.
Aug 27, 2010
i`m under gag so i cant expose,
The extent and magnitude of its crime,
But i`ll tell you how i discovered,
It`s fishiness for the first time.
Aug 28, 2010

It was while i was preparing,
An important astrological map,
This galaxy was constantly interfering,
Turning my calculations into crap.
Aug 29, 2010
Astrology-science relies on math,
For the benefit of utmost precision,
People`s life are being decided,
By planets and stars position.
Aug 30, 2010

But big egos often will collide,
And this galaxy has very big pride,
It kept milking away my calculations,
Consequently my customer died
Aug 31, 2010
Do galaxies offer fiscal compensation,
After fucking up your math?
Not when enjoying such reputation,
As the phony corporate milky path.
Sep 1, 2010

So i walked away in anger,
After yelling on them with full lungs,
But they smiled and ignored me,
Thinking i cannot expose their scams.
Sep 2, 2010
i love Sandra Bullock and wish-
i was baby with her milk to drink,
but MiLKY-WAY is a wrong name,
it tastes wrong in the mouth, i think.
Sep 3, 2010

Sandra, she is pretty and warm,
She has face both pelvic and cute,
Don`t waste your precious milk, Sandra,
On this wannabe planet-suit.
Sep 4, 2010
Anyways, back to Oedipus&Jocasta,
That i left on stanza #74 unfinished,
Whose love makes Romeo&Juliet,
Or Pyramus&Thisbe seem diminshed.
Sep 5, 2010

Mother & me loved this story,
Oedi & Joci were so hot and cool,
They ate the stars with a spoon,
But all they got was glittering stool.
Sep 6, 2010
Real sex in movies was hard to take,
Back when Hollywood was GReek,
Take out the R (restricted rating),
Yes, the general taste was geek!
Sep 7, 2010

Them Greeks invented Homo-love,
They initially had sex all wrong,
No wonder they missed the action,
When this grinding couple came along
Sep 8, 2010
If ever i remake this story,
i`ll cast myself+Sandra Bullock,
We`ll do at least 1 milk scene,
i`ll peck that nipple like a cuckoo-clock.
Sep 9, 2010

Oedipus didnt kill his father-Laius,
Nor did they fight for the `right of way`,
On that day they encountered,
As some false stories say.
Sep 10, 2010
True, it WAS the first time they met,
Since Oedipus was an infant,
But all else are fallacies,
Albeit The father DID die that instant.
Sep 11, 2010

But in order to learn the truth,
We must go back to the beginning,
To learn how the story really started,
As well as it`s true meaning.
Sep 12, 2010
Well, even the name `Oedipus`,
is a sophisticated misnomer actually,
A deliberate distortion,
Mispronounced and misspelled intentionally.
Sep 13, 2010

Yes, there WAS a prophecy,
No, not by a Delphi-oracle at all,
And not about incest or murder,
Just a simple bet- causing a family brawl.
Sep 14, 2010
Jocasta and Laius always argued -
J:You have a miniature dick!
L:No i dont, it`s middle sized!
J:Look at Zeus, that`s a real Greek !
Sep 15, 2010

Being king and queen of Thebes,
They were committed to their city,
To be a source for pride and joy,
Yet, little dicks arouse but pity.
Sep 16, 2010
Then when the baby was born,
The family got into a real situation,
Baby-penis is already big as father`s,
it was nature`s compensation.
Sep 17, 2010

i must interrupt now the narration,
today, i broke my Kippurim fast,
it never happened to me before,
but evil catches everyone at last.
Sep 18, 2010
To atone for this i`ll post,
More than a tweet-per-day, today,
Perhaps God reads this and is appeased,
By the arguments of what i say.
Sep 18, 2010

But i`ll not post more than 5 today,
Because In front of God`s eyes,
i don`t want to seem too eager,
Or he`ll think it`s all but lies.
Sep 18, 2010
A girl i know wanted me to kiss her,
Being honest i like to keep it real,
She knows i dislike this,
Kisses aren`t part of my sex-drill
Sep 18, 2010

So i told her: What do you want?
Kisses are a nuisance and you know it,
Please don`t waste my time,
When i need you - I will show it.
Sep 19, 2010
i said unto her:It`s Kippurim,
Pleasure is forbidden, i`m on a fast,
still god may forgive me,
As sex with you has never been a blast.
Sep 20, 2010

So i enabled her the kiss,
But she has had a steak,
So the taste passed from her to me,
Which jewishly speaking, was a big mistake.
Sep 23, 2010
She was a very bad cook!
i always told her with frustration,
And this steak was just bland,
So i took a small pickle- as compensation.
Sep 23, 2010

Only a tiny home-made pickle,
(mother was the best of cooks)
So i decided to pretend it wasn`t eaten,
Let`s test if God really looks
Sep 23, 2010
But her bad cooking ruined it again:
Everyone i met right away said:
You smell of bland steak,
It kills the smell of pickles home-made.
Sep 25, 2010

i shushed them:Even if God is negligent,
If you fuss he`ll remember.
But it was way too late:
i`ll be punished by the end of September.
Sep 25, 2010
i am not one to fail my duties,
When personal tragedies unfold,
i continue where i quit: #102,
This Greek tragedy historically mistold:
Sep 26, 2010

That`s when the prophecy comes in-
His mom Jocasta, right away said:
i bet that very soon he`ll have,
A schlong larger than has his dad
Sep 27, 2010
That was all the famous prophecy!
No big talks of incest or murder,
Just a simple obvious assessment
Of the natural growth of a member.
Sep 28, 2010

Laius got angsty and panicky,
He had an idea to tie the baby,
With his penis pressed to a rock,
So this way it won`t keep growing maybe.
Sep 29, 2010
This was a very foolish move,
it actually achieved an opposite result,
The treatment was about to influence,
Oedipus`s life as an adult.
Sep 30, 2010

When gay Greek shepherds,
Found and untied him from that rock,
They had a big surprise (and being gay),
Probably had a pleasant shock.
Oct 1, 2010
Pressured flash will often swell,
So the little meat became king-size,
Hard as the rock pressing it,
A thing of which women fantasize.
Oct 2, 2010

So these gay goat fuckers,
Decided to adopt this swollen penis+child,
i`ve no idea for what purpose,
Gay mind is like a whore gone wild
Oct 3, 2010
The shepherds named the child,
No, not Oedipus, like what you`ve heard,
i told you it was a misnomer,
So let`s analyze it word by word:
Oct 4, 2010

In Greek `Oedi` stands for: Swollen,
The `pus` part stands for: Feet,
But the body part in question,
is not one that a shoe should fit
Oct 5, 2010
Switching schlong with foot,
Because `peos` and `pus` resemble,
is like switching cleat with shoe-cleat:
A goof that makes me tremble.
Oct 6, 2010

Not Oedipus but Oedipeos,
Little difference? little in your pants!
Peos=penis in Greek, His was gigantic,
Not like all your tiny ants.
Oct 7, 2010
This true story was glossed over,
Distorted by command to save the honor,
Of the great city of Thebes,
And it`s king of the tiny boner.
Oct 8, 2010

The shepherds escaped the king,
Carrying their prize stallion,
To a foreign land where they would
Grow it to the length of a scallion.
Oct 9, 2010
When OedipEOs grew up,
He went to the Delphic oracle,
But instead of getting some miraculous advice,
He gave her the greatest miracle.
Oct 10, 2010

The Oracle was a woman,
Who spent her entire life talking,
She had only one orgasm(that he gave her)
Which left her unfit for walking.
Oct 11, 2010
The name Delphi is not derived,
From the village Dhelfoi as supposed,
The oracle got this name on the day,
That Oedipeos got her hosed.
Oct 12, 2010

Not being able to walk thereafter,
She forever crawled,
Moving/flipping her body like a fish,
Hence `Oracle of dolphin` she was called.
Oct 13, 2010
And she deserved it, too,
Wearing those cloths so tight,
She was driving every man crazy,
With prophecies and promises, night by night.
Oct 14, 2010

Why do people pretend to know names,
In this historic game of name-dropping,
When they`re so unaware,
Of such hysterical name swapping?
Oct 15, 2010
Oedipeos ran away from the dolphin,
That he so artfully knocked up,
Before she has the babies,
Because as father his sex life will stop
Oct 16, 2010

Now, here comes yet another
Distortion of the true story:
How he left his home and land,
Because the oracle`s prophecy made him worry.
Oct 17, 2010
And how on his travels,
He met his father Laius on a bridge one day,
Both unaware they were family,
Or that greater forces are at play.
Oct 19, 2010

Then they supposedly quarreled,
About who`d cross the bridge first,
And the son killed his father,
Thus fulfilling the prophecy/curse.
Oct 19, 2010
But does it really make sense to you?
Can such impossible coincidence be real?
Father+Son in this big world,
Unknowingly meet to kill?
Oct 20, 2010

This fable is for silly Greeks, perhaps,
A jew will never fall for this,
Every coincidence has cause,
Lies pop up when things go amiss.
Oct 21, 2010
Laius did not meet Oedipeos by chance,
On the bridge, that fateful day,
He was following a rumor,
That spread amongst the secretly gay.
Oct 22, 2010

Laius didn`t mean to cross that bridge,
Nor was Eodipeos crossing anywhere,
It was for a different purpose,
That this bridge was there.
Oct 23, 2010
The Peos of Oedipeos blossomed,
So `Oedi`, long and abound,
That when taken out of his pants,
it reached and lay coiled on the ground.
Oct 24, 2010

In other words, simply put:
Given the length of his giant dick,
Oedipeos just wasn`t tall enough,
To be able to normally take a leak.
Oct 25, 2010
You must have seen what happens,
When a water tap is turned on,
Letting water into a rubber hose,
That lies on the ground by its own...
Oct 26, 2010

It is not a beautiful sight, be assured,
When one is standing close by,
It will be splurting everywhere,
Leaving no one around it dry.
Oct 27, 2010
This is why the gods made penises short,
Because they were pragmatic,
But Oedipeos defied the gods,
And aimed, instead, for Emblematic.
Oct 28, 2010

This was his real true curse,
A malediction we mustn`t underestimate:
That never ever would he be able,
To comfortably, calmly urinate.
Oct 29, 2010
The only solution therefore,
When wanting to avoid wetting,
Of family, neighbors and friends,
is to pick a location good for jetting.
Oct 30, 2010

Oedipeos`s problem was severe:
The only way he could take a piss,
Was to go find a bridge,
So his mutation can dangle into the abyss.
Oct 31, 2010
Finding a bridge when you need one,
Each couple of hours in the day,
May pose a truly Sisyphean challenge,
In case bridges are faraway.
Nov 2, 2010

Meanwhile, during all these years,
Laius swallowed enlargement drinks,
Applying stretching methods,
Prescribed by the pharaonic Sphinx.
Nov 2, 2010
As all ex-Pharaonic Egyptian refugees,
Are called `Gypsies` even till today,
Good ol` Sphinx was peddling potions,
As some Gypsies may.
Nov 3, 2010

Having a head to talk like a woman,
A body to make sex like a lioness,
She riddled folks about their sex life,
Making everyone confess.
Nov 4, 2010
And for any customer willing,
To venture into financial risk,
She promised to make his tiny Peos,
Big, thick and hard as an Obelisk.
Nov 5, 2010

Laius frustrated with Sphinx-tricks,
Took a trip to take a look,
At the much envied bridge-keeper,
Who broke every record in the book.
Nov 6, 2010
He wasn`t passing the bridge,
Nor fighting for the right of way,
Oedipeos stood in the center, peeing,
Laius was watching the display.
Nov 7, 2010

And when he saw it dangling,
From that bridge like a festoon,
He knew he`d always be a prick,
With a pri that reaches it`s ck too soon.
Nov 8, 2010
So he did the right thing,
Finally in his long dickless life,
He right away jumped off that bridge,
Releasing his sexually starved wife
Nov 9, 2010

People who where nearby,
Testify that as he dove below,
Laius gave a long woeful shout,
Yet differ in interpreting why he shouted so.
Nov 10, 2010
Some claim he started shouting,
Realizing he got the opposite effect,
(By jumping to his death)
To what he had in mind in retrospect.
Nov 11, 2010

Laius was ready to die,
To avoid seeing the giant member,
But as he was falling to his death,
His last view, he would always remember !
Nov 12, 2010
Instead of escaping Oedipeos`s penis,
The penis dangled, long enough,
To escort Laius on his last way,
Suiciding like that is tough !
Nov 13, 2010

But some witnesses claim,
Diving nearby the penis isn`t why he gave a yelp,
They say he regretted jumping,
And simply shouted for help.
Nov 14, 2010
Oedipeos heard his scream,
And responded to him from high up,
Stranger, grab this my long dick,
It will save you from death in a snap.
Nov 15, 2010

Some say he yelled,
Cause when Clasping this genital,
He found himself hugging a thick dick,
So passing out, he let go of the Oedipal.
Nov 16, 2010
And some say he simply shouted,
Because Oedipeos was pissing,
So Laius, now being all soaked,
Wailed for dying both wet and stinking.
Nov 17, 2010

Even his name was fake:
Laius (or Laios) is not in Greek,
Derisively derived from English:`Laid`,
Which he rarely got with his physique
Nov 18, 2010
i remember once asking my mom.
Concerning who was then her lover,
Why do you like him so much?
`Does he have such a long dick, mother?`
Nov 19, 2010

But she only blushed and didn`t answer,
Because she was a real lady,
Nor did she ever reveal to me,
The length of the dick of my daddy.
Nov 20, 2010
Now, watch how shrewd i am:
Don`t you remember the punishment,
i anticipated in lines #103-#113,
By God and the divine establishment ?
Nov 21, 2010

it was due in the end of September,
Almost two months ago,
But as you can see i wasn`t punished,
i`m sure God didn`t forget it, though.
Nov 22, 2010
Why wasn`t i punished, then?
Because God knows his job well,
And if you understand the way he thinks,
There are things you can foretell
Nov 23, 2010

God often threatens punishment,
Yet, he knows my value as a believer,
There is a price for losing the support,
Of a Poet/Guru/Thinker.
Nov 24, 2010
If there`s one thing God learned,
From back-then in the antique times,
When he was so popular,
While now he`s not worth a couple dimes,
Nov 25, 2010

Is that chiding his supporters:
Playing it angry and full of wrath,
Will cost him in popularity,
And chase his believers out of faith.
Nov 26, 2010
So what did i do after my sin?
After each Coffee & cigarette break,
i dipped the filter in coffey,
And wrote a prayer for my own sake:
Nov 27, 2010

`God, i`m your dearest friend,
You know forgiveness-is-divine,
Please forgive me so you don`t lose me,
As the loss won`t be only mine.`
Nov 29, 2010
But then, I finally got a sign,
Showing that i was absolved:
A rainbow in mom`s pickle glass jar,
Appeared, and all my fears dissolved.
Nov 29, 2010

Back to Laius who under the bridge,
Lay under Oedipeos`s water,
The idiom `Water under the bridge`,
Originated in this self-slaughter.
Nov 30, 2010
The sphinx obsessed over her failure,
in assisting her crippled client,
Who died because a tiny thing,
Cannot survive next to a giant.
Dec 2, 2010

She felt she had let down,
Not only the king but his entire city,
Which has lost it`s masculine pride,
The Sphinx WAS capable of pity!
Dec 2, 2010
She decided to find a substitute-king,
To make up for Laius`s shortcoming,
Someone with a longer member,
And consequently a longcumming.
Dec 3, 2010

She stopped riddling people,
About their sexual behavior,
And devised a whole new riddle,
Aimed at finding Thebes a new king & savior.
Dec 4, 2010
Someone who`ll make the citizens,
Keep their heads up-high,
And will father a healthy dynasty,
With sexual genes on which one can rely.
Dec 5, 2010

But back then there weren`t,
X-ray airport screening or anti terrorist law,
if someone had a giant dick,
There`s no way you could know.
Dec 6, 2010
That`s why the Sphinx decided,
To start asking folks a new riddle,
A question that would enable her,
To guess how big is their fiddle.
Dec 7, 2010

Everybody knows the story,
About the famous riddle of the sphinx,
But the real riddle was quite different,
From what everybody thinks.
Dec 8, 2010
According to the distorted story,
The riddle was about a creature,
That has gaining and losing legs,
Along the day as a special feature.
Dec 9, 2010

At morning it walks on 4,
At noon on 2, On 3 at night,
is it a podiatrically indecisive organism,
Who changes with the changing light ?
Dec 10, 2010
it`s Like a kind of a clock,
Only with legs instead of `hands`,
That doesn`t count time by turning,
But by amputations and transplants.
Dec 11, 2010

Something is obviously wrong,
With the way this riddle is told,
But worst is the answer:
Baby on 4, adult on 2, a stick for the old.
Dec 12, 2010
So this time-of-day clock,
Actually counts what? Decades?
No motive in Eodipeos`s tale relates,
To such a metaphor of temporal grades.
Dec 13, 2010

But please notice the oddity,
About this whole leg-theory-thing:
Our whole life measured with a leg count,
How familiar does it ring ?
Dec 14, 2010
Again this leg business,
interfering with the story once more,
Which finally corroborates above doubt,
The hidden agenda at it`s core.
Dec 15, 2010

in verses #122-126 i explain,
How Oedipeos is misnamed Oedipus:
His puny-dicked father
Swapped leg with dick in Greek being envious.
Dec 16, 2010
So whenever in this story,
You hear about some leg or foot,
Be sure a male reproduction organ,
Was there originally- and got the boot.
Dec 17, 2010

They promised us murder and incest,
That would redefine the term `Bad`,
We got an educational riddle,
About posture and old age instead
Dec 18, 2010
The original puzzle was much simpler,
(And thus much harder to solve)
No allusions to the passage of time,
Or the way we would evolve.
Dec 19, 2010

Simply phrased without further ado:
`Who would the best fucker be?
That fucks on all four, that fucks on two,
Or that fucks on three?`
Dec 20, 2010
200.(days of truth)
Sex on 4 is easy: Only women.
(Nobody counts the gay)
Real men do it standing on 2,
But who fucks on 3? No one could say
Dec 21, 2010

This is what the Sphinx wanted:
A riddle that no one could solve,
And will get a large exposure,
Because it will circulate and revolve.
Dec 22, 2010
Hopefully enough people,
Will ask themselves what fucks on three,
So the one that can answer this question,
Will show himself finally.
Dec 23, 2010

Though many took a crack at it,
With one glance the Sphinx knew they`ll fail,
Even before they spoke,
She announced it was to no avail.
Dec 24, 2010
She did not kill these losers,
As the original story suggests,
She knew they and theirs will be punished,
By their anatomical bequests.
Dec 25, 2010

When finally arrived he who could answer,
All these losers saw right away,
That he HIMSELF was this answer,
And not what he had to say.
Dec 26, 2010
His anatomy presented the solution:
He had an organ so long and thick,
That he actually stood on it,
Like fucking on 3: Two legs+stick.
Dec 27, 2010

He was OediPeos of course,
it was this riddle that everyone discussed,
That made him come there all the way,
To have it solved at last.
Dec 28, 2010
The people right away realized,
He was a man of good measures,
So the city of Thebes had a chance,
To enter a sweet world of pleasures.
Dec 29, 2010

The queen liked him too,
His anatomy reminded her- her baby son,
She blushed like a girl in puberty,
How she pined for the son of a gun
Dec 30, 2010
She missed her baby boy so much,
She always liked to muse,
What great a life she could`ve had,
Had she not lost what she once did lose.
Dec 31, 2010

She decided to turn a new leaf,
And Make a wish like in new year,
To find her son again and meanwhile,
Shag this stud without no fear.
Jan 1, 2011
She was very much like Lois,
The only reason she needs this Kent,
is that she wants to have a child,
That has a giant little Super-man.
Jan 2, 2011

Wherever was her lost son,
He probably was even bigger than this stranger,
She felt her genes where just as good,
Possibly even better.
Jan 3, 2011
Only when she gave a blowjob,
Unto this dick - choking with white foam,
Did she understand he was her boy,
As it had the taste of home.
Jan 4, 2011

Having realized it was her son,
With whom she was so perfectly mating,
She quit her orgasm halfway,
And gave way to crying and shaking.
Jan 6, 2011
She cried- being overwhelmed,
By feminine rage and indignation,
Unexpectedly finally breaking down,
After years of Laius`s domination.
Jan 6, 2011

All the sophisticated lies he told her,
The untruths he forced her to accept,
The brainwash she underwent,
Are the reasons why she wept.
Jan 7, 2011
She did know his bird was small,
And has confronted him about it a lot,
But he had a way with words,
That twisted her healthy thought.
Jan 8, 2011

He claimed it wasn`t tiny,
Only a little smaller than the rest,
And eventually she did believe him,
Though sexually he was the worst.
Jan 9, 2011
That`s what small-dicked men do,
They convince their wives,
That all women make the sandwiches,
By cutting Big loaves with tiny knives.
Jan 10, 2011

This sad lie has cast shadows,
Deep and dark over her existence,
Herself and honesty were always one,
But now there was some distance.
Jan 11, 2011
Effeminate men should never pretend,
Or lie about their length.
Let honesty if nothing else(!),
Serve as their sole comforting strength
Jan 13, 2011

The shock of realizing,
That this massive-tool-induced G-spot orgasm,
Was a result of incest,
Awoke her from that brain washed fantasm.
Jan 13, 2011
if her own son could overcome,
Laius`s castration,
Why couldnt she in the name of all womanity,
Achieve personal feminine emancipation?
Jan 14, 2011

Small dick tyranny,
is about to learn a crucial lesson:
Women are finally liberated,
And have big things coming like any other person.
Jan 16, 2011
And so she and her baby,
Finally united the family again,
Fighting for freedom by making love,
Where love was most difficult to sustain
Jan 16, 2011

i identify with this story personally:
Mother and i fought for truth, too.
We had a very special bonding,
Despite what anyone would do.
Jan 17, 2011
Love conquers time and space,
it`s the strongest thing in creation,
The only thing stronger is sex,
As it offers physical confirmation.
Jan 18, 2011

Their love was very natural,
This is what the gays never get:
it`s much better to enjoy the juicy mother,
Than have one`s rectum wet !
Jan 19, 2011
I never got to enjoy my mother,
But then again I was never gay,
it`s just that if one must choose,
The choice is obvious, is all I say.
Jan 20, 2011

My mother - she was too pure for sex,
A real lady through and through,
Many men wanted her,
But `to want` is all they could hope to do.
Jan 21, 2011
i am sure she didn`t give them sex,
She was too smart for this,
She wasn`t like all them bitches,
into which i percolate my white piss.
Jan 22, 2011

My father was a good person,
Thats why i have him in my genes,
But i don`t think he satisfied,
His sex just wasn`t good enough,it seems
Jan 23, 2011
The sad look on my mother`s eyes,
Always craving for some more,
Like a hungry child with empty tummy,
Her pain within me is still sore.
Jan 24, 2011

it Left on me terrible scars,
and i swore when i was small,
That i will be a different man,
With a healthy Shtinker, proud and tall.
Jan 25, 2011
And now my friends - Prepare:
it`s time for me to reveal,
A little truth i kept hidden from you,
But can`t no more and no longer will:
Jan 26, 2011

it`s not without reason that i chose,
To explain Oedipeos`s case,
What you don`t understand is,
it`s a similar situation which i face.
Jan 27, 2011
Of course I never laid,
My hands on the beautiful mother,
She is a saint who is above sex,
There`s only love for God in her, no other.
Jan 28, 2011

i know she is not pure virgin:
She had to make love to have me born,
But it was only for my sake,
She suffered this unholy act of porn.
Jan 29, 2011
Even if i have other brothers,
That i don`t know of- it`s not the same,
i am still the virile one,
They cannot be players in this game.
Jan 30, 2011

i sing to you about Oedipeos,
Because i suffer from his problem, too,
People envy my long dick,
But she supports it all the way through
Jan 31, 2011
They often come and say to me:
`Dear jermiau, it is not fair`
You`ve got it all, so big and long,
No one is as rich as you, down there.
Feb 1, 2011

How can they tell? i could not say,
But obviously they all know,
i am quite notorious that way,
Perhaps the wives expose my secret so.
Feb 2, 2011
And i don`t like it, believe me,
Humiliating other men,
Why am i to blame God gave me so much,
While giving only tiny popcorns to them?
Feb 3, 2011

it is not easy being special all your life,
People treat you differently,
They have high expectations,
i have to live up to constantly.
Feb 4, 2011
That is why i don`t like to satisfy,
My member is not their toy,
i expect their wives to satisfy me,
i am not an object - i must enjoy.
Feb 5, 2011

Three pearls of wisdom my mother taught me:
1.Never sell your penis short.
2.Eat some pickles before sex.
3.Never pay no child support!
Feb 6, 2011
Oedipeos was envied by Laius only,
But i am envied by every man,
He would have supported my words,
Following them with a devout `Amen`.
Feb 7, 2011

Dont you understand my situation?
Are you so foolish within yourself?
Are you blind to inner meanings?
Must we ask the oracle of Delph?
Feb 8, 2011
Have i no hope to experience,
What Penis envy feels like, too?
Am i not allowed to look up to someone,
Gifted more than me, like you do?
Feb 9, 2011

Alas, No! i am decidedly not!
it was not so by the Gods decreed!
i am ordained to stand aloof,
Solitary on the highest peak, indeed.
Feb 10, 2011
And so, my friends, i sing to you,
Playing on my giant flute,
Hoping you read between these lines,
My supremacy, that is above dispute.
Feb 11, 2011

i am not an Oedipeos to my parents,
But i am an Oedipeos to the world,
Would-be fathers die from envy:
i can have any mother unfulred.
Feb 12, 2011
You think you read my own story,
When reading my Oedipeos-song,
But my father and me were not rivals,
And always got pretty well along.
Feb 13, 2011

Against what you`d think,
We never had disputes over my mother,
Nor did the fact she preferred me,
Cause any discomfort to my father.
Feb 15, 2011
Do not be so psychological,
As i`m way more psychological than you!
Whatever you think to understand -
Probably the opposite is true.
Feb 15, 2011

A shrink insisted once on analyzing me,
But my wisdom turned him numb,
He ended up in a closed ward,
With a penis envy for his thumb.
Feb 16, 2011
At first he concluded,
i have an Oedipeos complex,
Till i told him the big size of my penis,
And his poor soul was thrown into a vortex
Feb 17, 2011

The simple fact i did not inherit,
This physical trait from the father,
(it being a gift of God)
Made that poor man`s life much harder.
Feb 18, 2011
He used to blame me for enlarging it,
By using artificial means,
Either with pills and stretching devices,
Or just by padding my jeans.
Feb 19, 2011

Many a year he lived in denial,
Till mom saw it and confirmed the size,
But then he couldn`t forgive me,
For showing HER my giant prize.
Feb 20, 2011
Did you let her touch it?
He used to scream with rage.
Did you feel her fingers brush it gently,
When she took it`s length and gauge!?
Feb 21, 2011

`No, i`m telling you`, i`d answer,
`i did not enjoy, she is the mother.
it wasn`t like that,
You imagine one thing but it was another.`
Feb 22, 2011
it was pleasant, i admit,
Like a butterfly on a giant metal screw,
it`s a sensitive organ, you know,
Anyone would enjoy, so would you.
Feb 23, 2011

You treat me like an enemy, father.
While i`m actually your friend.
And i don`t think you are inferior,
Please, accept my helping hand.
Feb 24, 2011
`Why did you let her touch it?
Can I touch it, too?`
`Whoa there, man, stop right there!
No male will lay hands on my little big jew!`
Feb 25, 2011

And so we could continue arguing,
Like father and son often would,
But this time was different,
it got more complicated than it should.
Feb 26, 2011
He blamed me for stealing her love,
Finally killing their sex life,
He ran and told everyone,
i was going Oedipal for my father`s wife.
Feb 27, 2011

He was proclaiming to everyone,
i had become a megalomaniacal liar-
Pretending to be just as big,
As this Nordic God titled `Freyer`.
Feb 28, 2011
`Friday` was named after Freyer,
Who had the biggest penis ever,
As God made man in the 6th day,
But it`s Freyer who made his pecker.
Mar 1, 2011

My father`s claim is false,
i never compared Freyer`s dick with my own,
Mythology doesn`t offer details,
His exact measure isn`t known.
Mar 2, 2011
What i did say regarding Freyer,
is that i know he was my forefather,
And that he could only be my ancestor,
From the side of my mother.
Mar 3, 2011

My father got very offended,
As if it implies his genital is small,
i never said it, besides it`s too late:
it`s already known to all.
Mar 4, 2011
One look at the trousers,
And your package`s volume is easy to guess.
Men who fear to reveal their size,
Should walk around in a dress.
Mar 5, 2011

What are you afraid of?
No reason for you to be ashamed,
i never laugh or point at people,
That are disabled, crippled, lame or maimed.
Mar 6, 2011
We were a very happy family,
Sharing a natural, healthy sense of humor,
Me and Mom used to tease father,
About his little benign tumor.
Mar 7, 2011

`Will the doctor take it out?`
i`d ask and mom would laugh,
`No need to cut it` she`d reply,
`A little makeup will hide it well enough`
Mar 8, 2011
He`d laugh along with us two,
Pretending to be a good sport,
But from then on he`d hold a grudge,
And avoid exposing his pitiful wart!!
Mar 9, 2011

Wrapping his loins with a towel,
Even when completely dry,
Taking showers with a bathing suit,
Dressing up real quick when we pass by.
Mar 10, 2011
Non of us got offended,
By his scurvy misanthropic attitude,
But both of us felt he tried punishing us,
By putting himself in solitude.
Mar 11, 2011

We tried confronting him,
Demanding why would he act this way,
`Put down the towel` we urged,
But he silently insisted it should stay.
Mar 12, 2011
Apparently a cripple has no humor,
And doesn`t like to accept advice,
i believe that cripples tend to reckon,
A perfect body is a vice.
Mar 13, 2011

Body and spirit are linked,
Affecting each other mutually,
Mental defects are often cause,
For physical handicaps created consequently:
Mar 14, 2011
Thinking with one`s dick,
is never a smart thing to do,
But if the dick is also very short,
Thinking with it may even lower one`s I.Q.
Mar 15, 2011

it finally came to a showdown,
in which he confronted her and me,
Refuting my pedigree of Freyer,
Challenging us that it will never be.
Mar 16, 2011
`Your son has gone nuts`,
He blamed mother in affected pain,
You put nonsense into his head,
He`s got a big penis but a miniscule brain
Mar 17, 2011

`How could you be a descendant,
Of that Freyer - a Norse God?
He was big, beautiful and blond,
You are just a black, small, dirty wad.`
Mar 18, 2011
Please believe me when i say,
i wasn`t feeling hurt at all,
The Bible says:
`Honor thy father`And i add:
`especially when he`s small`.
Mar 19, 2011

instead of getting insulted,
Or striking back with all my means,
i took upon me to explain to him,
The complex science of dormant genes
Mar 20, 2011
But he mocked me shamelessly:
`Dormant genes? How would they wake up?
Good morning, genes! Rise and shine,
Come get your morning cup.`
Mar 21, 2011

And so he went on and on,
Joking about the genes that sleep,
Ridiculing my scientific theories,
Twisting his knife in my wound too deep
Mar 22, 2011
Until i was finally obliged,
To stand for myself and answer back,
i really had no choice at all,
And it is not in my nature to attack.
Mar 23, 2011

`Dear father, do you really want to know,
How can the dormant genes awake?!
Bear with me and i`ll show you,
Exactly what it will take.`
Mar 24, 2011
All the scientific magic happens,
in the very act of insemination,
Depending whether it proceeded smoothly,
Or involved a complication.
Mar 25, 2011

insemination is all about
Mass, momentum, angle and flow,
if you want to make it stick forever inside,
You should practice your throw.
Mar 26, 2011
But practice as you will, father,
if your inseminator is too short,
Technical problems might cause,
Your impregnation process to abort.
Mar 27, 2011

The vagina is like a funnel,
into which we, men, inject,
And a very interesting phenomenon,
Takes place inside when the penis is erect.
Mar 28, 2011
Prior ejaculation, pumped up blood vessels,
in the penis cause it to inflate,
Affecting how it and the vagina,
Mechanically interrelate
Mar 29, 2011

if while penetrating,
The penis functioned as piston in female basket,
in this next stroke of the cycle,
it serves as a cork, a gasket
Mar 30, 2011
When it bloats before orgasm,
it seals the vagina tightly,
So that the sperm will not gush out,
Over the woman, stickily and whitely.
Mar 31, 2011

So far so good,
Unless air bubbles get caught inside,
in this case problems may arise,
And the impregnation process may be misapplied.
Apr 1, 2011
How could that happen, you ask?
Well, Dear father, you must know:
Air bubbles may penetrate,
When the male organ is too short. Just so.
Apr 2, 2011

`Air bubbles in the hole`,
is a well known issue,
Researchers claim that it`s also an incentive,
For infection of Aids in human tissue.
Apr 3, 2011
Air bubbles are just bad,
And they usually take place,
When peoples are gay or have short dicks,
Which is actually quite the same case.
Apr 4, 2011

The Vagina is very long,
if the dick can`t fill it up all the way,
Air will do the job itself,
And will turn the sperm flow into spray.
Apr 5, 2011
On account of spray being misty and thin,
Sperm count in it is low,
Which is a problem if after irrigating,
One would also like to sow.
Apr 6, 2011

The fact is that low sperm count,
Contains a scant percentage of genes,
Not enough to knock up no female,
into a mother, by any means.
Apr 7, 2011
Now, father, is when the dormant genes,
You previously scorned, come into play,
They wake up inside the diluted sperm,
And save the day
Apr 8, 2011

i hate to break it to you,
But you leave me no other choice,
This is what happened in your case,
Don`t be saddened – you should rejoice
Apr 9, 2011
Your DNA just wasn`t strong enough,
A genetic-vacuum took place,
And then the genes of Fryer-
The Norse God, filled that empty space.
Apr 10, 2011

i guess that Fryer`s genes,
Woke up by way of compensation,
For the size of your schlong,
Lucky me - they did prevail in the equation.
Apr 11, 2011
True, Fryer was big & blond,
Me: small & black- Dad you`re right,
it`s because i got your genes too,
His gave me the size + sexual might
Apr 12, 2011

Mother was very pleased with me,
And with my scientific explanation,
She gave me one of those hugs,
She reserved for special occasions.
Apr 13, 2011
She told him: `Don`t be mad at Fryer,
Without his intervention,
You just wouldn`t score,
Tiny organs serve as nature`s contraception.`
Apr 14, 2011

This is what the Gods do,
They help us humans make it right,
Maybe my prayers were answered,
And Fryer helped you inseminate that night
Apr 15, 2011
Besides, i added: `Don`t you see,
i inherited Fryer within the mind?
Or did you jerk off upwards,
and spat yourself in the eye, blind?`
Apr 16, 2011

This was his breaking point,
He collapsed, frail creature as he was:
Feminine men may experience,
The alarming condition of Andropause.
Apr 17, 2011
Andropause=menopause in men,
Look it up in Wikipedia if you disbelieve,
He got it in when pretty young,
But it`s Mom for whom i grieve.
Apr 18, 2011

What scanty sexual urge he had,
He fully lost to Andropause,
Albeit mom was the purest virgin,
She was still enslaved to nature`s laws.
Apr 19, 2011
That is why he always envied,
The warm relationship me and her had -
imagining she might find in me,
What he could never give in bed.
Apr 20, 2011

it`s probably the Andropause,
That caused him to melt down as he did,
Because he started mumbling,
And making sounds sanity must forbid
Apr 22, 2011
He was squealing like a squirrel:
`You two stole my penis`, or:
`Stop hugging my wife in front of me`,
You disgusting little man-whore.
Apr 22, 2011

Then he said something strange,
Which makes me suspect,
That the Andropause got to his brain,
And caused something there to disconnect.
Apr 23, 2011
He turned to mother and said:
`Why does he touch you like this?
Maybe he`s not really your son!
You use your tongues when you kiss!`
Apr 24, 2011

What if he`s not really MY son?
What if you carried someone else`s child?
What if he himself impregnated you,
Having me thus beguiled?
Apr 25, 2011
Me and her exchanged looks,
Confounded by this surrealistic idea,
And if to judge by his expression,
He too, felt it was a bit unclear.
Apr 26, 2011

`Look`, i told him, `Have a sit,
Drink some water, calm down please!
i fear for your mental health,
Let`s relax and shoot the breeze.`
Apr 27, 2011
What you are suggesting,
it is impossible clearly,
Even i could not accomplish such a marvel,
My sperm cannot time-travel, sincerely.
Apr 28, 2011

i did a real good job calming him down,
But then she had to spoil it all,
By giggling and alluding,
To time-travel inside a black-hole.
Apr 29, 2011
That did it: He started tearing out hair,
Then fell flat on the ground,
Foaming from the mouth,
Making a strange washing machine sound.
Apr 30, 2011

i was angry with her,
i must say,Nothing good will ever ensue,
When a woman - The emblem of sex,
Talks of science, nor can it be true.
May 1, 2011
So i rebuked her,
but it didn`t help,
He`d already become very dejected -
From here on things would worsen,
As i had by now suspected.
May 2, 2011

From thence onward it escalated,
He claimed i was ruining their marriage:
`You`re not the fruit of her womb,
You are her miscarriage.`
May 3, 2011
`You don`t descend of Fryer` he yelled,
`it`s Belphegor that you inherit,
He gave you your big penis,
External Appendix without merit`.
May 4, 2011

`Who`s Belphegor?` i asked,
`The Biblical Baal-peor` he said,
`Assyrian demon-idol, black and ugly,
Who copulated with your mom in bed`
May 5, 2011
My mom would never sleep around,
Her cherished cherry is untouched,
She kept it even from her husband,
You at least should know as much
May 6, 2011

How could a stranger, (God or demon),
Make his way into her womb?
She that vowed that her vagina,
Shall be sealed like a sacred tomb!
May 7, 2011
`Neither stranger, nor can husband`,
My crazy father foamed at me,
`But her son to her chaste treasure chest,
And to much more has key`
May 8, 2011

`You are Belphegor or Ball-peor,
Which means: -The one that opens up-,
You opened up her legs,
And she gave birth to yourself as pup.`
May 9, 2011
You are both father and son,
You disgusting, dirty cat-thing-man,
You cheated God and nature`s sacred laws,
in order to get born again.
May 10, 2011

`Just like the Nordic Freyr,
The Moabitish Baal-Peor has a big schlong,
Only black instead of blonde,
To distinguish right from wrong.`
May 11, 2011
i smiled, as i finally got him cornered:
`Father, you should now be aware,
That i recently discovered,
A lock of blonde pubic hair.`
May 12, 2011

Mother will confirm, she saw it too:
Shining like gold, so rich and pure,
Right under my left testicle,
A sign from Fryer, to be sure.
May 13, 2011
`i confirm` she said `it`s there!
Natural blonde and very soft to the touch,
in my personal opinion,
it lends nobility to his crotch.`
May 14, 2011

Suddenly he started crying,
just like that without a warning,
Silent tears rolled down his cheeks,
Not the slightest sound of moaning.
May 15, 2011
And then i knew all of a sudden,
What it was that i should do,
His behavior was so gayish,
That trust me - even you would know it, too.
May 16, 2011

Yes, you`d want to do the same,
But No, you couldn`t, cause you`re weak!
Without powers of persuasion,
Nothing you can do would stick.
May 17, 2011
Unlike you i DO have this talent,
Being a natural persuader,
But i never knew it`s vigor,
Up till the moment i decided to persuade her.
May 18, 2011

`Stop everything` i shouted,
`Woman, you have to think it over, quick!
Allow me to guide your steps,
Listen well to the words i speak.`
May 19, 2011
`Mother, you have to let father go,
You must take my advice perforce,
As i`m your son (and his too, alas),
Ask him now for a divorce.`
May 20, 2011

`Mom, i know it`s tough for you,
But believe me it is for the best,
He simply has too many problems,
it`s as his son that i so attest.`
May 21, 2011
`You are a modern woman,
Sexy, healthy, Blonde and free,
No reason for you to be tied up,
To that pathetic husband - take it from me.`
May 22, 2011

Dear readers, i want you to know,
i understand how bad what i did was:
A son getting between his parents,
i don`t expect your applause.
May 23, 2011
But at that time i truely believed,
i was doing the right thing,
Not for a moment did I foresee,
The world of troubles it would bring.
May 24, 2011

it destroyed our family unit,
it affected my entire life,
it broke our home to pieces,
it even caused weight gain to the divorced wife.
May 25, 2011
My advice to you, readers:
Never rejoice in another`s plight!
Not that i regret anything,
i just detest being painted in a bad light.
May 26, 2011

You would not act differently,
Had you been in my place,
There were 2 men and only 1 woman !
The generic, classic, sexual family case.
May 27, 2011
i got the girl, as simple as that!
He proved out to be the lesser man,
Son prevailed over father,
Happened in history again and again.
May 28, 2011

i do miss our times together,
How we two teased him about his dick,
his jealousy about my phenomenal size,
Made our family-love go sick
May 30, 2011
i did tell her right away:
Mother, now go for his money,
Don`t you worry, i will back you up,
We will be like Bonnie and Clyde, honey.
May 30, 2011

Men with a puny member,
Are well aware they are inferior,
So they`re prone to amass money,
To compensate themselves for their exterior.
May 31, 2011
We sent him a lawyer`s letter,
That declared his failure of sexual duty:
Wasting his wife`s resources,
Her external and internal beauty
Jun 1, 2011

Furthermore this letter emphasized,
His cruelty to his own son,
How he neglected his fatherhood,
Rendering me thus dejected and undone.
Jun 2, 2011
Me and Mom wondered and wagered,
Will he commit suicide or not?
She said he would probably jump,
And i thought he`d have himself shot.
Jun 3, 2011

But it did not happen!
He did not end his life as expected,
Still, we were worried about him,
Being fragile, lonely and unprotected.
Jun 4, 2011
i decided to make a noble gesture,
That will help make him comprehend,
That us two are not against him,
And that i am still his friend.
Jun 5, 2011

An honest message of peace,
Opening up a bridge for hope,
Like an angel who throws from above,
To a drowning man - a life saving rope.
Jun 6, 2011
You can`t save him, said my mom,
if you really want his money, son,
Let`s just sue him and grab it,
Taking pity on losers ruins the fun
Jun 7, 2011

`Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth`,
`God commands me so, mother,
i`ll exchange his deep despair,
with a soothing comfort, rather.`
Jun 8, 2011
How do you plan to do it?
Oh appetizing fruit of my womb,
How will you handle your father,
This broken stem beneath your lovely bloom?
Jun 10, 2011

The key to my father`s soul,
is not held by himself but by another!
Who is this other person?
His own mom, who`s also my grandmother.
Jun 10, 2011
Albeit he resents her character,
He respects her, as dutiful sons should,
And through his filial obedience,
i plan to do a lot of good.
Jun 11, 2011

i`ll share with her the matter ,
And seek her experienced advice,
She knows his mind like no one else,
And always treated me very nice.
Jun 12, 2011
And so indeed i did,
We met and lengthily discussed,
Which path to choose, stretching ahead of us,
That may heal our unwholesome past.
Jun 13, 2011

Grandma comprehended every detail,
With an amazing, unparalleled clarity,
And judged between him and me,
Without an iota of disparity.
Jun 14, 2011
She sent me back to him:
`Go my grandson, find this man,
Your father who is also my beloved son,
Bring back light to his life again.`
Jun 15, 2011

`i`m not that old, my dear grandson,
i believe i have still long to live,
Yet, in this remotest future,
i have some valuables to give.`
Jun 16, 2011
`And it is you alone, grandson,
i destine to inherit them all!
Because i know you are worthy,
And have the cleanest and purest soul.`
Jun 17, 2011

i got very excited and grateful,
So i shared and showed her all kinda stuff,
We discussed our futures,
Like we just couldn`t get enough
Jun 18, 2011
She enjoyed hearing my plans,
Listened to the details attentively,
And examined the things i presented,
Quite eagerly and affectively.
Jun 19, 2011

`You and i, grandson`,she declared,
`Have similar desires inside,
Together we`ll fulfill them`,
She said and thereupon right away died.
Jun 20, 2011
i checked her pulse repeatedly:
And on both of her calm breasts,
But her heart kept it`s ominous silence,
On all of my numerous tests.
Jun 21, 2011

So i called my father and said,
That we must right away meet,
And that i`ve some news for him,
Which he`d by no means regard as sweet.
Jun 22, 2011
He replied with a bitter grimace,
He wouldn`t care if we meet or not,
That I can no longer hurt him,
Though i`m welcome to take a shot.
Jun 23, 2011

`Come at me with all you have` he cried,
`i am hardened, tempered steel,
Nothing can break me now,
i`ve resigned myself to God`s will.`
Jun 24, 2011
`Dear daddy`, i replied honestly,
`You are very, very wrong,
i`ve nothing but the best intentions,
And had nothing but them all along.
Jun 25, 2011

i`d like to help you regain balance,
And find your former peace of mind,
i`m your son so you should trust me,
i can help you to rewind.
Jun 27, 2011
`You`ll rewind me to my death`
He hollered on my cell-phone speaker,
`Yet you have no sway over me,
i`m stronger even if i seem weaker`.
Jun 27, 2011

`Name the time and place` he said,
`i will meet you then and there,
You cannot intimidate me,
i`m a stronger man - you should prepare!`
Jun 28, 2011
`Let`s meet at a cafe`, i suggested,
`But nowhere high or near a big road,
Where you might commit anything rash,
In your current mode`
Jun 29, 2011

`You over-estimate yourself` he said,
`Oh, heir of the mighty Freier,
Rather worry about yourself,
Your vainglory cannot climb higher.`
Jun 30, 2011
Little forgotten father,
why do you misspell
My Big, historic father`s name?
i guess there is some purpose,
Behind this willful game.
Jul 1, 2011

`it `s you rather who misspell it` He replied,
`The truth about this Nordic idol,
Will soon prove,
Which of us two is truly suicidal.`
Jul 2, 2011
`i`ll elaborate when we meet` He said,
So we fixed the time and place,
Both keeping cards close to the chest,
Both wearing a poker face
Jul 3, 2011

i really was excited about the meeting,
i believed i could do him good,
But all the talk about my ancestor,
Made me wonder if i should.
Jul 4, 2011
So i made up my mind,
To dress for that parley majestically,
i wore an old silver trench coat,
That rendered me powerful (esthetically)
Jul 5, 2011

And big riding boots with silver spurs,
i wanted to ride a horse,
Or wear a sword, but times changed,
And so did Magnanimity, perforce.
Jul 6, 2011
i loaded onto my handheld,
Some strong classic choir music of high choice,
injecting it`s force inside me,
By joining with my own voice
Jul 7, 2011

Finally i went to get Mom`s blessing,
Sealed with a warm kiss,
`Family should always come first, mom,
And that is why i am doing this!`
Jul 8, 2011
`Go get it Tiger` she said,
`i`ve no clue what you`re up to, i admit,
But he`s not half the man you are,
i`m sure you`ll accomplish it`
Jul 9, 2011

`i just know that i can help him,
And i think he knows it, too,
They say family is the strongest thing,
i am going to prove it`s true.`
Jul 10, 2011
The chosen cafe was neither by a road,
Nor located on a high floor,
And i deliberately picked a spot,
With weapon screening at the door
Jul 11, 2011

Other than swallowing a deadly poison,
Willfully concocted in advance,
No desperate initiatives by him,
Could possibly stand a chance !
Jul 12, 2011
i was taking all the precautions,
For the safety of his mental health,
So he won`t be able to hurt himself,
Be it openly or in stealth.
Jul 13, 2011

And so we finally met one evening,
i shook his hand, added a warm hug,
And even a kiss on each chick,
But he just gave a cynical shrug.
Jul 14, 2011
We sat down, i took a cigarette,
And offered him, too, a smoke,
he examined the brand, saying:
`You`re Smoking Salem? i`d rather choke`
Jul 15, 2011

`Why are you trying to offend me?`
i asked with my sweetest voice,
`Behaving like you do right now,
is definitely a very wrong choice.`
Jul 16, 2011
`Don`t you threaten me` he muttered,
`And quit your phony sweet talk,
You can`t fool me anymore,
You presumptuous treacherous schmuck.`
Jul 17, 2011

`i accepted your invitation,
But i disbelieve you do mean good,
i`m here because i have some facts,
That may dissolve your cocky mood.`
Jul 18, 2011
`Let us wait with that a little`,
i suggested with a calm expression,
`Why don`t we eat and drink first,
And gear down the situation ?`
Jul 19, 2011

He didn`t have an appetite,
But i kindly insisted he should eat,
So he took a piece of lemon pie,
And some mineral water to go with it.
Jul 20, 2011
But i ordered a sumptuous dish:
Clam-sushi bathed in calamari sauce,
A pineapple champagne,
ice cream with pine nuts sprinkled across.
Jul 21, 2011

Because i know how to eat,
Eating is an art that sets the soul free,
it`s a poetry, allowing us to choose,
To be whoever we want to be.
Jul 22, 2011
When i eat a shrimp or a cow,
i don`t just chew it and swallow,
i don`t just eat the dead flesh,
The act of eating is never so shallow.
Jul 23, 2011

The little shrimp had a soul, a life,
Which is what i most enjoy eating,
The power to devour is immense,
Extending beyond mere feeding.
Jul 24, 2011
i love to crack with my teeth,
Hard, crispy, crunchy (seemingly dry) bits,
Containing some wetness inside,
Like juice from stiff tits.
Jul 25, 2011

When the oil leaks on my tongue,
it is like rain for a dry flower,
My whole mouth bathes inside,
This blessed warm grilled oil shower.
Jul 26, 2011
The clam sushi was very succulent,
But my father still complained,
`You`re dripping all over me,
Stinking calamari sauce` he explained.
Jul 27, 2011

He remonstrated about some oily stains,
That smeared his white shirt,
Supposedly it was calamari,
That i spat out my mouth in a squirt.
Jul 28, 2011
So i grabbed a wet napkin,
And tried cleaning it as best i could,
But as my fingers were heavily greased,
it ended up dirty for good.
Jul 29, 2011

This was not a smart move,
He immediately became unstable,
Blaming me for advisedly sullying his shirt,
As much as i was possibly able.
Jul 30, 2011
Then he tried to clean it himself,
But he was nervous and shaking,
The ice-water spilt on his pants,
it must`ve been freezingly aching.
Jul 31, 2011

i just told a little joke,
To cheer him up a little, you know:
`if your dick cold-shrinks even more,
it`ll be lost like needle in snow`
Aug 1, 2011
He didn`t take to it, though,
Declaring a grievous affront,
What can i say? He was picking a fight,
That i swear to you i didn`t want.
Aug 2, 2011

You keep joking at my expense,
Both you and your cruel mother,
You tried to take away my manhood,
But now you no longer need to bother.
Aug 3, 2011
He took the full champagne-ice-bucket,
And emptied it over his crotch,
`So now it`s shrinking even more,
Bring a microscope and watch!`
Aug 4, 2011

He was saying this very loudly,
So all the diners around could hear,
And he wore a countenance of pride,
As of a hero that had no fear.
Aug 5, 2011
i tried hiding behind my napkin,
As people turned their heads to look,
Yet my dignity could not be saved,
Things did not go by my book.
Aug 6, 2011

His gesture was indeed dramatic,
But tenfold more was the effect,
Perhaps his reproductive organs,
Couldn`t handle as much ice as that.
Aug 7, 2011
While everyone was looking,
He seemed very poised at first,
Then, suddenly, he had a single twitch,
A harbinger of the upcoming burst.
Aug 8, 2011

`My man-nipples` he started screaming,
`i have in them electricity`,
And indeed his breast began vibrating,
With a peculiar elasticity.
Aug 9, 2011
it really wasn`t like him,
He never was the type to make a scene,
Always very reserved in public,
Quite the opposite of a drama-queen.
Aug 10, 2011

Here was a person who took great pains,
To be considered respectable,
For whom flamboyant conduct,
Was neither justified nor acceptable
Aug 11, 2011
Sitting in a restaurant,
A huge ice-cone on his groin,
Pinching and pulling his own nipples,
Stretching both so hard they might adjoin.
Aug 12, 2011

Even i found pity in my heart,
i wanted to win, that much is true,
But smashing a fellow-man`s dignity,
is not something i meant to do.
Aug 13, 2011
He probably experienced,
A `genital-hypothermia` reaction:
Sexual organs react to thermal changes,
By either expansion or retraction.
Aug 14, 2011

Genitals in coitus respond,
To each other in inverse proportion,
When one hardens the other softens,
Reducing friction to enable motion
Aug 15, 2011
While the cold will force,
Men`s organs to soften and contract,
The same cold will make women`s nipples,
Teasingly harden and protract.
Aug 16, 2011

But what if the organ cannot contract?
What if it can`t get any smaller?
it`s predictable even if,
You`re not a thermodynamics scholar.
Aug 17, 2011
Still, this thermic challenge,
Must be properly addressed,
in sex, a negative stimulus,
(just like positive ones) cannot be suppressed.
Aug 18, 2011

So the sexual system sends signals,
To the next sexual organ in line,
And that's how his nipples,
Got pumped up and turned red as wine.
Aug 20, 2011
Poor (his) nipples! What did they do?
Why did they deserve a pinch?
Why it`s them that have to suffer,
Because his dick is but an inch?
Aug 20, 2011

i was so sad for the little nipples,
He kept twisting them clockwise,
He was overtaken by panic,
Glistening tears had filled his eyes.
Aug 21, 2011
i didn`t know what to do,
i called Dr. Schwartz on the mobile phone,
But i hardly understood a word,
Reception was dismal in that zone.
Aug 22, 2011

He gave me instructions,
Which i thought were awfully strange,
And so i was a little apprehensive,
That i misheard, being out of range.
Aug 23, 2011
So i asked again: `Dr. Schwartz,
Are you sure that`s the thing to do?
Should i really do such and such?`
He confirmed:`Yes, it`s true.`
Aug 24, 2011

`That`s what you should do` He said,
`And you must do it right away,
There is not a moment to lose,
Bad stuff may happen if you delay.`
Aug 25, 2011
His instructions sounded terribly wrong,
But he was the Doctor, not me,
So i put into it all i had,
if that`s what he says, it must be.
Aug 26, 2011

He kept rubbing his chest,
Complaining of electric vibrations,
The cold from his loins was spreading,
There was no time for hesitations
Aug 27, 2011
At first it went very well,
i did exactly as the Doctor advised,
i felt that i was getting results,
and i was actually a bit surprised.
Aug 28, 2011

Perhaps it started so well because at first,
The patient was half passed out,
He lay exhausted with eyes shut,
Unaware what went about.
Aug 29, 2011
Diners around us loudly gasped,
We were in the center of attention,
i knew that my adept first-aid,
Earned these sounds of acclamation.
Aug 30, 2011

Everybody around us said:
`Look, his eyes start to open now,
This treatment is really working,
Though it`s hard to realize why or how.`
Aug 31, 2011
But then when his eyes opened,
The situation changed rapidly,
Treating him became difficult,
And measures had to be taken consequently.
Sep 1, 2011

The moment he discovered it was me,
Giving him this life-saving treatment,
He began violently resisting,
Putting to test my commitment.
Sep 2, 2011
i guess he just wasn`t willing,
To get help from his son,
Some men`s manhood is so insecure,
That other than their own they suffer none
Sep 3, 2011

He started kicking and twisting,
And shouting: `Break it off!`,
Meanwhile his condition deteriorated,
So i was obligated to play rough.
Sep 4, 2011
`Waiter! waiter!` i ordered,`
Please, help me out here, quick`,
`What do you want me to do?
Does he have some kind of fit? is he sick?`
Sep 5, 2011

`Less questions, waiter,
You need to restrain him for me!`
-`Won`t it be best to call an ambulance?`,
He tried escaping responsibility.
Sep 6, 2011
`i am acting upon a Doctor`s order,
Can`t you see i`m performing resuscitation?
if you resist it amounts,
To murder by premeditation.`
Sep 7, 2011

The waiter looked at me hesitatingly,
`What do i need to do?`
`Restrain him(for his own sake)
While i carry the doctor`s order through`
Sep 8, 2011
He did as i commanded him,
While i tried to keep medicating,
But as this waiter was quite old,
His physical strength was by now abating
Sep 9, 2011

Have you ever seen in hospital,
A sick person refusing an injection?
Such situations may get really brutal,
And warrant circumspection.
Sep 10, 2011
The poor old waiter was fighting bravely,
But by no means was it an easy task,
Why was my father so hostile?
Do you really need to ask?
Sep 12, 2011

My father was born hostile,
Filled with natural, old, unprovoked hate,
We both tried saving him,
innocently carrying his anger`s weight
Sep 12, 2011
`i cant hold him much longer,
i can`t stop him from getting free`
The feeble, sweaty, white haired waiter,
Frantically shouted at me.
Sep 13, 2011

`Can`t you see i can`t talk?`
i shouted back while doing my thing,
`Sit tight on both his hands,
it is your weight against his swing!`
Sep 14, 2011
He did sit on his hands for a while,
And allowed me to safely go on,
But eventually he broke down,
When his strength was finally gone.
Sep 15, 2011

`Let us switch roles, then`,
i commanded him without despair,
`i`ll restrain him while you take my part,
No strength is needed there`.
Sep 16, 2011
`i don`t want to` the waiter shouted,
`i`ve done more than enough,
My job is to wait on people,
i`m way too old for this kind of stuff`
Sep 17, 2011

`This man, my dear father, will die,
And you, waiter, can stop it if you dare,
i`ll be obliged to you forever,
Over and beyond compare`
Sep 18, 2011
Furthermore, please think it over,
Do not give me cause for grief,
if you refuse to help my family,
We`ll both be dragged into a beef.
Sep 19, 2011

i`ll be coming here every day,
To interrupt you in your work,
i`ll trip you down when you serve soup,
i`ll make your diners go berserk.
Sep 20, 2011
`i don`t care about the soup` he whined,
And even if i lose my job, here,
i don`t want to help you any more,
You won`t be my puppeteer`
Sep 21, 2011

`Waiter, you must help me save him,
Don`t turn me down, i beg of you,
He`s my father and i love him,
i`m sure you have off springs too`
Sep 22, 2011
The waiter hesitated,
He saw tears standing in my eyes,
So i urged him to listen to my warning,
As i`m not someone who promptly cries:
Sep 23, 2011

`Examine me and my sleek attire,
Ladies love me, even you can tell,
i`ll have your wife and daughter too,
They get heaven, you get hell`
Sep 24, 2011
i think this confusing combination,
Of menaces, threats and groveling pleas,
Threw him off the track,
And induced him to do as i please
Sep 25, 2011

He timidly nodded his head in approval,
And so we switched parts,
i strived to restrain our patient,
He administered the medicinal art.
Sep 26, 2011
This new setting proved better,
Mainly due to the simple fact,
i was stronger than the old waiter,
And father could not move nor react.
Sep 27, 2011

He struggled and gave a good fight,
While the waiter treated him with care,
But i made sure he gets a cure,
Right then and right there.
Sep 28, 2011
in fact, it went so well,
That the waiter turned to me and said:
`Look, he`s completely relaxed now,
Let`s stop, we`ve saved your dad!`
Sep 29, 2011

i was so happy for a moment,
Tears filled my eye to the brim,
`Daddy, dada, pappy, pops` i howled,
Oh please let in not be just a dream
Sep 30, 2011
But when i looked at him i saw,
That he`s relaxed as it turns out,
Because he`s actually fainted,
it looked bad, so i decided to shout:
Oct 2, 2011

`Waiter, what have you done?
Look: it is my father, lying here dead!
Why did you let him die,
When you could save his life instead?!`
Oct 3, 2011
But this dirty waiter was pretending,
To have done a great job,
`You killed my father and you know it,
You negligent, murderous slob.`
Oct 3, 2011

The waiter was crying and shaking,
`No, jermiau, i followed your commands,
i was a superb doctor to him,
His death was out of my hands`
Oct 4, 2011
What exactly did you do to him?
Show me step by step, real slow,
You disobeyed the medical orders,
And trust me that i soon will know`
Oct 6, 2011

`i will show you, look at me`
He said while submissively demonstrating,
(He actually did an excellent job)
Despite my severe berating.
Oct 6, 2011
The strangest thing happened,
While he demonstrated what he did,
Suddenly father opened his eyes!
As if death allowed him to be freed.
Oct 7, 2011

i think he might have been confused,
He had an expression of surprise,
Blinking, looking all around,
Concern reflected through his eyes
Oct 9, 2011
Then, all of a sudden he discovered,
The old waiter giving him first aid,
And instantaneously re-fainted,
Like some menstruating maid.
Oct 9, 2011

`You see?` exclaimed the waiter,
`i was doing exactly as you advised,
i wasn`t negligent at all,
And was falsely accused and chastised`
Oct 10, 2011
The waiter was now giving me lip!
i didn`t like it one bit!
Next thing he`ll claim it was my mistake,
And demand i apologize for it…
Oct 11, 2011

`if anyone is to blame, waiter,
it`s not me, for sure!
if it`s not you (and i still think it is),
Then the Doctor got the wrong cure`
Oct 12, 2011
Call the doctor then, if you dare,
The waiter confronted me shamelessly,
i`ll do it straight away,
i answered, casually and carelessly.
Oct 13, 2011

i dialed the doctor`s number,
People crowded, listening, all around,
While i turned my back to them,
To block the conversation`s sound.
Oct 14, 2011
`Doctor, i couldn`t hear you before,
But i hear you marvelously now,
You must have moved to a better spot.`
-`No i haven`t, jermiau...`
Oct 16, 2011

i was and still am at home,
i get lots of cellular calls here,
You`re the first one that complains,
Reception is always loud and clear.
Oct 16, 2011
`Doctor Schwartz, i am not so sure,
Your instructions were any good at all,
They seem to inspire the patient,
To quarrel and to brawl.`
Oct 17, 2011

`i must declare, jermiau,
That i can not comprehend,
How might my instructions incite,
The behavior with which you reportedly contend.`
Oct 18, 2011
Your instructions, doctor, were demanding,
And called for very high skill,
But i stood up to this challenge,
And performed them, still.
Oct 19, 2011

Even an accomplished doctor as yourself,
Would have failed, without doubt,
To do as professional a job,
Such as i have done throughout.
Oct 20, 2011
`jermiau, What are you talking about?
i don`t have the faintest idea,
`High skill`,`professional job`,
i simply can`t believe my ear`
Oct 21, 2011

`Doc, i hate to correct your English,
Especially as we have an emergency here,
The idiom uses a plural form,
Not a singular of: "ear".`
Oct 22, 2011
`i swear to God, jermiau,
Your silly insolence really makes me tingle,
Are we not talking on the phone?
Hence my use of ear as single…`
Oct 23, 2011

`i never gave you any medical instructions,
What kind of Doctor does it, anyway?
Even discussing it with you,
Causes me immense dismay`
Oct 24, 2011
Doctor, other people around me,
Are listening to this conversation,
Your denial makes me uncomfortable,
This is a horrible degradation!
Oct 25, 2011

`Doc, i`ve no choice,
As you deny your own instructions,
i send you back - read verses 455-456,
Wherein reported are your own actions`
Oct 26, 2011
`What verses are you referring to??
By God, you will drive me mad!
How on earth someone like you,
Got born to someone like your dad?`
Oct 27, 2011

Oh, Sorry Dr. Schwartz,
You are very right on this point,
i did not write the Twinata poem as yet,
At the time i am talking to you now.
Oct 28, 2011
`Oh, it`s a time paradox, doctor`
`Lies, jermiau, are indeed as old as time,
On the last verse: 530,
Caught lying, you forgot to rhyme`
Oct 29, 2011

`O.K. Doctor, let me remind you:
You told me what to do,
it sounded strange and reception was bad,
So i double checked it with you.`
Oct 30, 2011
`i do remember that, jermiau,
i remember you double checked,
And i admit it was strange,
i was wondering about it, as i now recollect.`
Oct 31, 2011

`Ha Ha! Doctor, so you admit,
You gave me medical instructions`
`No jermiau, stop your sleight of tongue,
And fraudulent deductions`.
Nov 1, 2011
You called me and told me,
About this bucket of ice,
Which your father spilt on his organ,
That shrunk to the size of a grain of rice.
Nov 2, 2011

it was the looniest story,`And it was obvious from the start,
That some weird stuff is going on,
in which i wouldn`t want to take part.
Nov 3, 2011
`So what i basically said is,
"Let him be and give him some water to drink",
i restrained myself from advising you,
To go see a shrink`
Nov 4, 2011

`Doctor, you`re lying!
You gave me medical instructions in detail,
it wasn`t easy to perform,
But i did so loyally and without fail.`
Nov 5, 2011
`jermiau, not only am i speaking truth,
i actually remember word by word,
My exact reply to you,
i even have a witness here who heard.`
Nov 6, 2011

`Oh you do, don`t you Doctor?
That`s O.K. because i, too, remember,
Every word of your medical guidance,
And i will forget them never!`
Nov 7, 2011
`i`ll never forget them Doctor,
Because i tried so hard to comply,
And what did i get in return?
He fainted twice! i thought he`d die!`
Nov 8, 2011

`Oh my God, what have you done to him?
i`m truly afraid to guess,
How could you blame my reply,
Comprised of 2 sentences or even less?`
Nov 9, 2011
`What have i done to him?!
it`s you that have done it Doctor death!
2 sentences are enough,
There`s medical mischief in your breath.`
Nov 10, 2011

`At least we both agree, jermiau,
That the supposed instructions i gave,
Were phrased in but 2 sentences,
it`s a common ground we have`
Nov 11, 2011
`Yes, Doctor, we agree on that,
2 sentences of medical recommendation,
in front of all the diners here,
i clearly state my accusation!`
Nov 12, 2011

Let us cut the crap, please,
i don`t have time for all this talk,
i`ll repeat the damn words i told you,
And then finally away i walk.
Nov 13, 2011
Fine doctor, fine, if you be a man,
We all in this restaurant await,
To see if you own guts enough,
What before you said to now restate
Nov 14, 2011

Oh here you go babbling again,
Tiring your listeners and me no less,
What are you talking about now?
What is it that i should confess?
Nov 15, 2011
if i keep talking like that to you,
i`ll probably become deranged,
Let`s get on with this and shoot away,
And then forever be estranged
Nov 16, 2011

i`m listening Doctor and i promise,
To interrupt you now no more,
And you`ll never hear from me,
if against the truth you wage not war.
Nov 17, 2011
i accept the deal, let`s proceed,
You called and asked me what to do,
And i told you to do nothing,
just let him be and he`ll come to!
Nov 18, 2011

And as i`ve already declared,
i`ll quote myself now with accuracy,
And put an end by this at last,
To your miserable, fantastic idiocy.
Nov 19, 2011
i told you to let him relax,
Then give water in a small amount,
Which can`t qualify as medical instructions,
in any reasonable account.
Nov 20, 2011

You liar, Schwartz, you filthy liar,
How can you so cold bloodedly cheat?
We all know what you really said,
Be honest and out with it!
Nov 21, 2011
i can already see Doctor,
You decided to forswear,
Besides, you promised to quote yourself,
So please let`s hear you quote if you dare.
Nov 22, 2011

How i bear your insolence jermiau,
is beyond my power to understand,
Here`s however the exact quote,
Whose veracity i`ll legally defend
Nov 23, 2011
My wife has been here,
Sitting with me all this while,
Ever since your first phone call,
And will attest this quote is devoid of guile.
Nov 24, 2011

Out with this quote already,
You heinous conniving physician,
You`ve delayed too long by now,
Wearing us down with a war of attrition.
Nov 25, 2011
Oh, it will out, and in your face,
You strange, deviant mutation,
i`m just waiting for verse 560,
A round number befitting my quotation
Nov 26, 2011

The wording of my quote,
From which i won`t withdraw,
is:`First he should calm a bit,
Then get him a little water to suck with a straw`
Nov 27, 2011
So that`s exactly all i said, jermiau,
Not a single word other or beside these,
My wife shall testify,
And you may say what you please.
Nov 28, 2011

So, jermiau, what do you say?
i`m waiting for your reply,
jermiau? jermiau? Are you still there?
i`m sure you`ll stick to your old lie…
Nov 29, 2011
jermiau? jermiau? Do you hear me?
Are you still on the line?
There`s no dial tone and i think i hear,
Noises of folks who wine and dine
Nov 30, 2011

i can also hear the sounds,
Of very quiet, heavy, steady breathing,
jermiau, i know it`s you,
i wish you`d wisen up and stop deceiving.
Dec 1, 2011
i`m not breathing, doctor,
Let me think in quiet.
i`m trying to digest the lie you fed me,
My mind`s stomach isn`t used to such a diet.
Dec 2, 2011

You`re a very sophisticated liar, doctor,
You certainly can play with words,
Fucking with my mind,
Scattering it like a flock of birds.
Dec 3, 2011
You`re doing it on purpose,
Schwartz,Trying to derail my sanity,
You must`ve learned it in Med school,
Among other tricks of inhumanity
Dec 4, 2011

You purposefully make things,
Sound different than what they were,
These words you quote are similar,
But it`s a knavish ruse, i swear.
Dec 5, 2011
Yes, make a try, Doctor,
Because i`m willing to admit,
That your slyness is out of my league,
And it`s beyond my means to cope with it
Dec 7, 2011

Shut the fuck up, jermiau!
i`m repeating: it`s my last try,
Because you have an unconscious man there,
And that`s the only reason why!
Dec 8, 2011
Yes, you did, you did!
Now you admit it, don`t you, Schwartz?
Finally you`re becoming softer,
it`s your conscience that thus exhorts.
Dec 10, 2011

jermiau, i`m warning you!
Not a word from you, from now on,
Or my disappearance is a future event,
You would do wisely to count upon.
Dec 11, 2011
if i understand you right,
What you actually claim,
is that though my quote is similar to yours,
it`s different, too, just like a game?
Dec 12, 2011

Yes Doc, you quoted different words,
That sounded somehow similar phonetically,
You`re too astute for me,
i admit defeat, emphatically.
Dec 13, 2011
What`s the difference, jermiau,
Between your version and mine?
in fact, what`s your version?
So far you gave us neither clue nor sign
Dec 14, 2011

My version? Sounds like yours,
Or rather yours is like mine, more likely,
Yours is rearranged, though,
if i must phrase myself politely
Dec 15, 2011
How can MY version, jermiau,
Sound like YOURS?
i didn`t get to hear yours as yet.
Or do you claim now i can unlock your mind`s doors?
Dec 16, 2011

jermiau? jermiau?
Here you go silent again like before...
-`Doctor, for all i know,
Maybe you do have a secret key to the mind`s door`
Dec 17, 2011
Who`d want a key to open,
An empty mind such as yours is?
Meanwhile i remind you it`s your turn:
Quote your version, finally, please.
Dec 18, 2011

i do not want to quote my version anymore,
i am going to hang up now. Goodbye.
You trapped me, Schwartz,
And only you know how or why.
Dec 19, 2011
Oh, but you can`t hang up now!
You really must cough it up,
You`ve built it up since verse #427,
Readers will despise you if you stop.
Dec 20, 2011

Here, let me help you out, jermiau,
You claim our versions sound akin,
And that besides a few changes,
The one to the other is a twin.
Dec 21, 2011
Let us then compare them,
Which might help us to discern -
Facts from tales, Truth from falsehood,
(There`s a lot that we may learn)
Dec 22, 2011

Let`s do it then, jermiau,
Are you still there on the phone?
Come, let`s look into it together,
And finally pick this smelly old bone.
Dec 23, 2011
Are you still here on the line?
jermiau? jermiau? Please confirm...
`i`m still here, Doctor`,
Good, let`s jump in, Hold tight and firm!
Dec 24, 2011

Yes Let`s jump in Doctor liar,
You never said:`First he should calm a bit`,
What you actually said is:
`First you should calm his tit`!
Dec 25, 2011
And that`s not all, Doctor,
As you well know there`s more,
You distorted the 2nd sentence in your quote,
Even worse than the one before
Dec 26, 2011

Never did you utter:
`Get him a little water to suck with a straw`,
By God, it was rather:
`Get his nipple`s water and suck it in raw`!
Dec 27, 2011
You never said:`First he should calm a bit,
Then get him a little water to suck with a straw`
,i`ll swear to God,
As i hold him in awe
Dec 28, 2011

Your instructions were,
(And from which i didn`t yaw):
`First you should calm his tit,
Then Get his nipple`s water and suck it in raw`!
Dec 29, 2011
i admit i`ve no idea, Dr. fraud,
What`s the point in your directive,
Maybe without noticing,
You spoke your thoughts, a pure invective
Dec 30, 2011

And perhaps he fainted,
Because me and the waiter sucked in too much,
And he lost all of his tit-waters,
And his milk got dry and such.
Dec 31, 2011
Anyway it`s your fault, Doctor.
Doctor? Doctor? Where did you go? You lout!
Did you understand i`m on to you,
And decided to bail out?
Jan 1, 2012

Listen to the strong, strong silence,
The Doctor, he wouldn`t answer,
He knows his name is tarnished,
And will remain so for ever after
Jan 2, 2012
But wait, i do hear a faint sound,
On the other side of the line,
Like gurgling or rumbling(?),
Or some other thing that i can`t define
Jan 3, 2012

is it you there now, Doctor Schwartz,
Making that awkward noise?
And what are you doing there exactly?
Game is over! Quit your ploys.
Jan 4, 2012
Oh… oh… oh… wait, jermiau,
i should clean up this mess,
i threw up into the phone receiver,
i had a nauseous urge i could not suppress.
Jan 5, 2012

i`m afraid this incident,
Has left on me a psychological mark,
With which i will forever remain scarred,
Deep, afflicting and very dark
Jan 6, 2012
Your version of my quote, jermiau,
Damaged my soul eternally,
i`ll never give medical advice again,
Something`s broken in me internally
Jan 7, 2012

Now i understand,
Why this poor man fainted twice,
it was definitely not his frozen crotch,
Or anything related to that bucket of ice.
Jan 8, 2012
Your father is a very brave man,
Anyone else in his position,
Watching how you or an old waiter,
Suck his nipples (without permission!)
Jan 9, 2012

Would probably lose the will to live,
And wither like a flower under heavy frost,
How such a person fathered you,
Amazes me the most...
Jan 10, 2012
Let this be the last medical advice,
i ever give (at least over the phone),
Please, you and that old waiter,
Leave the poor man alone!
Jan 11, 2012

just keep away from him,
Don`t try to help no matter what,
None of you has medical training,
Remember this fact, it`s pretty clear cut!
Jan 12, 2012
Don`t try to do anything,
Don`t warm him up, or dry his clothes,
Or make him breath, or wake him up,
Nor follow medical or human codes.
Jan 13, 2012

i know i`m taking a great risk,
By saying this now, to you,
As you may eventually, somehow,
Turn it all around as only you know how to.
Jan 14, 2012
i`m taking a chance,
That you`ll have heard me wrong,
And horrible things would happen,
As were documented earlier in this stupid song
Jan 15, 2012

And it scares me so much,
But still i can`t resist trying to explain,
And i hope i won`t regret it later,
Because i can`t take it again
Jan 19, 2012
On the one hand i fear mischief,
if i do not warn you firmly enough,
On the other hand i know,
You`ll twist my warning into evil stuff.
Jan 19, 2012

Don`t you dare touch him!
i am on to you! Do you hear?
And don`t go switching `touch` with `crotch`,
Reception now is loud and clear.
Jan 19, 2012
Good bye now, farewell!
i retire to a quiet, little place,
Far from the lies of this world,
Like a hermit who abandons this rat race.
Jan 19, 2012

Dear readers,
i don`t know how to make the sound,
Of hanging up in poetry,
(This `Taaaaa` is the best that i had found)
Jan 20, 2012
i think Schwartz just hung up…
`Taaaa` -Yep, that`s what he did.
Waiter, did father wake up?
Or has his condition worsened(God forbid)?
Jan 21, 2012

Waiter? Where`d he go?
Has he run away? Where`s he hiding?
Ah, there you are, come here,
Don`t make me go to you and give you a chiding
Jan 22, 2012
No jermiau, i won`t come,
Like everyone else in this room,
i listened to your conversation with the Doctor,
And i rather go to my tomb
Jan 23, 2012

You made me suck male-tit,
You made me drink frozen male-milk,
But now i say a proud `No!` to this,
i`m no longer someone you can bilk.
Jan 24, 2012
i never did like the kind of person,
i`ve turned into because of you,
i became a slave to might and power,
i now bid all of this adieu.
Jan 25, 2012

i know the world awaits me,
With wide, loving, open arms,
i long to feel the touch of freedom,
To taste life again and all it`s charms.
Jan 26, 2012
i`ll tell the restaurant manager,
To send here some other waiter,
i leave for good, towards other tables,
i hope life treats me better
Jan 27, 2012

The doctor gone, the waiter too,
Only father here with me remains,
Friendship is transient,
But blood is not vain, it runs in our veins
Jan 28, 2012
Sometimes family relationships do fail,
But even then it`s caused by love,
Some are sensitive to affection,
Especially to the excess of
Jan 29, 2012

And here he slowly opens up his eyes,
Woah, man, relax! Stop kicking and beating the air,
You`ll overturn our table,
Be careful there!
Jan 30, 2012
Stop shielding your nipples,
No one`s trying to harm them, man,
Maybe they`re a little pumped dry,
But it`s no real reason for concern.
Jan 31, 2012

You should rub them with aloe vera -
A blessing for sore nipples,
it`ll restore moisture and softness,
To these 2 stiff tower steeples
Feb 1, 2012
it`s a pity the waiter is gone,
He`d have given you this massage,
But while you passed out,
He and Dr. Schwartz abandoned my entourage.
Feb 2, 2012

i don`t think he understood a word,
He had a strange deranged look,
i reached out to him with an open hand,
But he cringed in his nook
Feb 3, 2012
Father, it`s me, your wonderful son,
Don`t you recognize me anymore?
it`s by my medical propensity,
That you`ve reached a safe shore.
Feb 4, 2012

Yes, i recognize you, jermiau,
i just need a second to catch my breath,
i dreamt you and some old man,
Did things while i neared death.
Feb 5, 2012
What kind of things, papa?
What things did we do in your dream?
Not that it has any importance,
in sleep things are not what they seem.
Feb 6, 2012

What things? i don`t remember,
But i believe it wasn`t good,
Maybe i don`t recall for a reason:
My subconscious doesn`t think i should
Feb 7, 2012
Nahh, Pops, i don`t think
The brain works this way at all,
Maybe you simply don`t remember,
Because the dream`s significance is small
Feb 8, 2012

i don`t think it was insignificant,
in as much as it seemed very real,
Too real for a dream, almost,
A trauma from which i cannot heal.
Feb 9, 2012
i wouldn`t bother about it,
if i were you, that`s my suggestion,
just drop it man and move on,
it really ain`t worth so much attention.
Feb 10, 2012

i`d like to drop it and move on,
But it won`t let go,
Not just a mental pain but physical too,
Certain parts of my chest are hurting so
Feb 11, 2012
And i have white flashes,
Blinking in my head like in a horror movie trailer,
And a voice shrieking in my ears,
Like some tragic wailer
Feb 12, 2012

i, too, often have that silly feeling,
Waking up in the morning,
But i think it`s amusing that you perceive it,
As some kind of warning
Feb 13, 2012
i don`t think anyone,
Experiences such a feeling after sleep,
Almost as if something actually happened,
That now makes me want to weep.
Feb 14, 2012

What especially bothers me,
is i`m having bizarre flashback visions,
Of unwholesome scenes,
Carved into my memory like deep incisions.
Feb 15, 2012
And in these visions,
i see pictures i find hard to describe,
Blurred images of awkward dealings,
i`m incapable to verbally transcribe.
Feb 16, 2012

i just had a flare of lightning,
Scorching my eyes blind, from inside my head,
Revealing a picture strange and frightening:
Feb 17, 2012
My head`s exploding now,
Thunder rolls in it as i speak,
Bursting my ear drums from within,
But it`s the image i see that makes me sick
Feb 18, 2012

i see two men, one of which is me,
The other`s old and dressed as a waiter,
And lewd things take place,
Which become much lewder later.
Feb 19, 2012
One of them is touching,
The other`s nipples with his lips,
Lord, What have i done that i deserve to be,
A part of this pair of creeps?
Feb 20, 2012

Why does he mouth the nipples?
My memory of the dream is so blurred,
Maybe it`s some strange custom,
Of which as yet i have not heard.
Feb 21, 2012
Father, i think the reason one of them
is touching the other`s nipple with his mouth,
Might be to save his health,
That has gone south
Feb 23, 2012

Sucking nipples is an accepted method,
For administering first aid,
Doctors advise it all the time,
it`s a common trick of their trade.
Feb 23, 2012
Oh no, i think you`re right,
The one does suck the nipple of the other,
But which of them is me?
Choosing between them makes me shudder
Feb 24, 2012

Which is worse?
Being the one who`s nipple is sucked,
Or he who is sucking? Listen to me,
i sound like a pervert, i am already fucked.
Feb 25, 2012
You`re not a pervert,
You are simply sensitive to cold,
Sucking nipples is the best solution,
Or at least so i was by the doctor told.
Feb 26, 2012

The waiter tried helping you,
Well, perhaps he enjoyed it, too,
But the main reason he sucked your tit,
Was medicinal - it was for you!
Feb 27, 2012
Wait! What? How would you know all that?
And why do you pretend,
To have information concerning a dream,
That even i don`t understand?
Feb 28, 2012

Oh, i`m just guessing, you know,
Basic psychological interpretation,
Merely shooting in the dark,
i don`t have any kind of information.
Feb 29, 2012
Stop your blubbering, jermiau,
i just had a flash and thunder and a vision,
What i saw will seal my doom,
To live hereafter in derision
Mar 1, 2012

What have you seen there?
What was the vision with the thunder and flash,
That makes you look livid and pallid,
Like the color of ash?
Mar 2, 2012
Who have you seen there?
The waiter, or someone else?
it`s hard to recognize a person in a dream,
As they say: God is in the details.
Mar 3, 2012

This saying has another version:
`The devil is in the details`,
God forgive me but it`s more loyal,
To what my dream-vision now unveils
Mar 4, 2012
What and who i saw there,
is beyond my ability to speak about,
Thank God it`s only something that i dreamed,
And can therefor wipe out.
Mar 5, 2012

Was it anyone you know?
Surely you couldn`t recognize him from behind,
Do not be tempted to interpret,
An image blurred and undefined.
Mar 6, 2012
Such stuff may be misleading,
Easy to get confused and carried away,
Mistaking strangers for relatives,
Allowing the mind to go astray.
Mar 7, 2012

For example, it could have been me,
That you saw there (of course i merely postulate)
And so you`d hate me,
And refuse to communicate.
Mar 8, 2012
it WAS you that i saw, jermiau,
(i just wonder how could you tell)
i wish i wouldn`t see you in my dreams too,
But you`re hard to expel
Mar 9, 2012

Nah, it wasn`t me in your dream,
i was just trying to make a point,
Do not corroborate my arbitrary example,
Out of fear to disappoint.
Mar 10, 2012
But it was you, actually,
Regardless of your arbitrary example,
A strange coincidence, indeed,
Though i guess chances for it are ample.
Mar 11, 2012

What? Was it really me?
Funny, i never would`ve guessed,
Hope i wasn`t a villain in your dream,
And that you still think of me the best
Mar 12, 2012
You need to remember whatever i did,
is out of love and loyalty,
My heart is so noble it colors my blood blue,
Though i be not royalty
Mar 13, 2012

The waiter disobeyed my orders,
You`ve no idea how horrible it was,
i never would`ve asked his help,
Had i known what damage he`d cause
Mar 14, 2012
Look around, Do you see him anywhere?
Of course not, he disappeared,
i`d like to order a drink now,
But he`s long gone as i feared.
Mar 15, 2012

But we`ll have our revenge,
i`ll talk to the manager of this joint,
He`ll confiscate his tip-money,
Which for a waiter is an end point
Mar 16, 2012
i really want him to lose his tips,
He failed as a waiter (in my opinion)
A real waiter serves with honor,
And not like a vile minion.
Mar 17, 2012

Wait, jermiau, stop! stop!
What the hell do you mean?
is this my dream you`re talking about?
You seem to be discussing a real scene!
Mar 18, 2012
it was both real and a dream,
Fiction and reality at the same time,
Like sunshine and rain together,
When we are betrayed by the clime.
Mar 19, 2012

The part you saw with that waiter was real,
The part you saw with me was not,
i really did nothing,
Whereas he actually did quite a lot
Mar 20, 2012
Now i am really confused, jermiau,
i, too, feel that it was all too real,
But i remember you two together,
As a sort of a package deal.
Mar 21, 2012

Perhaps we were together,
But we were doing very different things,
i was following medical orders,
While he was manhandling your stings
Mar 22, 2012
My `stings`? What are they?
-Well, those are the tiny bumps on your chest,
Both of which he was sucking dry,
With indescribable zest.
Mar 23, 2012

So that`s what i dreamed about?
My nipple handled by that waiter?
But why did you allow it?
Why didn`t you stop the pervert traitor?
Mar 24, 2012
it`s not so simple, believe me,
it was originally designated for your own good,
Administered by a doctor,
Without intention to be lewd
Mar 25, 2012

At first the Doctor claimed,
That the nipples should be sucked, both,
But later on he denied it,
Perjuring himself, making a false oath
Mar 26, 2012
Not sure i understand,
What exactly did he deny?
Does he claim he ordered only one nipple sucked,
Which makes you accuse him of a lie?
Mar 27, 2012

And why was the waiter involved?
Who authorized him to molest my body?
And where is this doctor now?
This whole story sounds so bawdy.
Mar 28, 2012
i hope this doctor isn`t someone,
With whom i`m personally acquainted,
Because if this thing gets out,
My good name is forever tainted.
Mar 29, 2012

But Father, it`s Doctor Schwartz,
Who`s been this is now 30 years,
Your doctor and grandma`s,
i don`t see any reason for shame or fears
Mar 30, 2012
Schwartz is almost like family,
Who would you trust more than him?
You`ve got no reason for embarrassment,
This guy plays for our team
Mar 31, 2012

But who told him in the first place?
Who got him involved?
The matter came somehow to his knowledge,
And i wonder how it had devolved
Apr 1, 2012
Perhaps it was me who called him, father,
And perhaps it was someone else actually,
Whoever was that hero,
He saved your life, probably
Apr 2, 2012

Because Schwartz was the right man
in the right time to keep you alive.
His treatment(that he later disavowed),
Enabled you to survive
Apr 3, 2012
He looked at me silently,
Taking interest in what i was saying,
And yet his eyes glazed over -
it was disquietude they were displaying
Apr 4, 2012

His fingers twitching and contorting,
Creating endless forms and shapes,
He has never really trusted me,
Classic case of `sour grapes`
Apr 5, 2012
`What treatment?
i`m afraid i don`t understand` he said,
And at the same time touched his nipple,
That was probably hurting really bad
Apr 6, 2012

`Yes`, i said to him,
`You`re touching the right spot, right there,
That`s where it all happened,
it was a pretty adventurous affair.`
Apr 7, 2012
Dr. Schwartz diagnosed your problem:
A fit due to `sexual-organs-collapse`,
He instructed me on the phone,
Or you`d have died, perhaps
Apr 8, 2012

What were his instructions?
He`d always say the same thing:
Drink water.(Or even pop a pill,
if your health is really in a downswing)
Apr 9, 2012
it`s too confusing, i know,
Why does he say it? What does he mean?
Prescriptions are often questionable,
And the problem lies therein.
Apr 10, 2012

Have you ever wondered,
Why Doctors write prescriptions on paper?
it`s because even they should be amazed,
When they read them, later.
Apr 11, 2012
Oh, the things Schwartz said, father,
The things he had in mind to do,
Trapped between him and the waiter,
i was single, they were two.
Apr 12, 2012

The waiter sucked your nipple, pa,
And now as you can see, he`s gone,
i suspect he cruelly used you,
And that it actually turned him on
Apr 13, 2012
.i sucked your nipples, too,
But i did it all too medically,
Whereas he had did it for different reasons,
And not nearly as methodically
Apr 14, 2012

Father, wake up!
Here you go again, Do not faint!
How do you manage to lose consciousness,
And still wear an expression of complaint?
Apr 15, 2012
You must wake up now!
i`m not willing to suck the tit again,
Especially not when you`re so ungrateful,
And my efforts are all in vain.
Apr 16, 2012

Maybe i`ll call Doctor Schwartz,
No, he won`t pick up the phone,
Waiter, waiter, check please!
They both deserted me, hearts of stone.
Apr 17, 2012
That made you wake up, didn`t it?
You don`t feel like fainting anymore?
Yes, that`s it, get up,
Suddenly you`re rising from the floor
Apr 18, 2012

jermiau, answer me now,
And for once speak true if you`re able,
You didn`t suck my nipple, right?
Lay the cards honestly on the table.
Apr 19, 2012
Not at all and nothing like it,
On the contrary, if i did such a thing,
Would i be now in a position,
Such as this one? i hardly think.
Apr 20, 2012

What? You`re incoherent,
Even you can`t understand what you just said,
Besides, it`s a bad sign,
When your rhyming is off, i should add
Apr 21, 2012
Listen, i repeat once more,
You`re warned to answer me without lying,
(Though asking such a thing of you,
is naïve, there`s no denying)
Apr 22, 2012

That business of sucking nipples,
Which i hear (and feel, too) were mine,
Did you have a hand in it?
(Whether by mistake or by design)
Apr 23, 2012
And don`t start with the double meanings,
Or the sly, evasive replies,
Nor heap on me mountains of words,
Which is your typical reprise
Apr 25, 2012

This time it`s different,
My self-respect is now at stake,
You and your mother have always abused me,
But this is more than i can take.
Apr 25, 2012
Enough now, i`m a new man,
Time to lift my head up high,
Let the proud eagle within me show it`s might,
Spread his strong wings and fly
Apr 26, 2012

i`ll learn from thee the truth,
if there be any truth in my manly valor!
You are hiding something, i can tell,
By your sudden pallor.
Apr 27, 2012
in your eyes i read your shame,
i assume you probably now repent:
Not having prevented my abuse,
is tantamount to giving your consent!
Apr 28, 2012

Why didn`t you protect me?
What could the waiter possibly offer you?
Another round of pine-nut ice cream?
i see you already had a few
Apr 29, 2012
i should call Schwartz,
He`s likely the only source
Who`ll give me a loyal account,
But i`d rather hear it from the mouth of the horse
Apr 30, 2012

Besides, i can`t call him,
This episode ends my social life from now on,
The humiliation will force me,
To live isolated and withdrawn.
May 1, 2012
Nah, don`t call him...
Why go through this all over again?
Haven`t you suffered enough already?
You poor fellow, you might go insane.
May 2, 2012

i definitely won`t call him,
i thought more along the lines of sending a fax:
Remaining emotionally safe,
While still getting the facts
May 3, 2012
i thought of sending an email,
But i`m too vulnerable, i`m afraid,
A fax being more official makes it hard
For mockery to be displayed.
May 4, 2012

i`ll fax Dr. Schwartz right away,
And ask him for the details,
Hopefully this way i`ll get the truth,
(As opposed to fabricated tales)
May 5, 2012
Where will you find a fax, now?
There is no fax, and you will find none,
Currently, i`m your only source
Of information under the sun
May 6, 2012

Waitress, a question:
Do you have a fax machine in this place?
You do? Can i use it real quick? Thanks.
See? Done! it`s a solved case.
May 7, 2012
No! Don`t think of it,
Sending now a fax may carry legal implications.
it`s actually the commonest mistake,
Made by plaintiff patients.
May 8, 2012

Hear me out on this one, pops,
Remember i know my legal way around,
Whereas for you, legislatively speaking,
it ain`t a familiar ground
May 9, 2012
if you resolve to sue later on,
(And i suppose you probably will)
You`d better consider cautiously,
Every move throughout this ordeal.
May 10, 2012

Never ever no matter what,
Make direct contact with the defendant,
it`s an important point,
Upon which any legal strategy is dependent.
May 11, 2012
But i need to know what happened,
Why does my chest hurt like fire?
How can one find the simple truth?
What on earth does it require?
May 12, 2012

Why do both my nipples feel
Like they were nipped by metal tweezers?
And why had my biological son,
Failed to defend me from abusers?
May 13, 2012
i think Dr. Schwartz is the only source,
Through whom i can get some answers,
if i want to know the truth,
i have to take some chances.
May 14, 2012

i`m going to fax him right away,
And ask how come i was sexually abused,
Under my son`s protection,
This really has me totally confused
May 15, 2012
Don`t fax him! -Yes i will!
-No, you won`t! i know you won`t.
You think you want to know the truth,
But trust me when i say you don`t.
May 16, 2012

You couldn`t handle it, believe me,
You`re better off with your incognizance,
Sometimes the best state,
is that of benighted nescience.
May 17, 2012
Let me be the one to decide, please,
What kind of data i can handle,
i assure you i am strong enough,
To cope with any kind of scandal.
May 18, 2012

i`m trying to protect you here,
is it really so difficult to discern?
You were sick, now you`re not,
The rest is none of your concern.
May 19, 2012
How will you protect me now?
Too late! it cannot be undone,
i was sexually assaulted and molested,
Where were you then? (Thanks a ton)
May 21, 2012

it`s never too late, father,
You know i`ll always be by your side,
Besides, i believe you`re overconfident,
Beware of the sin of pride!
May 21, 2012
it`s OK son, i`m strong enough
To hear what must be told,
i totally trust Dr. Schwartz,
Whom i`ve known since i was about 20 years old
May 22, 2012

i`m faxing him right away,
i`m tired of beating around the bush,
i refuse to buy your explanations,
i don`t want to pull what you push.
May 23, 2012
Are you sure you`re strong enough?
And are you sure you`re sure?
What if you end up discovering
You`re actually `sexually insecure`?
May 24, 2012

And now in order to prove to you,
That i`m indeed good for my word,
i will fax Schwartz right away,
And let the truth finally be heard.
May 26, 2012
Soon i`ll have his reply on paper,
Black on white – as clear as day,
A proof to the world and you,
That truth will out – come what may.
May 27, 2012

Waitress, i need to send this note,
Please take me to your fax machine,
i must to do it personally,
So no one sees what i wrote therein
May 28, 2012
OK stop! Listen to me now,
i`m calling for a timeout,
Father, you`re going about it the wrong way,
i want to suggest a different route.
May 29, 2012

And here`s my offer to you:
To anything you ask i`ll respond fully,
You need not go to no one else,
Because i`ll answer it all, truly.
May 31, 2012
jermiau, as a liar,
You`re pathological, habitual, compulsive,
Your need to fabricate is way beyond
The instinctive or the impulsive.
Jun 1, 2012

i simply cannot trust you
To speak truth, be it even only partial,
Your excuses are so imaginary,
They`re beyond my ability to marshal
Jun 2, 2012
i`d rather ask Schwartz,
Please, do not feel offended,
And i certainly don`t want you to `navigate` me,
i don`t think it`s recommended.
Jun 3, 2012

To be completely honest,
i guess i understand your doubts,
i`m unreliable while you need to reach the truth,
Not only it`s thereabouts.
Jun 4, 2012
You`re probably afraid
i`ll give you my version of the event,
Distorting everything to fit my angle,
Playing you to my heart`s content
Jun 5, 2012

Therefore let me make you a deal,
That i think is over and beyond fair,
if you won`t like my version,
Then you may call him and compare
Jun 6, 2012
i will answer all your questions,
Afterwards call Schwartz for all i care,
Ask him whatever you will,
i won`t try to stop you, i swear.
Jun 7, 2012

Well, i must say it`s a bit strange,
What do you try to gain by this deal?
You may hope it`ll help you out,
But i don`t think it will.
Jun 8, 2012
All through my life,
Your lies accumulated beyond counting,
Even in this poem, their sum,
Higher than that of rhymes, is still mounting
Jun 9, 2012

So you see, there iS no chance
That i`ll believe the fables
Of someone whose credibility i must describe
Only with offensive labels.
Jun 10, 2012
Let me tell you up front,
How your deal is going to play out,
After i hear your version,
i`m calling Schwartz instantly, have no doubt!
Jun 11, 2012

Let me save us the bother,
Skip listening to your falsities
And jump straight to calling him,
As we two are well beyond such niceties.
Jun 12, 2012
Because there`s no way in the world,
i`m ever going to believe your report,
And i`ll always trust Schawrtz more,
So deal with it, sport
Jun 13, 2012

i`m cool with that, believe it or not,
You need to portray me as a fabricator,
And i play along,
instead of becoming my own vindicator.
Jun 14, 2012
You could`ve been worse off,
You might`ve fathered a son less gracious,
Who would not accept
That his claims are considered fallacious
Jun 15, 2012

i, on the other hand,
Am not deterred by your complexity,
i`m willing to rise to the challenge,
And help you deal with your perplexity.
Jun 16, 2012
What do you stand to lose?
What do i stand to gain?
i just want us to communicate,
Do CALL him later (i won`t be your ball and chain)
Jun 17, 2012

C`mon, jermiau, i know you better,
Your motives are hidden,
You always were pragmatic,
if profitable - you did it, if not - you didn`t.
Jun 18, 2012
You`d like me to listen to you first,
Because you`d benefit from it somehow,
And that is what i need you
To plainly and honestly avow.
Jun 19, 2012

You need to convince me,
Why should i listen to your tales?
Why should i play your fool?
Only a revelatory response can tip my scales!
Jun 20, 2012
i accept your challenge:
What`s about to be by me exposed,
Will put me in a bad light,
Beyond what even Schwartz would have disclosed.
Jun 21, 2012

Oh…is that really so?
it DOES arouse my curiosity,
Mildly put, instances of self-implication,
Exhibit in your case a deplorable paucity
Jun 22, 2012
Now that you put it like that,
i`m perhaps more inclined to consent,
Yet still you haven`t told me,
What`s in it for you, on your end?
Jun 23, 2012

Don`t worry about it, it`s no big deal,
All i ask from you in return,
is just to continue this meeting,
According to our original plan.
Jun 24, 2012
Later, when our meeting is done,
You may go ahead with your `interrogation`
And i will incriminate myself,
Beyond doubt or speculation.
Jun 25, 2012

OK, that sounds pretty fair,
Suppose i postpone faxing Schwartz,
How do we continue this meeting?
i presume you have a plan of sorts.
Jun 26, 2012
Nope, i don`t have a plan,
But please correct me if i`m mistaken,
YOU planned elaborating on some point
(By now forgotten and forsaken)
Jun 27, 2012

i did? Well, maybe i really did,
i do recall having come to this meeting,
i had some purpose,
That now seems faded, vague and fleeting
Jun 28, 2012
So much has happened tonight,
That i hardly remember my reasons for coming,
The experiences i have had here,
Can be truly mind numbing.
Jun 29, 2012

Maybe the events made you forget,
Maybe what you had to say was not eventful,
if i admit to tend to the latter,
Would you be resentful?
Jun 30, 2012
All i know is that your threat
Made expectations leaven,
As it was made in verses #399-403,
While that`s # seven hundred seventy seven
Jul 1, 2012

And while you came here
For an opportunity to say your piece,
i have news (as i declared in verse #392)
But for now i`ll hold my peace
Jul 2, 2012
Yes, now it all comes back to me,
There were some facts i needed to state,
Hopefully, as consequence,
Your enormous ego would deflate.
Jul 3, 2012

Let`s defer then till the end of the meal
Clarifying what occurred in its beginning,
States your facts!
There`ll be no better inning.
Jul 4, 2012
But i hope to prove to myself,
That i`m a bigger man than that,
Who cares about an incestuous couple,
One of whom masquerades as a cat?
Jul 6, 2012

No, what i came to tell you,
Concerns Freier, the Nordic idol you adore,
Your mom worships him too,
But there are facts that you ignore
Jul 8, 2012
Here you go misspelling again,
Deforming the name of this patriarch,
You carry his name in vain,
But are fit only to become a matriarch
Jul 8, 2012

Why do you keep doing it?
You know how it makes me depressed,
Words can kill a sensitive soul,
And yours are like a bullet to my chest
Jul 9, 2012
As i said in verse #402,
it is you who had misspelled,
What`s in a name? Tis but a skin, a shell,
And yet, i`ll have your idol shelled.
Jul 10, 2012

Why do you hate him so?
Why are so filled with heart consuming envy?
Hate is the fire that cooks the soul,
And jealousy is its gravy.
Jul 11, 2012
One rule, please:
Gravy is a word you cannot mention,
Nor dressing, marinade or any liquid
in which food is bathed or is in suspension
Jul 12, 2012

Henceforward i never eat wet victuals,
Such as float in fluid, or swim in gooey relish,
For all such vittles
Be fundamentally hellish!
Jul 13, 2012
The trauma i had this evening,
is engraved into the slate of my dishonor,
All i wish is to disappear,
Go under the radar and off-sonar.
Jul 14, 2012

Why did you order
Clam sushi in cursed calamari sauce,
Staining my shirt and starting an event,
That makes me wish i had memory loss?
Jul 15, 2012
Do you think i didn`t hear,
You two talk about the juice
To be extracted from the baby carrot,
And about how meager was the `produce`?
Jul 16, 2012

Chuckling fondly you both agreed,
That YOUR white icing can frost a whole cake,
Concluding it`s a genetic paradox.
How much can i take?
Jul 17, 2012
And then she called you:
`My little, sexy, blond pubic curl`
And you called her back:
`My sexy, blond all over, maternal call girl`.
Jul 18, 2012

And she said that though in the flesh
She was impregnated by a `black tiny wand`
in her mind it was someone else:
Enormous and blond.
Jul 19, 2012
And you said `Mom, i know him,
in my dream he had himself revealed,
He is my real father,
And he was wrapped in a blond electric field`
Jul 20, 2012

Then came the nonsense,
in verse #289 about sleepy DNA,
Or maybe you called it dormant genes?
Or some other name affirming brain decay
Jul 21, 2012
Following was your claim
(Verse #303) of air bubbles in the Vagina.
Well, just as likely this throat-like organ
Will contract Angina
Jul 22, 2012

Am i responsible for a genetic vacuum?
if such a vacuum can indeed exist,
it must have been by God`s hand,
Or more likely by his fist.
Jul 23, 2012
Was my dick too little,
Or maybe her vagina was too wide?
And how can anything be that spacious
Unless someone puts his fist inside?
Jul 24, 2012

The first reason why i believe
The fist was God`s is: it had to be immense.
To loosen the vagina`s sealing,
Pressure had to be intense
Jul 25, 2012
How can Air bubbles, sperm spray and mist,
Depicted by you poetically,
Leak into a process you claim
is otherwise sealed hermetically?
Jul 26, 2012

The second reason for me to believe,
it was arranged by divine intervention,
is that the almighty father,
Has both motive and intention
Jul 27, 2012
Maybe God in his wisdom,
Could look into the future and foresee,
All the trouble that you will make,
And tried aborting this pregnancy.
Jul 28, 2012

i, too, believe, dad,
Supernatural forces were involved,
Though i am not so sure as you are,
That they wanted this pregnancy dissolved.
Jul 29, 2012
it wasn`t God.
He`s too old to be involved with sex,
it was someone with richer experience in bed,
And more impressive physical specs.
Jul 30, 2012

i don`t like where you`re going,
Are you trying to hijack my reasoning?
To the food i already ate,
Don`t pretend to add now seasoning.
Jul 31, 2012
But this time , as you`ll soon discover,
Your old trick is not going to work,
This time i did my homework,
And i did it well, you jerk.
Aug 1, 2012

Let it be known to you,
That i traveled to the source: Uppsala, Sweden,
From which i bring you back
A bitter pill nothing can sweeten.
Aug 2, 2012
i did there a lot of work,
And carried out a thorough investigation.
i bring back some answers,
That will end your silly prevarication.
Aug 3, 2012

it is in that city
that once stood A temple dedicated to three gods:
Thor, Odin and Fricco,
The last plays a part in your many frauds.
Aug 4, 2012
3 statues there were placed,
#1 is armored and holding a mace,
#2, armored too, wields a lance,
#3 all nude, waves his dick in our face
Aug 5, 2012

Fricco, This naked Venus of a man,
Looked like a perfect stud,
His dick was bigger than Thor`s mace,
Swollen, healthy and full of blood
Aug 6, 2012
i wasn`t impressed.
Some men brag about the length of their Schwantz,
Competing with others,
Comparing the sizes of their lower fronts.
Aug 7, 2012

But i personally don`t understand
The reason behind this strange custom,
Men who check other men`s penises,
Will end up touching them.
Aug 9, 2012
i don`t find the look
Of other men`s penises too appealing,
And when they parade them in the shower,
i always get the strangest feeling
Aug 9, 2012

it feels like the whole world
is going through a transformation,
Starting in the nineteen eighties,
Continuing since without cessation
Aug 10, 2012
The entire world is becoming gay,
i feel like there`s no one i can trust,
Every corner in our society,
is teeming with homosexual lust.
Aug 11, 2012

i`m not a homophobe,
i think that gay people are the first to suffer
From this worrying trend,
That must make their lives even rougher
Aug 12, 2012
Everyone nowdays is behaving so gay,
How can a real gay person make out
How genuinely gay
is the other person with whom he makes out?
Aug 13, 2012

What about homosexual integrity?
What about gay-community-protocol?
if everybody gets to be proud,
What is the point in pride at all?
Aug 14, 2012
Besides, if participants are fake,
Wouldn`t it be like cheating?
Even gay folks shouldn`t swallow
Without knowing what they`re eating
Aug 15, 2012

The world has turned so bizarre:
When two men have any kind of bond,
Suspicions must arise,
That they long to touch each other`s wand.
Aug 16, 2012
The modern father,
Can`t show physical expressions of emotions,
Towards his own son,
Without arousing suspicion of homosexual notions.
Aug 17, 2012

Don`t you remember, jermiau,
Once when you were only a little kid,
And i hugged you as fathers do,
What you and your mom said and did?
Aug 18, 2012
i remember, Pa,
But what would you do for crying out loud,
if a man had put his arms around you?
is it something you would`ve allowed?
Aug 19, 2012

Well, MY dad hugged me a lot.
it wasn`t unnatural or deviate,
Once men could show mutual affection,
And still be considered `straight`
Aug 20, 2012
Today, on the other hand,
Our manhood is threatened with extinction,
All males are exposed
To the same allegation without distinction.
Aug 21, 2012

And who is to blame for this?
Who`s started this gay tide that`ll have us all drowned?
Who crushed our manliness
Down to the ground?
Aug 22, 2012
Those who worship big dicks!
A Dick long enough to penetrate its own ass,
is how mankind first discovered
Homosexual intercourse, alas
Aug 23, 2012

The statue of Fricco in Uppsala, Sweden,
is an example of our error,
We`ve let the long dicks
instill in us awe, fear, and even terror
Aug 24, 2012
This Fricco idol with his giant snopp,
is also known by another appellation:
Freyr, whom you claim as ancestor,
And hold in admiration
Aug 26, 2012

Fricco is a Latinized name version of Freyr.
After you two betrayed me and left,
i had lots o`time on my hands,
Being forlorn and bereft
Aug 26, 2012
i invested myself in studying
The conflicts of our family unit,
For theoretical purposes only,
As i lost all hope to fix it or tune it
Aug 27, 2012

What mainly interested me
Was the origin of the name Freyr and it`s root,
i somehow sensed that basically
That name was of ill repute
Aug 28, 2012
So i turned to Onomastics,
A study of the origins of names,
That follows for example the evolution
Of biblical Ya
Aug 29, 2012

And what i found out,
Validated in fact, my worst suspicions,
My discoveries concerning Freyr,
Corresponded with my early premonitions.
Aug 30, 2012
You were too hasty,
Neglecting to perform a thorough background check.
Beware when boarding a ship, my son,
Lest it proves to be a wreck
Aug 31, 2012

The name Freyr originates
in a term common in days of yore,
And yet is still employed nowadays,
Though not in the same sense as before
Sep 1, 2012
Yes, i allude to that very word,
Whose use in Hebrew is so widespread,
Borrowed from the Yiddish language,
That stole it too, i may add
Sep 2, 2012

Yiddish pilfered this word from German.
in israeli vocabulary it`s become a staple,
And is considered there
The worst pejorative label
Sep 3, 2012
But the original meaning
Differs from the Hebrew one: `sucker`, `chump`,
That person on whom everybody
Feels entitled to take a dump
Sep 4, 2012

in German the term Freier
is derived from `frei`, meaning `free` of course,
And oddly enough it means:
A person involved with whores
Sep 5, 2012
it sounds misleading:
Nothing is `free` in prostitution,
Quite the contrary,
Whoredom being profit-driven promiscuity and dissolution
Sep 6, 2012

i guess `free` in this context,
is not `Gratis`, or `Free of charge`,
But is rather more like `loose`.
(Not a bad guess, by and large).
Sep 7, 2012
Anyway, a Freier was a person
Who paid for sex with hookers.
Yet how did that customer become a God
Who strips in front of onlookers?
Sep 8, 2012

Who might worship the client As a God?
it can Only be the vendor!
Which makes some sense, too,
Especially if the client is a spender.
Sep 9, 2012
A generous customer is easily
A subject of idolatry for any business,
A lavish consumer for sellers
is like Santa Claus on Christmas.
Sep 10, 2012

This Freier must`ve been declared
An official deity by the harlot`s guild,
Which makes me guess
They must have had him heavily billed
Sep 11, 2012
He probably became a `frequent buyer`,
And was likely issued a platinum card,
For employing the girls
Many hours - very long and hard.
Sep 12, 2012

The `Lifetime-customer-value` of a person
Who since he became sexually mature,
Had consumed professional sex,
is unthinkable, for sure
Sep 13, 2012
it does make me wonder:
Why was he so dependent on prostitutes?
The notion that such behavior is normal
is one that my mind refutes.
Sep 14, 2012

Maybe despite his long penis,
He had no success with the ladies,
Maybe he lacked technique or maybe...
There could be a lot of maybes.
Sep 15, 2012
But even if we ignore
The many possible maybes or perhapses,
it`s clear that without money
He would`ve suffered serious sexual lapses
Sep 16, 2012

Freyr wasn`t who you think he was,
He was no Casanova, no Don juan,
Nor was he a Nordic, ravishing,
Lady-Killer version of Genghis Khan
Sep 17, 2012
if anything at all,
He was the `can`t-get-laid` kind of dude,
That had to beg for his dad for money,
Whenever he needed to get screwed.
Sep 18, 2012

And this is your idol, jermiau.
Moreover, he`s whom you`d prefer
To consider your supposed progenitor,
While denouncing me, as it were
Sep 19, 2012
i don`t know about all that, father,
i think you went wild with your conclusions,
Letting yourself drift,
Following your own delusions.
Sep 20, 2012

As far as i can tell,
that man,By whose DNA my foundation was laid,
Could`ve had quite different motives,
Than those by you portrayed.
Sep 21, 2012
He probably WAS a sex addict,
Not in a bad sense but in the best of ways,
i reject the vilification of a person,
Only because he pays.
Sep 22, 2012

For all i know he might`ve held
in high esteem, sex on a professional level,
A thing about which,
You clearly know nothing, poor devil
Sep 23, 2012
Reserve your walls,
Solely to paintings by your aunt,
Hear no music but your nephew`s songs,
Eat your mother`s food only, if you want,
Sep 24, 2012

But don`t screw, exclusively, your wife.
Shut art away for all i care, if you have no taste,
just don`t let your virility
Go to waste
Sep 25, 2012
The benefits of professional sex,
Are too numerous to be ignored,
it would`ve been a prevalent standard,
Had it not been hard to afford
Sep 26, 2012

Wives cheat their husbands,
Out of life`s main source of joy,
By serving them with tasteless sex,
And that`s the greatest marital ploy.
Sep 27, 2012
i remember now, jermiau,
And i promise never again to forget,
The kind of values you got from your mother,
Which i must say i do regret
Sep 28, 2012

i did try to protect you,
Your entire life from your decadence,
You know i always was afraid, One day,
You WiLL pay for your impudence.
Sep 29, 2012
Love, marriage, family, honor,
Are values towards which you`re apathetic,
Yet others may set you off,
A claim i mean to prove prophetic
Sep 30, 2012

You see, Freyr`s perversions,
Go beyond his hefty whore bills,
And i do have a feeling they may not
Coincide with your personal ideals
Oct 1, 2012
You have to ask yourself,
Where would this clown, Freyr, get the funds,
To continuously pay so much,
For all those pricey rented cunts?
Oct 2, 2012

The answer to this question,
WON`T be pleasing to your ears,
Alas, even for such as yourself,
Life isn`t always pleasing, as it appears
Oct 3, 2012
The answer unfortunately is simple,
One cannot sell assets one doesn`t possess,
Selling what one does have,
is the only path to success
Oct 5, 2012

in short, Freyr sold his dick.
Starting as a consumer he ended a provider,
in the cycle of vice,
A steady user can`t remain an outsider
Oct 6, 2012
i can live with that.
Brand him a whore if it fits your intentions,
Personally, i see no wrong
in making a living off sexual relations
Oct 7, 2012

Besides, considering the experience
He must`ve gained,
it`s the sluts that should`ve paid HiM for sex,
(As he was having them trained)
Oct 8, 2012
i cannot say i`m amazed, jermiau,
By your opinion on this matter,
Discussing such issues with you,
is like tea-talk with the Mad-hatter
Oct 9, 2012

i`m glad you can live with that,
But i don`t think you get the picture,
You`re clearly missing in my theory,
The most important feature
Oct 10, 2012
Why would the same working girls,
Freyr had to pay for intercourse,
Would then pay him back again?
Because he`s tall, blond and Norse?
Oct 11, 2012

No reason why they should.
Likewise, i don`t think you get my drift,
And i do have misgivings,
That once you do, you`ll be quite miffed
Oct 12, 2012
Fear not. Foolish theories
Won`t move me to a miff.
i have a hunch you`ll be claiming
Freyr was a gigolo for women either old or milf
Oct 13, 2012

No, jermiau, neither is this my claim,
Nor is it my best shot, rest assured.
A very different type of client,
Had his services procured
Oct 15, 2012
i believe Freyr paid his bills
By giving services to males.
There, i said it! Deal with it!
i`ll uphold this even if all else fails!
Oct 16, 2012

What? What did you say, father?
No! i must not lose my temper!
i should really keep my cool,
On which he now attempts to put a damper
Oct 17, 2012
Yes, he tries to drive me crazy now.
That`s the motive behind his scheme,
So the readers of this poem
Shall witness my frenzy overbrim
Oct 18, 2012

i must look calm now
And attempt to retain my composure.
Experience teaches me i always pay dearly,
When my furor gets public exposure
Oct 19, 2012
Who are you calling gay?
You pathetic chicken clit.
Your dick is as short as a tongue,
is this the reason why you are talking with it?
Oct 21, 2012

No need to get angry, jermiau.
Why resort to verbal violence?
Vulgarity denounces its utterer.
Coarse tongues should practice silence.
Oct 22, 2012
Coarse tongues? Utterer?! Vulgarity!?
Your smooth tongue-dick
Through your vagina-throat
into your uterus-mouth penetrates too deep!
Oct 23, 2012

jermiau, it`s yourself you`re hurting now,
See how calm i am and unaffected.
Your behavior is abominable.
(Even if not very unexpected)
Oct 24, 2012
Yes, you are calm.
That is exactly why i want to have you killed,
Oh God, my brain is exploding
With the anger with which it is filled
Oct 25, 2012

.i want to break whatever is breakable.
i need to wipe off your smirk.
i am deafened by a thunderous bellow,
Blinded by a violent murk.
Oct 26, 2012
Sure you feel that way,
it must be hard for you, and i do empathize,
The truth is never comfortable,
it`s harsh and knows no compromise
Oct 27, 2012

i mean, if Freyr WAS gay,
What does it say about you, his fan,
His admirer and descendant?
Maybe you, too, are a part of the proud clan
Oct 28, 2012
Oh, am i now?
Now it`s no longer just Freyr who`s a homophile.
As i said before, you do make me want
To wipe off your satisfied smile
Oct 29, 2012

Don`t take it to heart jermiau,
Homosexuality is not a disease.
Claiming too vehemently one isn`t gay,
is often a proof one actually is
Oct 30, 2012
Yes, i know father, this old, old trick,
ignoring is affirming, even more so is denying.
No way out of this trap.
There`s no use trying
Oct 31, 2012

The Homoforkbic tactic,
is a strategic fork that every man nowadays,
Has likely experienced at least once,
And was invented by the gays
Nov 1, 2012
in this world and time,
A man needs perforce be in one of two states:
Either Homosexual or Homophobic,
Thus, our sexual dogma dictates
Nov 2, 2012

Every romantic complexity,
is solvable in our current age,
With the readiest sorts of speculations,
in which everyone is free to engage
Nov 3, 2012
Any rejected girl can tell
The object of her admiration is queer.
A vanquished man may discern
That his male defeater has a busy rear
Nov 4, 2012

The manipulative uses people make
Of Homosexual relations,
May teach more about themselves,
Than about the object of their accusations
Nov 5, 2012
Some use the notion of homosexuality,
For outright derision and deprecation,
An insult made in the heat
Of a dispute or an altercation
Nov 6, 2012

Of course such a behavior
is considered politically incorrect.
Mockery of gayness is a practice
The current Bon-Ton demands we reject
Nov 7, 2012
it has become a basic rule
That must be honored and accepted.
Whoever wants to climb in western society
Must follow it or be excepted
Nov 8, 2012

And yet, progressive as we are,
There`s one exception to the rule.
Derogatory use of gay tendencies,
Can be broadminded as well as cool
Nov 9, 2012
When? Well, whenever it may serve
As a weapon against enviable men,
Whom women tend to desire,
Or who like myself, have a very Big-Ben
Nov 10, 2012

What real man, throughout his life,
Has not been in a position,
Where a woman`s desire for him,
Has become an uncomfortable imposition?
Nov 11, 2012
i, for one, experienced it a lot,
And thus, i made a vow:
To never let a girl go unsatisfied,
And fulfill her needs as only i know how
Nov 12, 2012

But if a woman feels rejected,
Not desired as much as she herself desires,
The man is surely in the closet,
As it right away transpires
Nov 13, 2012
Discretely she will spread the word,
Push him inside a closet,
Backing her affectedly innocent claim,
By using her rejection as a posit
Nov 15, 2012

And she`ll pretend as best she can,
Her obsession about this whole topic,
Stems from her being sensitive,
And emotionally philanthropic
Nov 15, 2012
Suddenly, she is all about
Deeply feeling the Psychological oppression
Of whoever hides his inclinations,
Living in sexual repression
Nov 16, 2012

She`ll persuade all her friends,
That her escaped romantic prey
is suffering and that she feels his pain,
As she trusts will also they
Nov 17, 2012
Gays mustn`t be ashamed, she says,
There should be no need for ambivalence.
Fear is in the air,
And Closets are the proof and evidence
Nov 18, 2012

And so, homosexuality
Has become a most powerful tool -
A sharp, cunning weapon that can easily
Decide the outcome of any social duel
Nov 19, 2012
The more we attempt
To accept and embrace Homo-eroticism,
The more we`ll encourage its manipulative use
By cynical, veiled chauvinism
Nov 20, 2012

Are we really that enlightened?
Or are we so just in pretense?
is not masked scorn even worse
Than overt rudeness, in a moral sense?
Nov 21, 2012
The word Homo has
Many vulgar offensive synonym slurs,
None nearly as insulting as contrived speculations,
Your enemy publicly shares
Nov 22, 2012

Personally, i`d rather
Be dissed with the worst abuses,
By the most backward, apish caveman,
inflicting on me shameful verbal bruises,
Nov 23, 2012
Than take progressive,
Cultured, gay-friendly, sly insinuations,
A weapon of LOVE,
Hiding violent intentions under innocent suggestions
Nov 24, 2012

Far less outrageous
is to be slighted by a barefaced Neanderthal,
Than fall prey to pro-gay iagos,
Depicting as true what is fictional
Nov 25, 2012
We credit and praise our society
For being evolved and receptive,
And take great pride in rejecting
Any type of gay related invective
Nov 26, 2012

But it`s only for show,
it`s a game we play, a sophisticated ruse.
it`s for the purpose of breaking them,
That we do uphold such taboos
Nov 27, 2012
Homosexuality is a social movement,
Legitimate, justifiable, beneficial.
is it a genetic disposition?
Answering `No` isn`t prejudicial
Nov 28, 2012

Most homosexuals become such,
As a result of some kind of social conditioning.
Why must we then beget
Any sort of racial partitioning?
Nov 29, 2012
Real gay tendencies are merely
A reaction to overpopulation,
Product of a necessary process:
The family-unit`s gradual disintegration
Nov 30, 2012

Well, at least in that sense,
There`s no denying that Gayism,
Being in fact healthy for our overcrowded planet,
isn`t devoid of heroism
Dec 1, 2012
But is it necessarily in the DNA?
Does it have to be biological
For us to accept it?
Won`t it be legit if it`s merely psychological?
Dec 2, 2012

Cannot same sex preference,
Ensue from a mental state,
While still retaining a right to exist,
Without having its legitimacy in debate?
Dec 3, 2012
Must we really define homosexuals,
As a unique race or a new gender?
Does denying them that title,
Really makes me a social offender?!
Dec 5, 2012

.Does linking this preference,
To some early social experience,
in response to which it might develop,
(Due to psychological resilience)
Dec 5, 2012
Necessarily implies putting
That proud community to shame?
Must it perforce originate in an intention
To offend, denigrate or defame?
Dec 6, 2012

Cannot a thing be born of error,
Yet not amount to eventual failure?
May not a readout, later,
Be inverse to a one registered earlier?
Dec 7, 2012
We, as a society,
Should step in and take responsibility,
For the condition of that persecuted group,
Encountering enmity and hostility
Dec 8, 2012

For this sexual behavior
is the very sign of our times -
A queer wind is indeed blowing,
Yet it`s not unfitting for our current climes
Dec 9, 2012
The family unit is crumbling,
Male hegemony is weakening,
Women are redefining their position,
Therefore, sexual confusion is deepening
Dec 10, 2012

Broken, western marital system,
Heavily affects future generations,
individual self-fulfillment
May disagree with parental obligations
Dec 11, 2012
Reproduction needs a dissimilar pair.
1+2=3 but 1+1 or 2+2 isn`t 3,
Their sum is a unit short or has one to spare
Dec 12, 2012

Everybody is sorry for them,
That`s why we have positive discrimination,
or `affirmative action`,
And `Gay-friendly` social orientation
Dec 13, 2012
And other many such sorts
Of affected, sensitive rubbish.
A broken bed will break one`s back,
Despite being newly coated with varnish
Dec 14, 2012

We pretend to be conscientious
And nice to that community,
Attempting to hide our own defects,
Hoping to gain a sort of moral immunity
Dec 15, 2012
it`s a stupid cover up,
A foolish struggle to conceal the truth,
Yet reality is showing up underneath,
Raw, crude and comically uncouth
Dec 16, 2012

Gay folk cultivate aberrant habits,
Hard to conciliate with nature,
Nevertheless, it`s not they who flaw
Mankind`s dignity and stature
Dec 17, 2012
Rather it is them that were damaged
By the trespasses and sins of normalcy,
Whose magnitude is amplified,
By their apparent legitimacy
Dec 18, 2012

The sins of a society,
Whose social interactions are so synthetic,
it would drive a healthy individual
To become emotionally apathetic
Dec 19, 2012
Gays are often individuals
Who strive to be healthy and wholesome,
Despite emerging from a background
That is sick and even loathsome
Dec 21, 2012

it`s not too wise to be negative,
While referring to same sex attraction.
One is exposed when doing so,
To numerous forms of detraction
Dec 21, 2012
One is surely a racist,
As such is anyone who is a Homophobe,
And that implies he`s `closeted`,
Which title is the ultimate hatchet job
Dec 22, 2012

Apparently, most men on planet earth,
Are Homoerotic, some secretly or unaware.
You may say this attitude
is childish and doctrinaire,
Dec 23, 2012
But the truth is that the theory
That all men have a hidden Homosexual tendency,
is simply irrefutable,
And there lies it`s brilliancy
Dec 24, 2012

For if you resist or negate it,
You`re sending (be it inadvertently)
An obvious message of negativity
Towards all Gaykind, undoubtedly
Dec 25, 2012
And what does that make you?
But, of course - The emblem of Homophobia!
The very essence of Fascism,
A rotten seed of future dystopia
Dec 26, 2012

And a Homophobe as is well known,
is really just another proudy in disguise,
Promoting hate merely to better hide
That which he denies
Dec 27, 2012
Thus, negating Homosexuality,
is the best vehicle for its propagation,
it`s a winning formula
That never fails to arouse my admiration
Dec 28, 2012

The world is gaying up,
At a pace that is breathtaking,
Solely via the mechanism of Homophobia.
it`s an avalanche, there`s no mistaking
Dec 29, 2012
if ever a detractor claimed
Homosexuality is a disease,
The probability of his ability to prove it,
(Being already quite low as it is)
Dec 30, 2012

Would be close to zero,
As surely no disease can thrive,
On the very cure against it,
Growing and getting stronger by it and more alive
Dec 31, 2012
Well, by now certain readers
Have probably formed a conclusion,
Concerning my opinions or habits,
So let me clarify to avoid confusion
Jan 1, 2013

i believe gays moderate
The violence in the mix of current society.
Generally speaking they`re highly contributive
To social sobriety
Jan 2, 2013
it`s a shame folks are being judged,
For a thing so private such as sexual preferences,
That frankly can`t qualify
As real differences
Jan 3, 2013

And if you`d still wish me to be
Your designated Homophobe - be my guest.
i must succumb to this unjust fate,
At your sovereign behest
Jan 4, 2013
Feel free to draw
Your favorite habitual innocent inference,
(Namely, that i be closeted)
i antecedently yield to your co-belligerence
Jan 5, 2013

My only condition is,
That you lend me your `straight` butt,
So i may use it to practice stepping out
Of my closet (so firmly shut...)
Jan 6, 2013
in this our unique era,
Each man is subject to allusions
To his homosexuality originating
in both pro and anti-gay choleric effusions
Jan 7, 2013

What quite disturbs me, though,
is the strangest contradiction,
One that nobody seems to address.
Allow me to indulge in its depiction:
Jan 8, 2013
Our age is one of women`s rights.
Feminists resist male chauvinism,
Our society is advancing towards
Regarding patriarchy as barbarism
Jan 9, 2013

Modern society is learning,
To reject the many forms of women`s exclusion,
Working towards a better future -
Devoid of their preclusion
Jan 10, 2013
Anything that smacks of manliness,
Masculinity, machismo, or virile prowess,
is currently under attack,
Whether justified or groundless
Jan 11, 2013

Therefore in a sense,
Women are not utterly irrational,
When embracing gays as bosom friends.
(Even if it does seem a little factional)
Jan 12, 2013
This union does seemingly
Serve well enough both sides,
Yet closer inspection may reveal
Underneath its surface some serious divides
Jan 13, 2013

For as the vigor of patriarchy
May consequently be indeed diminished,
A major aspect of manhood
Must contrarily, become distinguished
Jan 14, 2013
Gay mentality is generally marked
By a certain characteristic,
Representative in our times rather of men,
Especially when narcissistic
Jan 15, 2013

A trait that, feeling threatened by,
Women detest and scorn,
And from which (being hard to reconcile with love)
Romantic strife is born
Jan 17, 2013
The tendency of men today,
To be blinded by sexual attraction,
Focusing exclusively on the libido,
Obsessively seeking its satisfaction
Jan 17, 2013

Maybe men have always been so inclined,
While women present an antipodal disposition,
Due to differences
in their biological condition
Jan 18, 2013
Males supposedly following
The pre-wired and uncontrollable urge,
To spread as many seeds as possible,
Ensuring their paths do diverge
Jan 19, 2013

Females, presumably seeking
Familial stability for their offspring.
Such role playing may then cause
A lot of quarreling or divorcing
Jan 20, 2013
Or maybe men come across as
`More fundamentally sexually oriented`
Only because of the way in which
Sexual Status quo is implemented
Jan 21, 2013

Maybe the human female,
is actually the fiercer sexual predator,
who`s underclocking its libido,
To run at a lower rate and temperature
Jan 22, 2013
But it doesn`t really matter
Which of the two is which,
Because the bottom line is
A hypersexual girl is considered a slut or a bitch
Jan 23, 2013

And most girls still prefer,
Whether you consider it foolish or wise,
Not to place such importance on sex,
As generally do so many guys
Jan 24, 2013
it only makes sense,
Women have it in their best interest,
To promote such strategy in romance,
That for their own needs proves fittest
Jan 25, 2013

Namely, focusing on reproduction
(And thus on stability)
Rather than accumulating sexual conquests,
That for men has more desirability
Jan 26, 2013
in a way, the gay movement
Does serve Women`s agenda,
Yet the remarkable contract twixt gay and woman,
is not devoid of hidden addenda
Jan 27, 2013

One such addendum is evident
in that despite the fact that gay culture
introduces into the fabric of manliness
A very severe rupture
Jan 28, 2013
By completely taking
The wind out of masculinity`s sails,
it also (and quite unexpectedly, too)
Emphasizes a behavior typical of males
Jan 29, 2013

The tendency to be oversexed,
is currently a hallmark of manhood,
Whether this notion is based on reality,
Or whether it be a falsehood
Jan 30, 2013
Hence, machos may find it hard
To admit that homosexuals
tend to demonstrate
A sexual appetite healthier
Than that of the `straight`
Jan 31, 2013

That is, nevertheless, the truth.
i know that it may prove very painful,
For men to cope with the following statement,
Or even shameful
Feb 1, 2013
As far as carnal prowess is concerned,
Gays are manlier than any male butch,
The patriarchal leadership
Was ousted in an erotic putsch
Feb 2, 2013

Men, my brethren,
No more are we a wild pack of wolves,
But domesticated, tamed, solitary cats,
A state our legacy sadly well behooves
Feb 3, 2013
But take it not to heart,
This joke may seem to be at our expense,
But others will pay the price,
i`ll bet on the worth of my two pence
Feb 4, 2013

Sure, we deserve this mockery,
Power has made us haughty,
Turning so ossified and obdurate
That our emotional system has become faulty
Feb 5, 2013
And so, we pay the price,
The idea of manhood must and will be altered,
Wearing quite a different shape,
And changing role henceforward
Feb 6, 2013

But let the future worry about that,
Our honor shall eventually be reclaimed,
Through a new order
Of which neither sex will be ashamed
Feb 7, 2013
Meanwhile, as the sex-wars go on,
Women make a pact with Homosexuals,
Who seem like an ideal mutation:
A breed of men without testacles
Feb 8, 2013

Or is it the other way around?
Gay men seem to produce more testosterone,
Having more sex than straights do
A fact that`s well known
Feb 9, 2013
Women have unwittingly chosen
To promote that which they most abhor:
The tendency and aptitude of men
To play the little macho whore
Feb 10, 2013

Girls, use your heads,
You should`ve known better than to stumble into that trap -
Dropping like a ripe tit,
Right into the wolf`s lap
Feb 11, 2013
What are you thinking, anyway?
Did you not read the famous prophet?
The one after whom i`m named,
His every word - a grievous buffet
Feb 12, 2013

jeremiah, who at the command of God,
Buried in the ground his underwear
And dug them up after a while,
in an awful state of disrepair
Feb 13, 2013
Right after which he pondered:
Can the Ethiopian change his skin,
Or the leopard his spots?
Affected by the rotten underwear he`d seen
Feb 14, 2013

it`s all in the book of jeremiah,
Chapter 13, verses one to twenty three,
Serving as a light in your darkness,
To help you ladies see
Feb 15, 2013
That a man, by nature,
Never changes underwear as often as girls wish,
if you expect him to change his skin,
You`re likely to go fish
Feb 16, 2013

Men are all about sex
(Regardless of their actual orientation),
You may try to escape it, ladies,
But it will merely change direction
Feb 17, 2013
When allies are less reliable than enemies,
it may be a sign of flawed strategy.
Consequently, one`s victory
May become one`s tragedy
Feb 18, 2013

Men may find lesbian sex
Very attractive, while forgetting,
Those are ferocious creatures,
Who may not take well to cross-sex petting
Feb 19, 2013
Gay men are not girl`s best friends
Nor lesbians a sexual fantasy,
Our future is what they really are,
For they`ll inherit the galaxy
Feb 20, 2013

Unless we wake up soon,
Mending our ways before it`s too late,
By making a couple of important changes,
Finally wiping clean our slate
Feb 21, 2013
Such as letting gay people be.
is there a better method
To drive people completely mad,
Than to have them both persecuted and petted?
Feb 22, 2013

Allow them to wed, have children, what not,
According to their pleasure,
Lest someday they avenge this oppression,
Measure for measure
Feb 23, 2013
For they are the next step in evolution,
They will inherit the earth
And shove aside the straights,
Of whom we`ll have a great dearth
Feb 24, 2013

Despite their amity with women,
Homosexuals must dream of a woman-free world,
So they`ll have more single males
To pick from the herd
Feb 25, 2013
Despite men`s passion for them,
Lesbians must dream of a man-free universe,
So butches enjoy a pool of femmes
Richer and more diverse
Feb 26, 2013

We are but their reservoir,
Of yet unshaped raw human material,
Only waiting to be turned into something
Which is exotically venereal
Feb 27, 2013
Nature hates straights currently.
it`s unable to support humanity`s growth.
it frowns upon heterosexual couples,
Thwarting their troth
Feb 28, 2013

This is why,
in order to foil nature`s malevolence,
i`ve personally adopted a strategy
Based on charms, sensibility, and intelligence
Mar 1, 2013
ie: Never to marry,
And to bed as many women simultaneously,
As may find me attractive,
(Many do, unsolicited and quite spontaneously)
Mar 2, 2013

Hoping to pass under nature`s radar,
Using this tactic,
Though i should admit,
At times i do have misgivings that it can do the trick
Mar 3, 2013
i know this much is true:
Nature dislikes married couples,
As humans are more likely to reproduce,
Once they celebrate their nuptials
Mar 4, 2013

But does nature equally hate
A Poor guy such as myself,
Who is obliged to score a lot,
Only to get rid of overburdening sperm wealth?
Mar 5, 2013
Perhaps it does… and that`s why
i always put on a condom,
When i invite girls to my Parthenon,
To climb my black granite Greek column
Mar 6, 2013

i do want to spread my seed, though,
Therefore my condoms are perforated,
Can nature solve a crime
9 months after it was perpetrated?
Mar 7, 2013
it doesn`t matter anyhow,
All things ungay are forever doomed
To extermination and extinction,
Not to be continued, nor again resumed
Mar 8, 2013

Let us brace ourselves, straights,
We are all going underground.
Cryopreserve your nongay eggs and semen,
As they`ll no longer abound
Mar 9, 2013
Even Mother Earth will go lesbian.
The Greeks named her Gaea or Gaia,
Prophesying the rise of gays,
Her future rulers, her past pariah
Mar 10, 2013

`How can it happen?` You`ll ask,
`How can humanity be so transformed?`
You`ll laugh at my paranoia,
And have me ridiculed and scorned
Mar 11, 2013
Yes, go ahead and mock me!
i`m the crazy one, i`m the cat, i`m the coward,
Dreading imaginary threats,
By which my sanity is devoured
Mar 12, 2013

But if i tell you what mechanism
Would cause this transfiguration,
You are likely to be shocked
By the simplicity of its realization
Mar 13, 2013
A particular, a phenomenon
So insignificant it may pass unnoticed.
An issue of such little consequence
its negligibility is promised
Mar 14, 2013

And yet this trifling factor,
Would likely seal our race`s fate,
Forever changing the old as time method
By which we humans propagate
Mar 15, 2013
People don`t grasp
The fruit and upshot of sex-change,
An operation on single bodies,
That will have civilization`s spirit rearranged
Mar 16, 2013

if this operation is perfected,
it may allow a flawless metamorphosis,
Without any tell-tale signs,
Or body features of an androgynous
Mar 17, 2013
A man may become a woman
And unless he is examined internally,
He`d pass as a regular female,
Such as we use to drool about diurnally
Mar 18, 2013

Surely even you do understand
This would be the end of casual intercourse.
No more adventurous love,
No more exploring unknown shores
Mar 19, 2013
Everybody is for transsexuals,
Special individuals and brave,`Yet knowing if your sex partner is one,
is a right nobody wants to waive
Mar 20, 2013

i cannot object to them,
Having myself become part feline,
And if my opinion does sound crude,
it`s because it takes a verbal bee line
Mar 21, 2013
What man who`s not gay and is in his right mind
Would risk a casual coitus,
Only to later realize
He did a man in a feminine corpus?
Mar 22, 2013

We`ll be thrown centuries back,
Like then we`ll be afraid to be sexually active,
Celibacy will become a state
Prevalent and expansive
Mar 23, 2013
And that`s not all.
Let`s review sex-reassignment-surgery.
its future looks menacing
Even if our glance at it is but swift and cursory
Mar 24, 2013

The day is coming when
The procedure of SRS won`t be merely cosmetic.
The nature of its impact on our race
Could even be ontogenetic
Mar 25, 2013
A man may become a woman
in a deeper sense than that of sight.
This surgery`s outcome could be
Less exhibitionistic - more recondite
Mar 26, 2013

One day becoming a female
Shall be much more than just vaginoplasty,
Hormone induced breast development,
And sterile legal pederasty
Mar 27, 2013
Surgically creating
An entire reproductive system,
Would make post-op transgenders so powerful
Humanity won`t be able to resist them
Mar 28, 2013

it`ll put straights in a far greater peril,
Than that of unknowingly having casual sex
With another man (who`s practically sterile)
Mar 29, 2013
A man might learn one day,
He has fathered his children
By another man (to whom he is married).
Don`t you wonder how he`d feel then?
Mar 30, 2013

Gays will be able to get married
Without depending on authorization,
They`d probably have many children,
Despite our huge frustration
Apr 1, 2013
There`s nothing we can do about it,
We`d better take it sportively.
Better still, we should do
The join`em thing and act supportively
Apr 2, 2013

Condemning transsexuals
To `Damnatio ad bestias`,
Will probably not kill them, just wound them,
A wound that will drown us all in pus
Apr 3, 2013
Let us all remember the Roman decree:
`Christianos ad leones`,
And let us not err that way again,
For fear of an even greater onus...
Apr 4, 2013

Persecuting the seemingly weak,
Will only turn him into a mightier rival.
instead of suppressing them,
Let`s focus on our own survival
Apr 5, 2013
Yes, i know if we don`t resist them,
They may sooner come to power,
And thus they may eventually become
Virtually impossible to scour
Apr 7, 2013

it`s a chance we`ll have to take.
i believe that if we just don`t interfere,
They`ll provoke nature,
in whose plans they do not inhere
Apr 9, 2013
We should take care, on the other hand,
Not to be over-supportive either.
Acting mushy and overzealous,
is the pitfall of the deceiver
Apr 9, 2013

Between our races a war goes on,
Hidden and most vicious,
Not to be taken lightly by our party,
For which the signs are not auspicious
Apr 10, 2013
A balance of powers
Must be established and then kept.
Neither should they be afflicted and oppressed,
Nor coddled like some fond pet
Apr 11, 2013

We inadvertently encourage folks to become gay,
When we choose to have gayness celebrated,
just as much as when
We have it deprecated
Apr 12, 2013
And now, finally,
About One thousand and sixty four verses
After i started my gay related speech,
Like one who has made many searches
Apr 13, 2013

Or like a seafarer that has
Our globe many times over circled,
Merely to return to the exact same spot
On the planet that he girdled
Apr 14, 2013
So am i that have been
Stretching my point since verse nine hundred,
Having in its treacherous boggy marshes,
So lengthily floundered
Apr 15, 2013

Unsuccessfully attempting
To convince you i`m not driven by spite,
While my claims would seem at least to some
Predictable and trite
Apr 16, 2013
And now, finally,
i find myself at the end of this weary speech,
Having probably rather exculpated
The very ones i would fain impeach
Apr 17, 2013

This is how homophobic i am,
i took that phobia to whole new higher levels,
And in this, my bitter cowardice,
Mine enemy surely revels
Apr 18, 2013
Hence i figure that by now,
Everyone and especially you - pops,
Already fully understands
(No need waiting till the other shoe drops)
Apr 19, 2013

That it would be pointless in my case,
To operate the standard mechanism,
Used generally against homophobes,
To ensure their ostracism
Apr 20, 2013
Squeeze me into the darkest closet.
i can handle your gay-night just fine.
Then force me out of it.
How bright can your gay-sun shine?
Apr 21, 2013

You cannot deter me,
Nor can you fathom the depth of my paranoia,
just as you could not appreciate
The sagacity of Cassandra of Troia
Apr 23, 2013
judging by the degree
Of my homophobic sentiments,
i should have broken all scales of gayness
(if not for psychological impediments)
Apr 24, 2013

So let me be, good folks.
Allow me to hate, fear and be disgusted,
By your lifestyle, to which, though popular,
i refuse to be adjusted
Apr 25, 2013
in fact, if you think about it,
You should actually welcome my disdain,
Because the more i criticize you,
The more it should ascertain
Apr 26, 2013

The obvious, ineluctable truth,
That i am a disguised epressed homosexual,
Or (given my success with females)
At least bidirectional
Apr 27, 2013
Go ahead then,
Consider me gay now, i acquiesce.
That way the needs of the gay movement
And my own personal need may queerly coalesce
Apr 28, 2013

i am not completely unwilling,
To make this painful sacrifice,
And be considered one of the knights,
Of the order of the holey orifice
May 1, 2013
As individuals these people
Are not different from the rest of us,
But they`re a very dangerous group,
About to hit the critical mass
May 3, 2013

As i`ve stated before,
By themselves, as separate beings,
Most are better people than the most of us,
Or so i found in all my dealings
May 4, 2013
Which is precisely why
They are so dangerous as a tribe.
Though their agenda is legit,
it is still one to which i would not subscribe
May 5, 2013

Humanity does need them.
They`re the only answer for religious fundamentalism,
A demon who may be expelled
Only by veritable exorcism
May 6, 2013
The question is of course
What will happen afterwards.
Once the religious demon is back in the bottle,
Shall we be as free as birds?
May 7, 2013

Or would this perverted champion,
Once it`s chased away the current sacred evil,
is bound to bring about
Hedonistic, erotic upheaval?
May 8, 2013
i wonder now, is that what had really
Brought down the empire of ancient Greece,
Who in fact constituted
The first homosexual Polis?
May 9, 2013

The ancient Greeks
Were addicted to seafaring.
They were seamen on whose sanity,
Long confinement in tiny ships must`ve had a bearing
May 10, 2013
just think about the lifestyle
Of the common DanaanArgiveAchaean.
Greek warriors spent months and years,
Sailing through the Aegean
May 11, 2013

These long maritime voyages,
All these soldiers without a woman on board,
How can a man be expected
To grind and whet his pink sword?
May 12, 2013
All these sailors,
And no girl there to row their boat.
Oaring in a line one behind the other,
isn`t it obvious what this may connote?
May 13, 2013

That back then was the first gay wave,
This here now is the second.
My purpose is to set it back some,
As you must`ve already reckoned
May 14, 2013
These my words and my opinions,
May one day be exploited,
Employed towards another end,
Opposed to that at which i originally pointed
May 15, 2013

So let me conclude,
And seal this lengthy harangue,
With its numerous diverging offshoots, subpoints,
And in short - the whole shebang
May 16, 2013
And admit that as much as i hate
Gay culture with all its pseudo sexuality.
its supposed openness and acceptance,
And faux liberality
May 18, 2013

i still would not want anyone
Hitching his wagon for a free ride,
On my own private, personal spite,
Having it consequently falsified
May 18, 2013
My spite is exclusive,
i neither lend it nor have it shared.
People who feel compelled to hate together
Are either insecure or scared
May 19, 2013

The cuss i hate most is homosexual.
When called so it makes me sore.
There`s almost no better way
To put me in a state of rage galore
May 20, 2013
But i`d rather be called gay,
Than let anyone hijack my arguments and reasons.
Homophobia is less effective
When practiced by legions
May 21, 2013

They want you to team up,
And join forces, coalesce, unite.
Even if it`s against them,
You`ll end up infected with their social blight
May 22, 2013
What if this sexual tendency
is the product of some yet unknown virus?
And like any germ
Of multiplying should probably be desirous
May 23, 2013

What if this virus designedly evokes
Hatred towards its carriers,
in order to optimize infection rate
By overcoming social barriers?
May 24, 2013
Unknowingly manipulated by fear,
Deliberately caused by their anus shaped Coccus,
We are pushed, driven,
To form a defensive caucus
May 25, 2013

Thus by crowding,
We raise our chances of getting infected,
By that which firstly brought us to assemble,
And to which we`d objected
May 26, 2013
it is a clever mechanism.
Still, i, for one, am not befuddled,
Having a priori given examples,
Of how gayness had straightness muddled
May 27, 2013

We`re dealing here
With a sophisticated sexual plexus,
That`s so sentient, self-aware and tendentious,
it has become very infectious
May 28, 2013
But by now you know
All about my opinions on the topic,
it was already clearly established
i am sexually insecure and misanthropic
May 30, 2013

And under strictest restriction,
Condemning any use of force,
Against this gentlest of communities,
Or any deed morality can`t endorse
May 30, 2013
i wave the flag of resistance,
Against this new political movement,
Which seems currently to be
All about soft suasion and inducement
May 31, 2013

And i prophesy a time may come,
it may no longer pretend to gently coax,
But will be confident enough
To employ bolder battle strokes
Jun 1, 2013
And in this future point in time,
Gentleness shall no longer be mirrored
By gayness, for the latter
Shall be very much transfigured
Jun 2, 2013

We parade for love,
But love will have us suffocated,
i can`t emphasize strongly enough
How love, positivity and peace are overrated
Jun 3, 2013
The sugar of love that we so crave,
is bound to eventually make us all fat.
Every sweet and tempting illusion
Must come with a caveat
Jun 4, 2013

War that was once a god,
is now considered a horrid demon,
Denounced as a vile tyrant
is that which once for freedom served as beacon
Jun 5, 2013
We may pretend
That peace and love are sublime and sacred,
Yet in actuality these noble ideals
Are often nourished by war and hatred
Jun 6, 2013

Never trust demonstrations of affection,
Charm is never gratuitous.
Lovability is evermore motivated
By breasts, vagina, dick or anus
Jun 7, 2013
`Make love not war`
May prove to be a challenging commandment.
if everyone decides to follow it
Love may actually turn to harassment
Jun 8, 2013

Would you make me make love?
i`d make you make sense much sooner.
it`s an idea corny enough
To make even Lennon sound like a crooner
Jun 9, 2013
3 millenniums haven`t yet passed,
And having gone full circle,
We already forget the lessons,
Of whose wisdom consists our very kernel
Jun 10, 2013

Wasn`t the most famous war
in the history of our kind love-begotten?
What we`d learned from it
Couldn`t be more expensively boughten
Jun 11, 2013
This injunction could`ve easily been
The favorite of Priam`s son - Paris,
Who guided by it the fate of a nation.
Love was his Polaris
Jun 12, 2013

Whether for Helen,
Or for isolde, or Guinevere,
Or for some funny, future gay diva,
Men will always fight to prove themselves cavalier
Jun 13, 2013
Love originates in war,
As war does in love. They are inseparable.
Only in our twisted perception
is either one detested or venerable
Jun 14, 2013

in antiquity none cared about love,
War was proud and noble,
A war medal once lordly worn,
is now a shady, censurable, closeted bauble
Jun 15, 2013
And though all is changed,
Along, for example, with the significance
Of a word such as pride,
We still experience the old coincidence
Jun 16, 2013

Of parading for pride.
These two words continue to be linked,
Their combination still prevails,
While others suchlike are long extinct
Jun 17, 2013
it`s curious how alike they are,
in both sense and form,
Seeming to have the same origin,
Which sits well with our current social norm
Jun 18, 2013

But in actuality they`re not.
Proud mankind ever paraded to battle,
For one excuse or another,
`Make love, not war` is prittle-prattle
Jun 19, 2013
Hate on the other hand,
is a much safer bet but it is underrated,
A down to earth emotion,
Which is denied, repressed and deprecated
Jun 20, 2013

They say that hating
Shrinks one`s world and is most unhealthy,
And that it`s bad for the soul,
Because its effect on it is stealthy
Jun 21, 2013
But hatred is liberating,
it fertilizes the soul, sharpens self-identity,
Amplifies the inner, truer voice,
Boosts emotional intensity
Jun 22, 2013

What does love mean at all?
it`s long lost any value.
St. Paul named it `a fruit of the spirit`,
if so, it`s been covered with mildew
Jun 23, 2013
We are all lovers nowadays,
Every couple is a `Romeo and juliet`.
Each a perfect incarnation
Of the great playwright`s famous epithet
Jun 24, 2013

But regrettably not the one which goes:
`Star cross`d lovers`,
As it`s not quite ill fortune,
That our current take on `Love` suffers
Jun 25, 2013
Quite the contrary, we are all too fortunate,
Love is handed to us on a platter,
Spoiled and greedy we trample it,
And let it scatter
Jun 26, 2013

it`s rather another epithet,
in this play that has Amor described,
That typifies our modern love,
For all that with which it`s imbibed
Jun 27, 2013
`Death-mark`d love` is far truer,
To the current state of romantic emotion,
Being subjected to constant attack,
And continued erosion
Jun 28, 2013

The more overpowering, triumphant,
it promises to be at birth,
The sooner of emotion, kindness,
And true passion it shall feel dearth
Jun 29, 2013
Modern Romeo and juliet,
Never would for love forfeit their lives.
Our contemporary passion`s such,
That the lover (Not love) survives
Jun 30, 2013

That is not to say that
Such love cannot be in our century,
Yet i believe the role it shall play,
is bound to be merely complementary
Jul 1, 2013
its strain is pure no longer,
But is mixed now with other elements.
The strongest of passions,
inherited by the weakest of sentiments
Jul 2, 2013

it is by their perseverance, resolve, persistence,
in keeping their marital vows,
That these two lovers,
Our emotions so keenly arouse
Jul 3, 2013
But had their story been retold today,
it is when breaking these very pledges,
Passing into divorce`s realm,
Well beyond love`s edges
Jul 4, 2013

That their honest love
Must be appraised and measured.
Restraint, forbearance, kindness,
Being qualities presently rare and treasured
Jul 5, 2013
No longer for love,
Are we expected our lives to forsake.
it is only the thirst of our insatiable egos,
That we are beseeched to slake
Jul 6, 2013

i`m telling you:
Divorce is the new marriage! i forecast
These two ceremonies shall swap priority and precedence.
Be not so aghast.
Jul 7, 2013
Do we not today,
(Provided one is not sincerely and truly dumb)
Prepare in advance to demolish
A marriage constructed out of plumb?!
Jul 8, 2013

First we divorce,
By making a harsh prenuptial agreement,
Then we wed so as to certify our break up,
By a temporary act of appeasement
Jul 9, 2013
That this kind of love is phony,
is, i believe, pretty obvious,
But it`s the incongruity of conjugal disunion,
That i find so odious
Jul 10, 2013

We are a race of carnivores,
Not long enough ago also cannibals,
Who enjoy cracking fellow spirits,
With our powerful mental mandibles
Jul 11, 2013
We celebrate our marriages,
While straining to blot out our separations,
Mindless of our own natural,
Yet repressed hidden motivations
Jul 12, 2013

Our concept of romantic love,
is very intriguingly misleading.
Our behavior`s not enough unlike
That of certain insects when breeding
Jul 14, 2013
That feed on their mate,
Their offsprings` parent,
Couples relationships are an excuse,
For committing atrocities we otherwise daren`t
Jul 15, 2013

There`s no miracle of nature,
More shocking, revolting and bizarre,
Nothing more disappointing,
Or likelier to lower the emotional bar
Jul 16, 2013
Than the alternation Between absolute love,
presuming to be angelic,
And the spewing out of enmity,
Malevolent, venomous and hysteric
Jul 17, 2013

They kiss and deeply look
into each other`s eyes in touching unity,
Fusing together in a selfless state,
Of wondrous emotional acuity
Jul 18, 2013
But little of this tender magic,
May linger to offer the much needed
Emergency care to this bicephaly,
After the euphoria has receded
Jul 19, 2013

No better sign is offered,
To those who claim love has made them ill,
Of tragic things to come,
Than a relationship-conflict-overspill
Jul 20, 2013
The two headed fused cupid,
So intimate afore and self-contained,
Splits, exposing to the world,
A hellish core of mayhem unrestrained
Jul 21, 2013

Shedding its soft pink skin,
To reveal a hydra underneath,
its two long necks with those two heads,
Around each other entwine, writhed
Jul 22, 2013
And whether they passionately hug,
Or are haplessly entangled,
Whether they enjoy interweaving bodies,
Or are otherwise both strangled
Jul 23, 2013

No one`s really able to tell.
The answer may vary with timing and mood,
Between a state of utter misery,
And that of joy and beatitude
Jul 24, 2013
But once its cupid-like shell,
Smelting inside it two entities into one, has cracked,
Such violence may erupt,
As none can counteract
Jul 26, 2013

No longer pressed by the now broken skin,
The two are disentwined,
Never again to curl lovingly around each other,
Never to be aligned
Jul 27, 2013
All that coiling, curling,
Twisting and spiraling so tautly and tightly
Around each other,
Has stretched their organs` shape slightly
Jul 28, 2013

So that like springs compressed,
Once is removed the obstacle,
Which had them wrapped and bound,
Containing them is no longer possible
Jul 29, 2013
The momentum created
By their Self-induced compaction and containment,
Must be absorbed somewhere,
Or they face disastrous derailment
Jul 31, 2013

it is the immediate environment,
That must digest the crushing impact,
Of this once intimate fusion core,
That now no longer is intact
Jul 31, 2013
And precisely at this very point,
`True love` (Supposing it exists),
is measured,
As it is in abstinence from malice which it subsists
Aug 1, 2013

For can those who `truly` loved,
Find in their hearts to knowingly harm,
A past object of genuine affection,
Which had lost its charm?
Aug 3, 2013
The answer must be positive,
As few things in life are more certain,
Than the calumny we must face,
Once on intimacy falls the curtain
Aug 4, 2013

Reality teaches us,
That when no longer able to maintain affection,
Noble, honest, fair though we be,
We will not escape transgression
Aug 4, 2013
This frightful, exposed hydra,
is bound eventually to self destruct,
its two heads turn upon each other,
Feeding off their broken pact
Aug 6, 2013

But its center and core,
is blasted and torn asunder,
Leaving those two stretched necks bodiless,
Considerably getting up their dander
Aug 6, 2013
Thus, thrown by the blast,
Shot from the center towards the outskirts,
Leaving a trail of havoc as they go,
Like in volcanic outbursts
Aug 7, 2013

Hurled at the closest circle,
Of friends and family who serve as a cushion,
Allowing them to lick their wounds 
(And seek retribution)
Aug 9, 2013
And now comes the sorest part,
The true face of love is finally unmasked,
When these doves become vultures,
Hovering over their repast
Aug 9, 2013

Are you so transformed, lovers? 
Going at each other`s throat,
The very organ that served you,
For all the vows you pretended to emote
Aug 11, 2013
The rancorous mud and filth we smear,
On a past partner that fell from grace,
Against our own value and virtue,
Forever heavily weighs
Aug 11, 2013

The things we say
About each other once we`ve split,
How we share with our other acquaintances,
information so sensitive and discreet
Aug 12, 2013
Trampling the dignity of a name,
Who was with ours interlaced,
Exposing it as vile and worthless,
With accusations shamelessly unbased
Aug 13, 2013

Soiling our Singular, special memories,
And our own past with dirt,
Bleeding our emotional resources dry,
Till we finally become inert
Aug 14, 2013
is it really possible,
That such as we are all:
Wasted and rotten,
Empty, vain and mindless, Driven by purposes so ill and misbegotten
Aug 15, 2013

We still belong,
To that race of whose gift of love, great poets 
Spoke with such eloquence? 
Surely we do not deserve such proponents
Aug 16, 2013
Contemplating that story,
i envisage its two young protagonists,
Not as ideals but as real people,
Stripped of all their special gifts
Aug 17, 2013

And i know no matter what difficulties,
They would`ve encountered,
They wouldn`t allow themselves,
To lose dignity and spiral downward
Aug 19, 2013
For some  reason,
Love in this world is ever taken for granted,
And does not get the respect,
Which it should have otherwise commanded
Aug 20, 2013

Everybody is a lover,
And has to marry and have kids,
But are we all fit partners and parents?
Should fruits be yielded by all weeds?
Sep 1, 2013
When it comes to arts and sciences,
Or for that matter to any profession,
We are naturally quite alert
To scams, frauds and deception
Sep 1, 2013

We`d never accept
Any sort of professional practice,
By anyone who we might deem unqualified.
Knowledge and experience are not gratis
Sep 1, 2013
We should have the sense,
To prohibit practicing love without a permit,
i admit it`s a very hard lesson,
Yet we`ll eventually learn it
Sep 1, 2013

The world is teeming
With the offspring of talentless procreators,
Whose production may be cutback,
Only by the decree of legislators
Sep 2, 2013
i mean, take China for example,
A state adamant to curb,
its overflowing reproduction,
That no `natural` measure can hinder or disturb
Sep 3, 2013

We are disgusted,
With its infamous one child policy,
But the need for that legislation,
is apparently not based on deceit or fallacy
Sep 3, 2013
The world is filling up daily,
With more and more human babies,
Thanks to that love we feel
Towards each other, Gentlemen and ladies
Sep 3, 2013

And it can take no more!
We are all worried by the nuclear menace,
But it`s rather overpopulation,
That should really make us nervous
Sep 4, 2013
That is the real bomb,
Here is really how we`ll all go down in flames,
By choking up this planet,
With a mountain of human sand grains
Sep 4, 2013

Which might remind us that Which
God had promised Abraham,
Namely, his `Sand on the beach` plan,
A.k.a the `Stars in the sky` program
Sep 5, 2013
But wait, which of the two?
Sand or stars? There must be a difference,
Between values representing
Ends of the scale of circumference
Sep 5, 2013

i think the attention
That promise has received has been misguided.
it`s been far too quantitative.
Our entire view of it is lopsided
Sep 6, 2013
The trap here of course,
is to wander into statistics and calculations.
it`s trickily phrased,
So as to provoke numerical speculations
Sep 7, 2013

God tricked us into counting
Relatively immeasurable quantities,
That we may overlook his ambiguity
Regarding the actual commodities
Sep 7, 2013
The number of the stars in the skies,
Or that of sand grains on our beaches,
Are tempting figures,
And yet, for us they hold no riches
Sep 8, 2013

What really matters
in this contract is the fine print.
Why obsess over a vague sum total,
When it`s quite obvious God didn`t stint?
Sep 9, 2013
The real question`s rather
Which of these two analogies,
Describes better our specific situation,
With all its minute particularities
Sep 10, 2013

indeed, we already know
We are destined to multiply beyond count,
But to which of these two metaphors,
is our propagation tantamount?
Sep 11, 2013
Are we those grains of sand?
Or are we more like stars in the sky?
And can we choose which of these paths
We follow as we multiply?
Sep 12, 2013

i find it enervating
These two options are so opposed,
it teaches me God himself was in doubt,
And was likely far from being composed
Sep 13, 2013
He kept his promise,
And gave us to drink the magic potion,
That would make us grow,
Yet i doubt beyond that he had any plan or notion
Sep 14, 2013

Shall we as sand grains sink down,
Like dead weight to the ocean`s bottom,
Till it fills up and becomes
A sand swamp, deep and sodden
Sep 15, 2013
Or shall we learn how to rise,
Like electric stardust into heaven,
That great sphere which in our old books,
is marked as number seven
Sep 16, 2013

At any rate, we know no satiation,
We eat, we grow, we fatten,
Our mass is bound to drown this planet,
Or have it collapse and flatten
Sep 17, 2013
We love too well,
And through this love so powerful,
We have become a gigantic throng,
Violent, dangerous, uncontrollable and wrathful
Sep 18, 2013

it is this love,
Which is responsible for the destructive weapons,
That we have developed,
Love nowadays does not pacify, it threatens
Sep 19, 2013
Love unites this that would`ve otherwise
Remained apart or torn asunder,
its purpose is to lift us high,
So it can bury us deep under
Sep 20, 2013

Let us finally abandon love,
Now is a wonderful time to resent,
The world offers a plethora
Of obnoxious folks to our heart`s content
Sep 21, 2013
And such a creature am i too,
At my core nothing more than a scoundrel,
A little dreck trickling slowly through
Society`s great bowel
Sep 23, 2013

Deserving nothing but hatred,
Not deserving to be your son, certainly,
Despite your numerous efforts,
To reach out to me so paternally
Sep 23, 2013
You`re undoubtedly a much better man,
Modest, sincere, straight as a ruler,
Oh, here goes this great phrase again,
There`s none cooler
Sep 24, 2013

A straight has a ruler.
Why, of course he has!
if you`d read verse #304 you`d know why,
But you probably hadn`t. i doubt anyone does...
Sep 25, 2013
Or maybe straights
Simply have a straight phallus,
Unlike them who shove it in tight places,
Where it`ll bend, break or grow a callus
Sep 26, 2013

But enough with the babble,
it`s time to quit the gay jokes,
Ahead of us are some serious matters,
To which i must attend, gentlefolks
Sep 27, 2013
First and foremost, father,
Regarding Freyr - just as usual,
You have it all mixed up,
But i hardly need to say none of it is provable
Sep 28, 2013

Your speech, pater,
About Sweden and the temple of Odin, Thor and Fricco,
Was great entertainment,
You`re a fantastic, complete thicko
Sep 29, 2013
You`re killing me,
So you traveled to Uppsala,
You made an investigation, you turned to Onomastics,
Did you turn also to the Kabbalah?
Sep 30, 2013

You mismatched terms,
in Scandinavian, Latin, German, Hebrew and Yiddish,
And built a tower of Babel,
Confused, conceited and priggish
Oct 1, 2013
You claim that the conclusions you draw,
Are as natural as counting 1,2,3,4
But the only thing i conclude
From your words heretofore
Oct 2, 2013

is that you traveled,
To the wrong side of Europe,
You made me laugh so hard my eyes got wet,
Here, let me dry another happy teardrop
Oct 3, 2013
Your story isn`t bad,
What failed you is the choice of location,
i`m sure you picked up Sweden,
Without proper thought or deliberation
Oct 4, 2013

Your whole gay-long-dick theory,
is not perforce defective,
it`s just not right for Scandinavia,
Whereas in Greece it may be effective
Oct 5, 2013
Trying to lay homosexuality on Freyr,
Amounts to rhetorical flatus,
You picked the wrong guy for that part,
You should`ve cast Priapus
Oct 6, 2013

Greeks were like that,
This kind of shit was right up their back alley,
Priapus packed a mythological organ,
As long as a Greek galley
Oct 7, 2013
Greeks, when measuring dicks,
Used terms whose nature was nautical,
Yours, dad, for example,
Would have likely been dubbed `a coracal`
Oct 8, 2013

They tend to combine
The sexual with the maritime,
Reread verses #1092-1096,
To understand why and how they make these subjects chime
Oct 9, 2013
Despite occupying the same spot,
Freyr and Priapus were worlds apart,
Their only common point,
Was a dick whose size was off the chart
Oct 10, 2013

i admit that Priapus is an exception to the rule,
Which verse #304 implies,
i wrote it two and a half years ago,
(God, how time flies)
Oct 11, 2013
i suspect his penis wasn`t natural,
He probably used all sorts of enhancements,
The kind that Sphinx peddled,
Among other enchantments
Oct 13, 2013

Hell, he must`ve purchased it,
From old Sphinx directly,
i already mentioned Sphinx`s business in verses 151-2
if i remember correctly
Oct 13, 2013
You must understand,
Priapus was a lousy fraudster,
He used a trick to make his dick seem long,
While in reality it was quite shorter
Oct 14, 2013

His technique involved keeping his member,
in a constant state of erection,
just imagine being 24/7/365
in a state of pre ejaculation
Oct 15, 2013
Priapus erected barely matched,
Freyr`s length when limp and flaccid,
Play with it hard as he could,
He`d never outreach or surpass it
Oct 17, 2013

They say he used to rub it all day long,
Like Aladdin rubbed his magic lamp,
Until either hand or dick,
(Whichever first!) would cramp
Oct 17, 2013
Until he eventually developed a condition,
Which modern medicine titles `Priapism`,
A permanent erection,
A continuous genital tropism
Oct 18, 2013

Look how long it is when it`s limp,
He used to say when in full erection,
There`s nothing here to arouse it,
Was his usual contention
Oct 19, 2013
And indeed nowhere around him,
Could be seen, be it near or far,
Any woman, any female,
That might`ve accounted for lighting his cigar
Oct 20, 2013

They didn`t know it back then,
Only now do we understand in retrospect:
Big as it seemed, it wasn`t a cigar,
it was a giant cigarette
Oct 21, 2013
Anyway, you probably understand by now,
That i hate Priapus`s guts,
But it`s not only because
Of his affinity he had for men`s butts
Oct 22, 2013

More than for anything else,
i can`t stand him because of the Priapeia,
A collection of poems,
That spread around as fast as gonorrhea
Oct 23, 2013
And all these poems,
On one matter put such a focus,
That it`s hard to tell whether the subject,
Or their artistic value is more bogus
Oct 24, 2013

How daring and fresh,
Choosing a penis as an inspiration for poetry,
Might seem to the audacious author,
And woe to those who disagree
Oct 25, 2013
i can imagine the author of such poems,
Having an image of himself as witty and saucy,
Gutsy, brazen, defiant,
Cheeky, brave and sassy
Oct 26, 2013

How bold one must feel,
When breaking in art all moral conventions,
Rhyming genitals with testacles,
Or other bodily sexual extensions
Oct 27, 2013
How hypermasculine,
Such a poet pretends to be, how virile,
How confident in his success in hiding,
The fact he`s both gay and sterile
Oct 28, 2013

No amount of words though,
Can cover up the truth, so bitter,
Flattering as a portrait may be,
it cannot hide the nature of the sitter
Oct 29, 2013
Maybe while reading my last verses,
You recall that house of glass,
Which i supposedly inhabit,
Throwing as many stones as i may amass
Oct 30, 2013

But haven`t you asked yourself,
Why would i live in a transparent house?
Because i am not afraid to be seen,
Without pants or blouse!
Oct 31, 2013
Let women watch me and get aroused,
Let men watch me and get frustrated,
it is only by gay people,
That i do not want my dick adulated
Nov 1, 2013

Which is why i installed,
Around my house as a means of defense,
A very advanced technology,
Special sensors controlled electric fence
Nov 2, 2013
it discharges an electrical shock,
Only against male gay perpetrators,
it is safe for lesbians,
i even adjusted the voltage regulators
Nov 3, 2013

To dispense a very low,
Level of electric current,
Aimed to massage the lesbian voyeur,
And Goad her into being more than an observant
Nov 4, 2013
i will throw all the stones i want,
i don`t care if my glass house gets shattered,
The more visible my dick is,
The more i`m flattered
Nov 5, 2013

i may be shooting myself in the foot,
But i`ll sacrifice more than a leg,
For the pleasure of hanging shit,
On Priapus`s underwear peg
Nov 6, 2013
And even if i lose this leg,
i`ll still have two feet on which i may stand,
Having a spare, long, middle one,
Completely at my command
Nov 7, 2013

i could easily walk on it,
if push comes to shove,
Being able to control it with my mind,
An ability i have always been very proud of
Nov 8, 2013
Most men can`t do shit with their dick,
Whatever they CAN do is involuntary,
They may shrink or expand it,
But the effect is momentary
Nov 9, 2013

i, on the other hand,
Control it like it had joints and bones,
i twist it, coil it and propel it,
just as they operate military drones
Nov 10, 2013
So even if i shoot both my feet,
And be utterly crippled thereupon,
i`d still be totally able,
To run on my dick alone a full marathon
Nov 11, 2013

But let`s get back to Priapus,
And the Priapeia - his poesy,
And here`s the most aggravating point,
That drives me to wrathful ecstasy
Nov 12, 2013
if you have followed my
Twinata up till here,You must by now comprehend the magnitude
Of my poetic talent,
And its amazing amplitude
Nov 13, 2013

i, a veritable polymath,
A double star genius, a binary star talent,
On one hand a real poet,
On the other hand lays a dick so gallant
Nov 14, 2013
Take a minute to think about it,
i am a miraculous combination
Between the physical and the mental,
Each of which reaches culmination
Nov 16, 2013

A noble, cultivated mind,
Commanding an organ befitting a porn star,
A sensitive, emotional heart,
Pumping blood into a penis-scimitar
Nov 16, 2013
A lofty intellectual,
Blessed with a physique of a savage,
Burdened over my head with ideas,
And under my belt with voluminous luggage
Nov 17, 2013

One may expect Priapus
To be endowed with the same qualities,
Though quite naturally of course,
Not in such abundances and quantities
Nov 18, 2013
But throughout his grand Priapeia,
He never wrote even a single poem,
Knowing full well anything he might produce,
Would be pure hokum
Nov 19, 2013

He`d hired others to do
What was beyond the reach of his own intellect,
i guess his shortcomings,
Made him self-aware and circumspect
Nov 20, 2013
Never compare him to me then,
His dick is a dildo: Fake, gay, mental-crutch,
Mine is a fountain pen,
Soft and warm to her mind`s touch
Nov 21, 2013

So now you understand, dad,
The difference between Freyr`s lineage,
And that of Priapus.
Next time pick Greece for your gay pilgrimage
Nov 22, 2013
But now let us at last return,
From our long conversational travel,
This dinner has a purpose behind it,
Which i still have to unravel
Nov 23, 2013

So many things happened,
Around this table, in this restaurant,
During 873 verses,
With the readers-audience as a witness, a confidant
Nov 24, 2013
We`ve been sitting here,
Almost as long as forever,
This dinner and this poem have become one,
it`s a connection i can no longer sever
Nov 25, 2013

it began in verse #414,
On july 14, twenty eleven,
And ever since it`s grown daily,
As if driven by a psychologically fermented leaven
Nov 26, 2013
But i can`t drag it any longer,
Yesterday a part of my vanity died,
And this death must change my ship`s course,
it must turn the tide
Nov 27, 2013

And yet its counterpart still lives,
Keeping my soul running on the fuel of religion,
i hope to wrap up this work,
By God`s commission
Nov 28, 2013
You father, had your interest, too,
For coming here to have with me this chat,
And you bravely served it,
Without playing the diplomat
Nov 29, 2013

i want you to know that
i truly understand you and that i sympathize
With your criticism of my behavior,
And everything it signifies
Dec 1, 2013
i was the worst son ever!
And the truth is i am haunted by remorse,
For having always been so insensitive, vulgar,
And banally coarse
Dec 1, 2013

But i may still have hope,
Maybe i believe i am not irreparable,
i badly envy people who are not tempted,
By that which is pleasurable
Dec 3, 2013
it`s high time,
i get my befouled soul finally cleansed,
And what better, cleaner spirit than yours,
To have such medicine dispensed?
Dec 3, 2013

i`m here to meet you,
Because i still believe in honesty,
Of which i`m not entirely incapable,
Albeit my whole existence is a travesty
Dec 5, 2013
i think i`m ready,
To confess and clear my conscience,
i either do that or forever be considered a villain,
i don`t have other options
Dec 5, 2013

i`m here tonight to bring to light,
An event that up till now was wrapped in secrecy,
Yet it burdens my heart,
And afflicts my decency
Dec 6, 2013
Worse still, it has marred,
This here long poem of mine, so sacred and epic,
Putting a dent in it,
That`s both essential and aesthetic
Dec 7, 2013

For you must know,
Nothing is more dangerous,
Than attempting to express oneself,
The choice of media matters not, all are traitorous
Dec 8, 2013
Whether one dabbles with words,
Colors,Sounds or any other element of craft,
Once such a brainchild materializes,
Be it but a draught
Dec 10, 2013

it will open a window,
Overlooking the soul of its creator,
Revealing its prized secrets,
To any reader, listener, viewer or spectator
Dec 10, 2013
Today, on the 11th day of the 12th month,
Of the 13th year, i vow to attempt,
To close the window,
Even if it means suffering contempt
Dec 11, 2013

This window, opened by art,
Has a character, strange and peculiar,
i might say it is dangerous, too,
And nothing shall be said trulier
Dec 12, 2013
The less gifted the creator,
The more will be revealed, unintended,
A piece of lesser artistic value,
Shall by overexposure be amended
Dec 13, 2013

People will often try their hand,
Believing they can fool the muses,
in pseudo artistic attempts,
Such are they that falseness seduces
Dec 15, 2013
Such attempts shall always produce,
Horrible creative catastrophes,
By no means should one underestimate,
Those inescapable calamities
Dec 15, 2013

My advice to everyone is:
Unless you`re 100% about what you`re doing,
Stay away from art,`Or it is you`re ruination you`ll be brewing
Dec 17, 2013
Because even if
The slightest trifle is neglected,
Your sack of lies may be exposed to the world,
By whom your soul will be dissected
Dec 17, 2013

Better remain silent,
And give up the right of self-expression,
if gratifying your artistic ambitions,
Means betraying your discretion
Dec 18, 2013
One thing to remember,
is that a work of art is a mental instrument,
That cannot but serve an audience,
Even if created by an impotent
Dec 19, 2013

What the artist failed,
To intendedly put in his supposed masterpiece,
Must be replaced by other stuff,
Governed by vagary and caprice
Dec 20, 2013
An artwork is never empty,
Even if its creator was shallow,
it shall be a vessel to be filled with bilgewater,
in which one may wallow
Dec 21, 2013

Some piece of information,
is often found at the bottom of the barrel,
A terrible treasure to be gained,
Deep inside the putrid puddle
Dec 22, 2013
Art shall never remain indebted,
it must and shall fulfill its role,
if it lacks in weight and substance,
Doubtless it`ll take a toll
Dec 23, 2013

A wise man shall keep silent,
His words are few and spared,
A fool will spread himself around,
His countless defects unwittingly bared
Dec 24, 2013
if your style, your art,
isn`t true to who you are and is empty,
it`ll expose your true self in other means,
The damage will be hefty!
Dec 26, 2013

When what you make represents,
Who you are not more than who you are,
Then it`s time to admit,
You should never have set your own bar
Dec 26, 2013
Through any gaps left in your work,
Must perforce show your hidden purpose,
Allowing your pretentious lies,
To float up to the surface
Dec 27, 2013

Such a gap in this poem,
i`d like now to try and patch,
it has bugged me for far too long,
i mean to block it, to bar it with a latch
Dec 28, 2013
it`s actually a trifle, really,
A couple of lines missing in this text...
They got lost between
What came before and what came next
Dec 29, 2013

it happens to the best of them,
Poets are known to fuck up constantly,
Which is why i didn`t get worried,
(or at least not instantly)
Dec 30, 2013
The truth is i kind of hoped,
This screw up would go unnoticed,
My poem being otherwise so absorbing,
Forgive me if it sounds immodest
Dec 31, 2013

As time passed by, though,
i found my conscience to be uneasy,
i have earned many adjectives,
Among which are not degenerate or sleazy
Jan 1, 2014
Two and a half years ago,
On 17.6.2011, i wrote a verse,
in which i tried to repress the past,
But it had only made things a lot worse
Jan 2, 2014

i numbered it #387,
But this was not its right number.
it was no mistake. i planned it,
And put it through, keeping cool as a cucumber
Jan 3, 2014
My problem was that at this point,
i needed badly to hide 40 lines,
That might have been criticized,
As not being written to the nines
Jan 4, 2014

i need not tell you,
That it`s not necessarily with these lines` style,
That i feared some critics` morals,
Might be hard to reconcile
Jan 5, 2014
Stuff had happened,
That i had no special interest to narrate,
So i started looking for ways to make
Those 40 lines somehow dissipate
Jan 6, 2014

The easiest method,
Was to pretend it never happened,
But if i get caught my whole Twinata`s
Credibility and probity may be blackened
Jan 7, 2014
You tell one lie, one lie,
All it needs is one little stain,
And the veracity that has characterized
My existence goes down the drain
Jan 10, 2014

No lying then, i decided,
Why allow one bad episode,
To plant inside my wholesome, pure framework,
The first abhorrent moral nematode?
Jan 10, 2014
So i resolved to try and
So to speak, turn a blind eye to my dud,
Why drag somebody`s name,
(Even if somebody=me) through the mud?!
Jan 10, 2014

i never liked math,
But here was the simplest calculation,
40 lines make 10 verses, nice and round,
10 verses that call for amputation
Jan 11, 2014
10 is such a powerful number,
And in my eyes it was a proof,
That some deeper meaning was at work,
That this was more than just a goof
Jan 12, 2014

10 is a comfortable number,
When it comes to enumeration,
And in this poem specifically,
There`s a great significance to serialization
Jan 14, 2014
i planned to use this advantage,
To have the enumeration system manipulated,
But an obstacle arose,
That frankly, i had not stipulated
Jan 15, 2014

i incremented by a single unit,
The decimal place value of the tenths,
`it`s just a little jump`, i thought,
No one would take offence
Jan 16, 2014
With a one-step jump,
Applied to only a single digit,
i could wipe off 40 lines,
With the easiest of cheats i`ll be totally acquitted
Jan 19, 2014

This solution proved very tempting,
Do not underestimated its allure,
So clean, tidy and undemanding,
So immediate and easy to procure
Jan 19, 2014
Especially for someone like myself,
Who is so keen on economy,
That his poetic aspirations,
And verbal stinginess may form an antinomy
Jan 19, 2014

Take for example this Twinata,
Each verse is made of 140 characters precisely,
Not one more, or one less,
Squarely, sharply and nicely
Jan 20, 2014
Sometimes i feel like character count,
Matters to me more than does content,
Like i`m sacrificing,
For the sake of a trivial component
Jan 21, 2014

The depths that my poetry,
Could have otherwise attained,
Lowering it to a level that,
To descend to which i should not have deigned
Jan 23, 2014
So busy making sure that i fulfill,
The strange, unaccounted for letter-quota,
Not allowing myself to deviate from it,
Even by an iota
Jan 23, 2014

Often i`d miss a single space,
Or find myself with an extra comma,
Being then forced to make changes,
That i`m sure must hurt my karma
Jan 24, 2014
i would then have my entire verse,
So changed and rephrased,
That the ideas i had constructed within it,
Would be demolished and razed
Jan 25, 2014

When i get too depressed,
About my lost artistic integrity,
i find consolation in counterarguments,
Often at the price of my sincerity
Jan 26, 2014
i try telling myself,
That the rigid, tight framework,
Which i use to cast my words,
Has a purpose to it and is more than just a quirk
Jan 27, 2014

i`d convince myself value is bestowed,
To my verses by this poetic quantum,
That homogenizes them, strings them,
Like pearls or wampum
Jan 28, 2014
That this iron rule -
Measuring each verse to the letter,
is material in delivering a payload,
So overwhelming it justifies any fetter
Jan 29, 2014

A hammer falling,
Repeatedly, constantly, punctually,
On the same hard spot, a 1000 times and more,
is bound to make a dent eventually
Jan 31, 2014
And i`d fall victim,
To that powerful self-persuasion,
if i could only shut away reality,
That invasive, tyrannous, natural medication
Jan 31, 2014

in reality my verses are constructed,
From lines jagged and uneven,
Randomly piled up in formations,
Confused, meaningless and heathen
Feb 2, 2014
inside my disheveled verses,
Rule mayhem, havoc and chaos,
Why o why had i dared violate poetry?
Being pathetic does not evoke pathos
Feb 2, 2014

if i could at least boast,
A deep reason behind that choice of format,
A dictate from an inner force,
Or some kind of an artistic fiat
Feb 3, 2014
Then maybe i`d feel,
About this inflexible 140-grapheme-technique,
More confident and be a little prouder,
Of my rigorous twitter chic
Feb 4, 2014

But the humbler truth is,
That i`ve always been a horrible miser,
And it`s not easy to admit,
For someone who is such a self-eulogizer
Feb 5, 2014
When trying to understand,
What is behind my poetic style, psychologically,
You must comprehend my need,
To hoard stuff pathologically
Feb 7, 2014

My agony commenced when i learned,
That twitter allows in each tweet,
To use 140 characters maximum.
My mind drowned in a wave of heat
Feb 7, 2014
intrigued and puzzled,
By the tininess of that allotment,
A very natural fear awakens in me,
That of finding myself verbally insolvent
Feb 9, 2014

The idea of expenditure,
Triggers in me this uncontrollable dread,
My internal alarms are all activated,
Sirens wail, lights flash red
Feb 9, 2014
i find it impossible to resist,
The urge to consume and possess,
When something offers itself to me,
i have no choice but to acquiesce
Feb 10, 2014

if something is given me today,
And i fail to suck out of it the very marrow,
How then shall i save a penny,
For a rainy day tomorrow?
Feb 11, 2014
i simply cannot leave,
Those Twitter characters behind, orphaned,
Why let someone else get a hold of,
That which for me was portioned?
Feb 12, 2014

Curse on my attention,
For each single grapheme,
That caused me to attempt banishing,
The darkness of my plight with a false lightbeam
Feb 14, 2014
i should`ve known,
That even a single false digit would be a shoo-in,
For tragic consequences,
That may eventually bring about my ruin
Feb 14, 2014

i tampered with one sign,
Hoping by this to have 1400 signs concealed,
A grave and irrevocable mistake,
An act that cannot be repealed
Feb 16, 2014
Math has again failed me,
And my whole scheme totally backfired,
My calculation seemed perfect,
But events have differently transpired
Feb 16, 2014

The verse i posted on 17.6.2011 as #387,
Should have been otherwise numbered.
Trying to play the smart thief,
i found myself plundered
Feb 17, 2014
it should have been #378,
Because on the day before i posted
Verse #377. just a little digit switch,
Whose implications later bloated
Feb 18, 2014

By switching between #378 and #387,
i hoped to create a hidden gap,
in which i`d bury these 10 verses,
And finally end that whole crap
Feb 19, 2014
And after having done it,
it felt like i was opening a new page,
Like this problem was something,
From which i could finally disengage
Feb 20, 2014

But i`ve found no peace.
My soul has never ceased to be troubled,
My anxiety and fears were not quenched,
instead, they have redoubled
Feb 22, 2014
Note how i bided my time,
Precisely a thousand verses passed since,
in verse #378 i tricked you all,
And in #1378 i`ll spill the beans
Feb 22, 2014

But verse #1378 wasn`t meant to be,
1000 verses later, the same shenanigan,
The proverb still applies,
A charlatan remains a charlatan
Feb 23, 2014
And yet time has made,
A change in me that cannot be denied,
it has quite altered that moral code,
That guides me and by which i abide
Feb 24, 2014

i`ve told my last lie,
i`ve felt my last pang of guilt,
i`m ready to reveal my rotten core,
Which has so far been embellished and gilt
Feb 25, 2014
So here comes the truth now,
After long-term suppression and denial,
Time to let my conscience rest,
And end my exhausting moral trial
Feb 26, 2014

it took me a while to understand,
That my cover-up was flawed,
That it wasn`t such a genius move,
Which my smart readers would applaud
Feb 27, 2014
The day i finally realized,
The magnitude of my screw up,
i came down with a fever,
Throughout which i repeatedly fainted and threw up
Feb 28, 2014

Not long after that event,
While calmly taking my breakfast,
it suddenly hit me that having buried the wind,
i`ve unearthed a tempest!
Mar 2, 2014
Trying to hide those 40 lines,
Those 10 verses that had me so embarrassed,
Would only expose them more,
And have me finally unbalanced
Mar 3, 2014

i was sipping my herbal tea,
When in my mind a blinding lightning struck,
A frightening thought exploded in it,
Causing it to run amok
Mar 3, 2014
i left a whole verse out,
4 entire lines still remained out in the open,
My numbers were all wrong,
My old fears have instantly awoken
Mar 4, 2014

Now do you finally understand?
Having the tens decimal place by 1 step upped,
Does not create a gap of 10,
My calculation was corrupt
Mar 5, 2014
it forms only a gap of nine,
Let`s go over it together,
it would seem that from 377 to 387,
There are ten steps. There aren`t, however
Mar 6, 2014

The following verses are missing,
They amount to nine, tragically:
Thus i announce, dramatically:
Mar 7, 2014
Despite all my efforts,
One unguarded verse has brought my downfall,
My day has been glowing and sunny,
i bravely embrace my nightfall
Mar 8, 2014

One verse is enough,
To betray the truth i wanted so badly to bury,
My long and winding river of lies,
Must promptly reach its estuary
Mar 9, 2014
There`s no point hiding anymore,
What happened within the span,
Of those cursed 140 lines,
it`s time i finish what i so long ago began
Mar 10, 2014

it`ll be hard for you, dad,
Yet i know you shall stand strong,
Your soul is wholesome enough,
To survive the stab of the devil`s prong
Mar 12, 2014
So here`s the content,
Of those 10 verses that are missing,
i`ll try conveying it concisely,
As it`s far from fit for fond reminiscing
Mar 12, 2014

As you may recall,
Those missing verses were initially located,
in the midst of a narration,
Out of which they were cut and separated
Mar 14, 2014
A narration which revolved,
Around my visit to grandma,
A rendezvous cut short by a horrid event,
That caused me an everlasting trauma
Mar 15, 2014

An event of which, father,
You are tragically still uninformed.
And i admit, i initiated this meeting,
To have our relationship warmed
Mar 16, 2014
So that in good time,
i might eventually muster the courage,
To tell you all about it,
Thus subjecting myself to an accusation barrage
Mar 16, 2014

Ok, now you have my attention, jermiau,
And i must admit i`m quite curious,
Whatever it is you have to say,
i guess it`ll be injurious
Mar 17, 2014
And now i do remember,
When you called to invite me to this dinner,
i anticipated a false move,
You`re a player (but i am no beginner)
Mar 21, 2014

Of course you remember,
Do you also recall how you boasted?
Perhaps you bragged too much, right?
And maybe you had too early toasted
Mar 22, 2014
To your own victory,
Over the threat which i supposedly pose,
We often need to convince ourselves,
That we are protected from our foes
Mar 24, 2014

But i am not your foe,
Or if i were, i came here to make a truce,
And not, despite your obvious fears,
To tighten the hangman`s noose
Mar 25, 2014
Foes or not, here we are,
in this meeting which you initiated,
Now i`m reminded of our conversation,
And the threat you had insinuated
Mar 26, 2014

Not so many days ago,
When you called me on the telephone,
(My God, it seems now like years ago!)
Your voice had a sinister undertone
Mar 27, 2014
When you told me you had news,
And tempted me to come to this rendezvous,
And i admit i kinda forgot it,
So much has happened hitherto
Mar 29, 2014

And now i wake up,
After this strange long dream, or rather day mare,
And i understand i somehow fell,
into an elaborate, daedal snare
Mar 29, 2014
in the sense that,
i find myself now obliged to face new data,
i agreed to join you while you eat,
And thus i must handle your dejecta
Mar 29, 2014

Father, in all fairness,
You ate, too. Half a slice of lemon pie,
Here, i`ll finish it for you,
it is a shame to waste the food we buy
Mar 29, 2014
i agree this new data,
May indeed prove somewhat disagreeable,
Nevertheless you can not claim,
That this displeasure was unforeseeable
Mar 30, 2014

During 5 whole verses,
You boasted and bragged,
Numbered as follows: #393 #394 #397 #398 #400,
You should`ve had your own mouth gagged
Mar 30, 2014
You said you were immune,
Against anything i may announce,
i guess that made you feel secure,
Allowing you to let the ball just bounce
Mar 31, 2014

Around, while we argued here tonight,
You probably felt confident,
So you just let yourself go,
Thereupon your failure became imminent
Apr 1, 2014
Are you even aware that you fired,
Your entire stock of ammunition?
You haven`t got a single bullet left,
According to my suspicion
Apr 2, 2014

This is why you`re so afraid,
But i urge you to relax.
i`m your friend, i come in peace,
May all the walls between us finally collapse
Apr 5, 2014
Quit your blubbering, boy,
And put an end to this torture,
You knew that giving me the news earlier,
Would`ve made our meeting shorter
Apr 5, 2014

But you enjoyed prolonging it,
Suspending me in torment,
i have had enough of the strife,
And the trouble which you so like to foment
Apr 5, 2014
it was the longest day in my life,
Years must`ve passed since it started,
if not for those news,
i would by now have long ago departed
Apr 6, 2014

Please deliver them at last,
So i can go home and repose,
This small, last punch cannot kill me,
Having taken today so many huge blows
Apr 7, 2014
Your mom is dead, dad.
Departed, deceased, expired, demised, defunct,
Gone is a woman whose existence,
To yours was related or adjunct
Apr 8, 2014

How you gape at me, man,
Almost as if her death is my own fault,
By God, you look like an old tree,
That just got hit by a thunderbolt
Apr 9, 2014
it happened a couple of days ago,
Remember the freezer
You bought her for preserving fruits?
it`s small but i managed to squeeze her
Apr 11, 2014

i wanted us to talk first,
A chance to have things settled,
You and me had an unfinished business,
With which by dying she had meddled
Apr 12, 2014
i like your silence,
it speaks of true emotion and of earnest grief,
Persuading me i can cleanse my own soul,
And turn over a new leaf
Apr 13, 2014

What bothers me the most,
though,is that your eyes spell incredulity,
Your disbelief hurts me so,
i could not imagine greater cruelty
Apr 14, 2014
You`ve always bitterly and furiously
Accused me of mendacity,
Now that i`ve decided to mend my ways,
You refuse to accept my veracity
Apr 15, 2014

But she`s dead, man,
Stone dead, and yet not stone cold i`ll warrant,
-15 Celsius is colder than any stone.
Do you think me abhorrent?
Apr 16, 2014
Where are you going, man?
Why have you left your seat?
Do you need anything?
Let me serve you,i`ll do anything you need or see fit
Apr 17, 2014

Stop turning around so aimlessly,
Careful with your arm, my champagne...
Glass! Smash! Down it goes,
You`re a dog that broke his chain
Apr 20, 2014
Are you looking for the door?
Sit! if you walk now you may rest assured,
You will miss my confession,
Pity, after all you had endured
Apr 20, 2014

Focus, man, look into my eyes,
Yes! i understand your mistrust,
You`d like to verify the bad news,
But i have a proof, firm and robust
Apr 20, 2014
Don`t go now! Stay!
Allow me to substantiate
My disturbing claims, which you may get a chance,
To negate or (god forbid) corroborate
Apr 21, 2014

You probably believe
She is still alive in your heart of hearts,
i suppose you think it ain`t over,
Till the fat lady sings and farts
Apr 22, 2014
But listen to my story,
You`ll learn that i possess an object,
That must convince you that,
Disproving my news is an unlikely prospect
Apr 23, 2014

Now i have your attention,
Poor man, are your hopes now crushed?
You probably detest its sound,
And yet, my voice would not be hushed
Apr 26, 2014
Come back, take your sit,
Well done. Now, listen as i relate
Events, with a newly acquired honesty,
From which i shan`t again deviate
Apr 29, 2014

jermaiu, i won`t be sitting here long,
Unless you fulfill your pledge,
Show me that object that may prove
Her death, which you allege
Apr 29, 2014
Produce it right away,
Or i shall go and seek truth elsewhere,
For my patience has worn thin,
And is now torn to shreds and threadbare
Apr 29, 2014

Revered father, hear me out,
To show you that object, sacred and hallowed,
i cannot! Only by a hint,
May its existence be foreshadowed
Apr 29, 2014
Then i must walk away, my son,
i regret God had not rendered me infertile,
For by reproducing i produced,
My greatest and worst hurdle
Apr 29, 2014

Stay! And trust me when i say,
That this object must remain enshrouded,
Especially in a public place like this,
That is so overcrowded
Apr 30, 2014
in good time, if you insist,
i`ll pull it out and lay it forth,
But now it is set on my compass needle`s tip,
To help me find my north
May 1, 2014

Name that object, then, jermiau,
Which you supposedly have now in your possession,
So as to prove your goodwill,
By way of concession
May 2, 2014
And that you claim would convince me,
Of my mother`s, your grandmother`s, demise,
That`s my basic requirement,
i will leave, otherwise
May 3, 2014

Don`t try to twist my arm, pa,
it`s because i empathize with you that i concede,
i have her ring. Are you satisfied now?
Let`s proceed
May 4, 2014
Her ring? Which one? THE ring?
No! i cannot believe it, i refuse,
She never parted from it,
it would`ve been easier to remove tattoos
May 14, 2014

Liar! This ring`s been
in our family for more than 5 generations,
i never got to touch it even once,
Now it`s yours? Congratulations!
May 15, 2014
When i married your mother,
i hoped that following our family tradition,
it would be our wedding ring,
Hardly an illegitimate ambition
May 16, 2014

But my mother,
For some inexplicable reason,
Broke the ancient familial habit,
i`m sure her own mother would`ve regarded it as treason
May 16, 2014
She refused to pass it on to me,
And now you got it, bastard,
How did that happen?
Out with it.i won`t allow you to have it plastered
May 18, 2014

You`re barging into an open door,
Father, i have nothing to conceal,
On the contrary, i am quite prepared
To share with you my ordeal
May 20, 2014
Those missing ten verses,
That i solemnly vowed to divulge,
Will satisfy your curiosity,
Which by now i`m more than willing to indulge
May 24, 2014

This our story, i assure thee,
To its end is coming nigh,
Show but some patience and very soon
You`ll take your leave and say goodbye
May 24, 2014
You know what, jermiau?
All your missing verses bullshit,
Finally you have my attention,
Let`s hear your speech, step up to the pulpit
May 26, 2014

You`ve been harping on this subject,
Continuously, endlessly, mindlessly,
i could never understand,
How you could go on so tirelessly
May 30, 2014
My sins in having fathered you,
Truly are grave and numerous,
i know i`m guilty for nurturing,
A social disease, cancerous, tumorous
Jun 25, 2014

But i am finally ready,
To atone for them and be exonerated,
To wipe off those moral stains,
With which my soul`s fabric is saturated
Jun 25, 2014
i forgive you and your mother,
For having cheated on me so cruelly,
i denounce all vengeance,
And leave it to God to punish you duly
Jun 25, 2014

Never ever shall i forget,
That one time on our visit to the zoo,
i surprised you two while you were playing,
Mother and baby Kangaroo
Jun 25, 2014
You were feeling her lower parts,
Looking for a way into her pouch,
And attempted to deny that truth,
Which your erection had avouched
Jun 25, 2014

You were only five years old,
And already corrupt, lewd and flirty,
You made me lose faith in childhood,
innocence itself seemed dirty
Jun 26, 2014
"Mommy, i want some ice cream",
You said and she consented,
But then you headed in the wrong direction,
i assumed you were disoriented
Jun 26, 2014

So i went after you mumbling:
Let me show you where`s the ice cream booth,
But you moved too fast,
Anxious to get your snack ,forsooth
Jun 26, 2014
And as i passed the corner,
i saw you right behind the monkeys` cage,
A sight so horrid,
No psychotherapy treatment could ever assuage
Jun 26, 2014

i stood there amidst the animals,
Like Adam who first saw the snake with Eve,
The child who i believed,
Was harmless, callow and naive
Jun 26, 2014
i looked all around me,
into the cages at all these creatures,
A solemn crowd, the witnesses of crime,
An untamable jury of impeachers
Jun 26, 2014

And i swear to you,
By everything in life that i hold dear,
That i uphold the truth in telling this,
And from its course i do not stir
Jun 26, 2014
All the apes and monkeys,
Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Macaques, Baboons,
Critters that typically comport themselves,
Like absolute buffoons
Jun 26, 2014

Suddenly showed themselves,
To be serious, sober, grave and moral,
Quitting all activity,
Whether it was to eat, jump, play or quarrel
Jun 26, 2014
And all as one,
As if choreographed, like in a strange dance,
Made a similar gesture,
Obeying an instinct or an inner voice, perchance
Jun 27, 2014

They buried their faces in their hands,
As if moved by shame and reproach,
i witnessed their hidden morality,
Awaken, arise and broach
Jun 27, 2014
Then they started moaning together,
i am quite sure they were sobbing,
Though humans be heartless,
Animals` hearts are still throbbing
Jun 28, 2014

And their dismal voice served as a cue,
For the whole zoo to awaken,
And defend my belief in love,
That this event has severely shaken
Jun 28, 2014
This whole caged jungle came together,
Each animal contributing its share,
A joint demonstration of disapproval,
A refusal to forebear
Jun 28, 2014

My eyes wandered from cage to cage,
Overwhelmed by the animal`s furore,
Almost deafened by their
Gradually mounting protestive uproar
Jun 29, 2014
The lions covered their eyes,
By lifting one of their giant paws,
i could notice how ireful they were,
By the twitching of their claws
Jun 29, 2014

The rhinos turned around,
Presenting their behinds,
And so did the peacocks, squirrels and foxes,
Which used their own tails as blinds
Jun 29, 2014
Even the crocodiles,
Which are essentially cold blooded monsters,
Lacking any feelings regrets or scruples,
Nature`s vilest gangsters
Jun 29, 2014

Reptiles whose attitude,
is never considerate, nice or fond,
Dove with disgust, into the murky water,
Of their dirty and stinking pond
Jul 1, 2014
Even they could not cope,
With your debauchery and sexual depravity,
in short, the zoo bared its teeth,
Tormented by that moral cavity
Jul 1, 2014

That day was so embarrassing,
i never visited a zoo, thereafter,
Shunning the monkey`s chatter,
The snake`s hiss, the hyena
Jul 2, 2014
On that day i swore never to consume,
Meat, milk, eggs or wear leather,
Nor use products originating,
in skin, fur, scales or feather
Jul 2, 2014

i could not bear the thought,
Of having again to come in contact,
Either from the inside or the outside,
With any animal based product
Jul 2, 2014
And not because their anguish,
Provokes within me empathy,
They may choke for all i care,
i feel towards them nothing more than apathy
Jul 2, 2014

it`s purely and solely because
i cannot take their disdain and ridicule,
i`m doomed to relive my shame,
in each animal based molecule
Jul 2, 2014
But i`m ready now to forgive,
To stop chasing water under the bridge,
To stop resenting animals,
To stop excluding meat from my fridge
Jul 3, 2014

Waiter, i`d like a glass of milk,
And a plate of eggs with bacon,
Time to battle my animal demons,
No greater task could be undertaken
Jul 4, 2014
i cannot take this shame anymore,
When i miss chicken, when i see a dog,
When i watch a wildlife movie,
When two birds have a dialogue
Jul 4, 2014

Oh, this is so tasty,
Oh, the milk in my mouth so fresh!
i feared i`d grow a cuckold`s cattle horns,
if i drink it or eat cow`s flesh
Jul 4, 2014
But those voices,
That used to accompany the consumption,
Of animal based foods and beverages,
Are mute now and create no interruption
Jul 4, 2014

My soul as well as my stomach,
Are at peace with the animal kingdom,
A new era in my life begins,
Marked by self-confidence and wisdom
Jul 7, 2014
i`m ready to forgive and forget,
To let bygones be bygones,
i will never eavesdrop on you again,
Or set up in your bedroom microphones
Jul 8, 2014

The hidden microphones i put,
Never did me any good anyhow,
Besides, the quicksand of treachery,
Were not meant to go under the plough
Jul 10, 2014
The stuff i discovered by listening,
Was mine to know, by any moral standard,
But it will probably send me,
Too early to the graveyard
Jul 10, 2014

it took me too many years,
To figure out this truth, so basic:
Values such as love, loyalty, honesty,
Are dated, obsolete and archaic
Jul 10, 2014
Blessed is that man,
Who with the truth has no rapport,
Oh, cursed fruit of the tree of knowledge,
A sin so ancient, timeworn and hoar
Jul 10, 2014

A perfect example,
is the `jammed tit` issueincident,
That problem that your mom had,
With the tit that was idle, or lazy or indolent
Jul 10, 2014
Can you remember it?
Her nipple got somehow blocked,
She couldn`t breastfeed through it anymore,
When i heard it i was really shocked
Jul 10, 2014

Are you kidding me, dad?
Do i remember it? i wish i could erase,
That traumatic affair from my memory,
That abomination, that disgrace
Jul 10, 2014
And what do you exactly mean,
By that `somehow` that you (innocently),
incorporated in your description,
So audaciously and insolently
Jul 10, 2014

We both know quite well,
Why her tit got clogged,
Are you pretending? You haven`t been drinking,
So i know for sure you are not bogged
Jul 11, 2014
Your paranoia and envy,
Made you bug her bra,
As if she was the single tenant of some harem,
The slave girl of the mighty Persian Shah
Jul 12, 2014

Paranoia? envy?
Slave girl? Persian Shah`s harem?
jermiau, you are full of lies, distortions, falsifications,
How can you bear `Em?
Jul 12, 2014
Can the most loyal of husbands,
Be considered a chauvinistic dictator,
When he`s cheated by a wife,
Who`s a serial sexual perpetrator?
Jul 12, 2014

i admit using hidden mics,
Was a red line that i crossed,
But my existence was in turmoil,
A marital cyclone had me hurtled and tossed
Jul 12, 2014
i never messed around with other women,
Nor looked on them, let alone flirted,
To me fidelity was an absolute law,
Never to be skirted
Jul 12, 2014

OK, OK father, that speech of yours,
Fit for the holy virgin,
Serves you as pretext for self-pity,
Allowing your complaints to burgeon
Jul 12, 2014
The mic you stuck in her bra,
Had her nipple electrified,
Building up heat in the tit tip,
Until her breast milk boiled and solidified
Jul 14, 2014

A microphone in a bra,
Had the nipple plugged?!
When you two first made that argument,
i was shocked. i simply stuttered and shrugged
Jul 14, 2014
How can it even be?
How can a breast by a microphone be choked?
Unless reason itself departed,
And common sense got sick and croaked
Jul 14, 2014

Oh, i`ll tell you how,
it scorched the tips of the mammary ducts,
We all know what happens when milk is burned,
You know how it reacts
Jul 14, 2014
it becomes brown and smelly,
And sticky and hard and dense,
And from its grip both body and soul,
Are undoubtedly very hard to cleanse
Jul 14, 2014

i know it first hand,
Because i too, got mightily addicted,
A dependence on mother milk,
With which i`ve been for many years afflicted
Jul 14, 2014
Mother used to breastfeed me,
With that heavenly white nectar,
Thick, fresh, warm frothy and creamy,
Straight from her divine injector
Jul 15, 2014

i continued sucking her tit,
Until i was quite old. i got hooked,
That stuff was simply so strong,
Soon my brain was completely cooked
Jul 15, 2014
Cut your crap, jermiau,
i know what is behind that story of breastfeeding,
You dig holes in the ground of reality,
Then you go seeding
Jul 15, 2014

You aim to grow a tree of lies,
Yet its leaves must be white,
Being watered with milk,
it will become sour and be infected with blight
Jul 15, 2014
A liars` tree needs no sun,
Because it lacks green chlorophyll.
in full blown summer it must die,
Showing the symptoms of a winterkill
Jul 15, 2014

it`s a made up story,
All this breastfeeding taradiddle,
Oh, i`m bet her nipples were sucked,
But the only liquid involved was spittle
Jul 16, 2014
You were making out,
And i happened to catch you on audiotape,
But surprised as you were,
Your mouth can never stay for too long agape
Jul 16, 2014

it must be always active,
Busy doing something harmful,
And however you choose to employ it,
i can count on you it would be a mouthful
Jul 16, 2014
it will be either sucking tits,
That belong to married women,
Women that carried you in their womb,
impregnated by your father`s semen
Jul 17, 2014

Or it would be telling lies,
invented on the spur of a moment,
Pulled out of a hat, perfectly devised
To baffle and beat the opponent
Jul 18, 2014
No, dad, you heard sucking sounds
On tape and had them misinterpreted,
i`m a sexual villain to you,
A flattering honor, but unmerited
Jul 19, 2014

i already told you a hundred times,
That all the sighs and groans,
You heard on your tape recorder,
Whether in shouts or in undertones
Jul 20, 2014
Were not moans of pleasure,
But wails of pain and anguish,
You keep getting it all wrong,
]Though i could hardly use a plainer language
Jul 21, 2014

Who plants a microphone in a bra?
Have you run out of better places?
Was the house not big enough?
The bedroom not enough spacious?
Jul 22, 2014
i had to put it there,
You kept choosing the most absurd locations,
The zoo was the least strange choice,
There were worse aberrations
Jul 23, 2014

But son, i`m past all that,
And ready to move on to greener pastures,
Let`s forget the past,
And the multitude of our mutual disasters
Jul 24, 2014
it`s time to conclude
This prolonged dinner-event-affair,
Therefore let`s join hands in friendship,
And together say an honest prayer
Jul 25, 2014

i bless you son and hope,
That granted will be your heart`s wishes,
May the upcoming years of your life,
Prove fruitful and propitious
Jul 26, 2014
Amen, father.
And now, finally, allow me to recount,
What happened in those missing 10 verses,
Transparency has become truly paramount
Jul 27, 2014

That is after all the reason,
Why i asked to meet you here tonight,
That is why i wanted us,
(Be it for the shortest while) to reunite
Jul 28, 2014
You said my existence is cancer,
But i intend to remove the excrescence,
i`m the cure not the disease,
i`ll prove i am good in essence
Jul 30, 2014

Grandma and i were very close,
Our relationship made you jealous,
You used to complain that as a mother,
She was detached and careless
Jul 31, 2014
Even when i was a child,
You never let her press me to her bosom,
"Keep your hands to yourself" you shouted,
"Or else you`ll lose`EM!"
Aug 1, 2014

"He is touching your boobs, mother"
You shouted and added: "You little pervert!"
She ignored you.
"Disgusting" you bitterly murmured
Aug 2, 2014
That is why it`s gonna be so hard
For you to deal with what i must unburden,
i`ll order you something strong,
Absinth, Vodka, Bourbon
Aug 3, 2014

No, don`t order anything for me,
Nothing short of spirit that was rectified,
Could do the job anyway,
i can tell i`ll end up mortified
Aug 4, 2014
Trust me, i understand your fears,
i`ll help you contain your misery,
i walked the path of pain myself,
i empathize with your injury
Aug 5, 2014

Well do i understand,
The formidable, overwhelming passion,
Between mother and son,
Such a love is not a thing one could easily ration
Aug 6, 2014
it`s with great regret,
Such as i may only attempt to express,
That i regard my role in your tragedy,
My contribution to your distress
Aug 7, 2014

Grandma did indeed love me more,
Why? i honestly have no clue,
She had a remarkable affection for me,
A weird, powerful emotional glue
Aug 8, 2014
in those missing 10 verses,
Stuff happened of which i`m not proud,
And that may account for my having it wrapped
With a mental shroud
Aug 9, 2014

When i look back at that episode,
i`m often filled with qualms,
Emotional storms are sometimes followed,
By remorseful, penitent calms
Aug 11, 2014
Maybe i should`ve strived
To appear less attractive,
Perhaps i could`ve bedimmed certain qualities,
To which nobody remains impassive
Aug 11, 2014

Wait, which qualities?
i wish you would be more specific,
As far as qualities are concerned,
i never considered you to be so prolific
Aug 12, 2014
i mean, you do have this single quality,
Which is rather more like quantity,
And that you shamelessly flaunt,
To boost your own vanity
Aug 13, 2014

You know which one i refer to,
Don`t you? i mean, who doesn`t?
i wish i would have been spared
The exposure to it. Obviously i wasn`t
Aug 28, 2014
Yes, pa, whether it does
Or does not meet your approval,
it is a quality that extends long and far,
Beyond your hopes for its removal
Aug 28, 2014

Grandma had many reasons to like me,
But that quality had her admiration provoked,
Modest though i be,
Such a virtue cannot be cloaked
Aug 28, 2014
And the event,
Which those ten verses neglected to chronicle,
Revolved around this quality of mine,
One that is essentially anatomical
Aug 28, 2014

Women have ever been curious,
About my singular, unrivaled physical trait,
Much like fish, fascinated by a worm,
That serves as a bait
Aug 28, 2014
Grandma, bless her soul,
To this rule was no exception,
She told me she regarded it as much more,
Than a means to birth and conception
Aug 28, 2014

When i was a child,
And my private extension was still in development,
She seemed to prefer,
it would remain in a state of envelopment
Aug 28, 2014
Yet, as time passed by,
And i have (most naturally) matured,
She became more interested,
in my magic by which she was perhaps allured
Aug 28, 2014

And this last time that we met,
i found her to be truly voracious,
Showing a titanic appetite for information,
No matter how audacious
Aug 28, 2014
She asked all sorts of questions,
Mainly about measures and metrics,
She treated it with a respect,
Befitting no less than holy relics
Aug 28, 2014

jermiau, i warn you,
You`re starting to make me angry,
Be advised, don`t cross the red line,
Keeping personal boundaries is elementary
Aug 28, 2014
Hitherto we managed,
To somewhat restrain our wrangle,
We should take care lest it spills over,
Beyond the amplitude of a silly jangle
Aug 28, 2014

A word of advice:
Let`s keep the subject of parents,
Far away from our dispute,
And carry ourselves with dignity as their descendants
Aug 28, 2014
You don`t mention my mother,
in wild connotations, neither hinted nor explicit,
And i won`t deride yours,
Or you, her sexual complicit
Aug 28, 2014

Do you see now father,
Why i have always been so apprehensive,
That the naked content of those 10 verses,
Would seem to you offensive?
Aug 29, 2014
You are not ready to deal,
With the particulars of the circumstances
Of the past, so full of pain,
Which your curiosity only enhances
Aug 29, 2014

Let`s forget about the whole thing,
The past should remain buried,
i have no intention of digging it up,
Only to make you more harried
Aug 30, 2014
No! No point in backing away now,
What we once began should be now concluded,
i am decided to walk this path,
No matter how convoluted
Aug 31, 2014

i`ll swallow my pride,
And hear you out even if my ears must rot,
Deferring any remonstrances,
To be expressed only as an afterthought
Sep 1, 2014
Thank you, dad,
For being so considerate,
i promise to be as gentle as i can,
And if i do insult you, please know it is not deliberate
Sep 2, 2014

And so as i was saying,
Before you kindly interrupted,
Grandmother found great interest,
i will be bold enough to say she even exulted
Sep 3, 2014
in my natural gift,
That extends beyond imagination and reach,
it is not easy for me to tell about it, `but,Once more unto the breach!
Sep 4, 2014

She loved me, she did,
Her attitude towards me was awesome,
She was an avid horticulturist,`Who regarded my penis as a sort of blossom
Sep 6, 2014
Really? i find it hard to believe,
She was so enthusiastic.
Did she like your attribution,
Of its size to qualities that are dynastic?
Sep 6, 2014

i think she did,
i do believe she was convinced
That i`m a true descendant of Freyr,
if to judge by the positive feelings she evinced
Sep 7, 2014
She was glad to learn,
That she herself comes from a lineage so splendid,
in which such a prominent trait,
is ameliorated and extended
Sep 8, 2014

Why, she did?
And didn`t she find it a tad kooky,
That this lineage which somehow skipped me over,
is so damnably unstable and fluky?
Sep 10, 2014
Well, as a matter of fact,
As far as i recall, she was perhaps saddened,
To realize how cruel nature is,
Leaving you behind, abandoned
Sep 13, 2014

She even suggested,
That the reason you`re so physically crippled,
And that your little stick was so extensively,
Chopped and whittled
Sep 13, 2014
is that biologically speaking,
You`re probably not a part of our dynasty,
Upon which you insist to look down,
As a perversive travesty
Sep 13, 2014

What? Did she suggest
That it was not by her that i was conceived?
Oh, this life of mine would have me Beguiled,
duped and deceived
Sep 13, 2014
Maybe reproduction,
is not such a bright idea as everybody deems,
The world is probably quite full,
And starting to burst at the seams
Sep 14, 2014

How otherwise would you account,
For my current predicament,
in which the spreading of my seed,
To my own extinction is a precipitant?
Sep 15, 2014
When your offspring,
Disinherits you from lineage and kindred,
One is less impressed by the luster
Of family emblems cunningly gilded
Sep 16, 2014

But come now,
it`s but one little mother added to my many losses,
What`s one more for me to bear,
When added to my many other crosses?
Sep 17, 2014
i`m a bit hurt,
if to be plumb honest,
But no one can take insults from family members,
Better than i, be them the closest and fondest
Sep 18, 2014

i guessed some bitter end,
Was awaiting me in your final spiel,
A truth too hard to digest,
Underneath those dirt layers it would peel
Sep 19, 2014
And i was ready for worse,
Though what it could`ve been, i do acknowledge,
is well beyond me.
Horrible things might`ve lied in storage
Sep 20, 2014

i`m glad you got that off your chest,
And listened to your scruples.
High values are like dreams,
They tend to burst like soap bubbles
Sep 21, 2014
Nothing`s off my chest, yet,
The worst is still to come anon,
Unfortunately, those 10 verses,
A greater challenge were doomed to spawn
Sep 22, 2014

She was quite curious to know,
if there was any influence by its extent,
Over the erection`s duration,
And the amount of sperm it sent
Sep 24, 2014
And questioned me
Like a professional investigator,
Whether the dimensions of my barrel,
Served as a decelerator or as an accelerator
Sep 24, 2014

To the duration of the intercourse.
She yearned to learn how the sexual act,
Was influenced by the width and length,
Of the sperm duct
Sep 25, 2014
i do admit that her questions,
Left me quite puzzled.
The issues she brought up were so intriguing,
Even a great mind would be humbled
Sep 30, 2014

An old woman may compensate,
For her hanging, shriveled duds,
With an appetite much heartier,
Than that of any of those young rosebuds
Sep 30, 2014
At one point she measured
The diameter and length of my tube,
Calculating how long it would take it,
To pour out 1 liquid metric cube
Oct 2, 2014

Then she pointed out,
That given the pipe`s dimension,
The massive flow might have a very interesting effect,
On sperm surface tension
Oct 2, 2014
And wondered
How would the huge volume of my conduit,
Affect the flow of semen,
And admitted it`s an outcome she was unable to intuit
Oct 3, 2014

i right away declared that
i`m sure it must create a far more powerful gush,
But she smiled softly,
And advised me not to be so rush
Oct 3, 2014
You see, she said,
Even when semen is abundant,
As naturally in your case must be the situation,
Wastage is a very plausible resultant
Oct 4, 2014

i for one, rest assured,
Am not afraid of wastage,
i have such an overflowing wealth,
i can allow myself to spill some into the sewage
Oct 4, 2014
Though i do admit,
i never bothered to measure the volume of my produce,
it`s evidently massive,
judging by the wealth of dry residues
Oct 5, 2014

Well, jermiau,
She fixedly stared at me and retorted,
it is not the spillage i care about,
Her eyes commanded while her voice exhorted
Oct 5, 2014
it`s rather the duration,
On which my curiosity is currently focused,
A subject that in this poem,
May not enjoy your `imprimi potest`
Oct 7, 2014

Nah, don`t worry,
i assure you it`s totally `nihil obstat`,
Do not be afraid to vent your misgivings,
Go ahead, show me what you got!
Oct 7, 2014
Thanks, jermiau,
it`s just that duration is really critical.
The volume of your penis,
if we calculate it as being roughly cylindrical
Oct 8, 2014

is very large.
You may remember i was a geometry teacher.
Your pipe`s volume may well be an unexposed culprit,
Let me be its impeacher
Oct 9, 2014
Even if we assume that you are truly able
To produce a significant amount of liquid,
One has to be a veritable
Bonehead or dickweed
Oct 10, 2014

Not to realize
That once it`s shot through a preposterously wide hose,
it may be ejected faster than a sneeze,
From an elephant`s nose
Oct 11, 2014
Needless to say,
That such a hasty ejaculation,
Might colossally damage your sexual habits,
And limit their scope to mere masturbation
Oct 12, 2014

No matter how big your schlong is,
if you can`t hold your liquor,
Chances are you would be equally unable
To get ahold of her knicker
Oct 13, 2014
What is the use of a big gun,
if it shoots before you can aim?
A splash of semen too quickly squirted,
is likely to put out any flame
Oct 14, 2014

This hurt me deeply,
i`m not afraid to admit it in front of my lectors,
A man`s right to dignity,
Would hardly encounter any objectors
Oct 15, 2014
When one`s own grandmother,
Casts doubt on one`s sexual performance,
it`s upsetting unless of course
it`s rather a gesture of romance
Oct 16, 2014

i swear to you dad,
That a thought so corrupted and impure,
Concerning your mother and her
Embarrassing awareness of my sexual allure
Oct 17, 2014
Never crossed my mind before.
i recall distinctly, furthermore,
i said to myself:
Man, that`s definitely NOT an opportunity to score
Oct 18, 2014

She is your father`s mother,
Are you incapable of showing respect?
Do you want to be left all alone,
isolated, castaway, shipwrecked?
Oct 19, 2014
So i held myself back,
Despite her being such a perfect tease,
Limiting myself to carefully responding,
That slowness was my expertise
Oct 20, 2014

But seriously now, she insisted,
How DO you keep your flow volume in control?
When your little friend,
is obviously such a big troll?
Oct 21, 2014
Lady, the whole trick
is in the aperture of the nozzle,
Ask any girl, any woman,
in any city, town,institution, sorority and brothel
Oct 22, 2014

They`ll tell you right away
Mine is pretty tight.
i strive for physical prowess,
But no less for mental sharpness and motoric sleight
Oct 23, 2014
Yeah, yeah, i know,
i should`ve expected this yada yada yada,
What counts isn`t the size of your penis,
But the size of your stigmata
Oct 24, 2014

This sixth holy hole,
Which is for all jews, including Christ,
Their first torment in life,
The first little piece of flash sacrificed
Oct 26, 2014
A perforation made not by,
But rather upon the end of a jew`s nail,
it is the most sensitive organ,
i cannot imagine a greater travail
Oct 26, 2014

it`s the first sacrifice,
Very painful and hard to offer,
jews should have their severed foreskin
Preserved and treasured in a coffer
Oct 28, 2014
The length of your pipe, jermiau,
May be the result of a divine decree,
But the shape of the little hole,
Which is on top of your tree
Oct 28, 2014

Was formed by an insignificant man,
A mere circumciser, a simple Mohel,
Who butchered it crudely,
While eyeing it with an envious ogle
Oct 29, 2014
And this cut made
By a hand so uninstructed and inept,
Cannot but seriously affect,
The ability to control, to regulate, to intercept
Oct 30, 2014

The immense flow
That passes through your urological valve,
Proving undoubtedly to be a handicap,
For which there is no natural salve
Oct 31, 2014
Let me ask you, jermiau,
A question about your meatus,
That hole at the end of your hose,
That was huge even when you were but a fetus
Nov 1, 2014

it`s a delicate question,
The kind which is usually directed at females,
When trying to examine
The bottom entrance to their entrails
Nov 2, 2014
What`s the diameter of your hole?
is it tight and snug?
Never downplay its importance,
it`s the mouth of your slithering, slimy slug
Nov 3, 2014

Your semen will spray out of it,
into a mist cloud, if it`s too narrow,
if too wide, it may spill out at once,
And form a bulky farrow
Nov 4, 2014
When, like in your case,
Are involved liquids of monstrous volume,
That are mobilized in a barrel,
indubitably and indisputably magnum
Nov 5, 2014

You need to have at your command,
A powerful, flexible, snappy spout,
Please, let me lend you a hand,
i`ll save you from a sexual rout
Nov 6, 2014
What...what do you have in mind?
i blinked and stammered,
it is a Gargantuan piece of meat,
To modify it you`d have to have it hammered
Nov 8, 2014

My sex life is obviously a bomb,
Stating and restating it is redundant,
But tell me what is on your mind,
i hope it is not too pungent
Nov 9, 2014
it may be a little painful at first,
Please show me your equipment,
i`ve seen a few before, you know,
Don`t worry, i`m quite resilient
Nov 10, 2014

i don`t know about that, grandma,
i kind of feel it is inappropriate,
i am not sure it`s a very healthy way
For us, two, to associate
Nov 11, 2014
i mean, i already have to deal
With your son`s accusations of incest,
i`d really hate to be blamed
For yet another familial conquest
Nov 12, 2014

For shame, jermiau,
Am i not your grandmother?
Dirty libertine! A head which entertains such thoughts,
is fit only for the Guillotine
Nov 13, 2014
Oh! Oh! Wait there, woman,
Don`t go a sailing in your boat of fancy,
into a realm of dreams,
i`m not your Sid and you`re not my Nancy
Nov 14, 2014

Did i ever hint towards such ideas
Even by the slightest innuendo?
By jove, when i think of it,
My conductor`s baton goes diminuendo
Nov 16, 2014
Look at my stick,
Longer and stronger than a walking cane,
Lean on it, old woman,
A weight of four like you it will be able to sustain
Nov 17, 2014

it is stout, jermiau.
Now that i see it at last, i can finally affirm,
And at the same time so supple,
So able to wiggle and to squirm
Nov 17, 2014
And it`s thick, too,
Like a young tree trunk,
i admit i was certain you were exaggerating,
But here`s a myth i won`t be able to debunk
Nov 18, 2014

And yet even as i examine it,
i find an Achilles` heel,
A physical defect that so impairs its perfection,
it must mar its owner`s weal
Nov 19, 2014
Let me guess what it is,
i bet it has to do with my sluice!
You seem to be obsessed with the beak
At the end of my long necked goose
Nov 20, 2014

is it too large for you?
Do remember that this nostril
is at the end of an elephant`s trunk,
Not on the edge of the nose of a Gerbil
Nov 23, 2014
it is too large, jermiau,
But as usual, please do take it as a compliment,
Besides, an excellent sharpshooter,
Must invest in armament
Nov 23, 2014

Trust me, partner,
i`ve got just the right part for your firearm,
it is all about precision,
Otherwise you may end up with a pipe bomb
Nov 23, 2014
You have to cork your tube,
But not too tightly otherwise it might explode,
it all depends on key variables,
Such as pressure and load
Nov 26, 2014

You should understand
That the solution has to be prosthetic,
And to this let me add,
That such a device had better be hypoallergenic
Nov 26, 2014
The skin in this area
is usually extremely sensitive,
So it has to be skin friendly,
Not to mention that it should also be decorative
Nov 26, 2014

it`s a royal penis, for God`s sake,
Nothing like sticking on it a piece of plastic,
For ending up without girls,
Dejected and monastic
Nov 27, 2014
Whatever you put on it,
Should look like a million bucks,
With the exception of female mouths,
Make sure nothing that touches it sucks
Nov 29, 2014

And so, i`m glad to tell you,
i have for you the perfectest oblation,
And all i want in return,
is the most insignificant remuneration
Nov 29, 2014
it`s been passed down to me,
Through many generations as a heirloom.
it faithfully represents
Our family`s undervalued social stratum
Nov 30, 2014

i never did understand
Why people put the symbol of love on a finger,
Love is much better represented
By putting it on one`s stinger
Dec 1, 2014
Nothing is more fitting,
For our family`s ring of betrothal,
Than to serve its most illustrious and worthy member,
As a penis throttle
Dec 3, 2014

Thus, i am proud to offer this gift,
To you, my grandson - jermiau the enormous,
Eternally bequeathed,
To adorn your legendary corpus
Dec 3, 2014
Then she presented me
With a gold ring set with a big pink diamond,
And said that as long as i wear it,
My dick will never be wizened
Dec 4, 2014

Wait, jermiau, my pulse is rising,
i am having a fit of asthma,
That`s how my Mom gave you MY ring?
Your story is like noxious miasma
Dec 5, 2014
Where is the ring, now?
Show it to me, i want to see this golden hoop,
Otherwise i`ll never believe this story,
i refuse to be a dupe
Dec 6, 2014

if she truly gave it to you,
That magical object, that potent nuptial amulet,
While playing grandson Montague,
And grandmother Capulet
Dec 7, 2014
Then you probably carry it on you,
Like avaricious monsters carry trophies,
Or are you going to hide it,
As you hid those 10 strophes?
Dec 8, 2014

Father, the ring`s on me,
But it`s not out of spite that i`m reluctant
To show to you this object,
So radiant, luminous and effulgent
Dec 9, 2014
Have you not heard a word i said?
Could i have been any blunter?
Don`t you get where it`s at?
And do you not notice a faint luster?
Dec 10, 2014

The ring is down there,
But it`s definitely not inside my pocket,
it is quite close by, though,
Fitted snuggly on the tip of my rocket
Dec 12, 2014
Yes, grandma herself made sure,
That this valuable, precious talisman,
is hanged on someone who`s truly hung,
it decorates my javelin
Dec 12, 2014

Set at the tip, encircling the meatus,
Strengthening and tightening its muscle,
Quite useful when i need it
To push through or nuzzle
Dec 13, 2014
i don`t believe you, jermiau,
i will never believe that you took our family mascot,
And soiled it by wearing it
On your filthy carrot
Dec 14, 2014

i think you just now made,
A very big and fatal misstep,
Because i am forced to oblige you,
Which i will right away too, without prep
Dec 15, 2014
You`ve earned the right
To see my ring, fair and square,
Come, let me pull it out for you,
But be warned it`s gonna be a nasty affair
Dec 16, 2014

Pull it out, then!...
Wait, No! Why are you opening your zipper?
Have you gone completely insane?
What are you now? A male stripper?
Dec 18, 2014
it`s a decent restaurant,
Not some fucked up strip club,
Please don`t put me to shame,
Don`t pull out of your pants your personal nub!
Dec 18, 2014

You challenged me, dad,
Next time don`t put me to the test,
i will be airing out the snake now,
Let it spend some time out of the nest
Dec 20, 2014
But all this food around, jermiau,
Think of all these diners,
They are going to kill us both,
Or at least cover our faces with shiners
Dec 20, 2014

i admit my dick is long enough,
To reach other tables and snoop,
And i guess it`s unlikely
People will appreciate penis in their soup
Dec 21, 2014
But what can i do?
Please tell me what you think in all fairness,
Should i cut off my hairy dick`s head,
As judith did to Holofernes?
Dec 22, 2014

As that is the only way,
i`ll be able to prove that this family jewel,
is currently in my possession.
A good method but slightly cruel
Dec 23, 2014
A ring may remain stuck on a finger,
Even after lubricating it with soap,
i tried applying counterforce,
By clutching the scrotum lobe
Dec 25, 2014

While with the other hand,
i pulled the lubricated ring with a bidirectional twist,
i applied so much force,
i seriously hurt my wrist
Dec 25, 2014
Grandmother screwed it on,
And the job she did was so admirably thorough,
That any attempt to undo it,
Can only lead to a great sorrow
Dec 27, 2014

And so, prepare yourself,
i pull it out now, fresh and warm,
Let all those who dine here know,
My dick is sexy enough to fuck the norm
Dec 27, 2014
You who feed here,
Lift your eyes from your plates and behold:
God`s handiwork, a singular masterpiece,
He made it and broke the mold
Dec 29, 2014

No! Put it in, put it in,
Son, if it touches me i will cover it with vomit.
The ring is at the nucleus,
Spare us the tail of the comet
Dec 29, 2014
No, it must come out now,
My advice to you, father, is to duck,
it`s about to shoot at your direction,
Fast and big as a highway truck
Dec 31, 2014

it just so happens,
That verse #1700 is right on Silvester,
Enjoy the last bite this year, folks,
This rocket goes into your provender
Dec 31, 2014
And then Pop! it went out,
With the sound of a champagne bottle cork,
Flying over the hall,
Red, sharp, long, like the beak of a stork
Jan 1, 2015

And all the people gaped,
They were all astounded by the beauty of sooth,
i let it fly around their heads,
Without compassion or ruth
Jan 3, 2015
Some women lost their breath,
Others stared at it with widened nostrils,
it snaked longer and stronger,
Than tails of dinosaur fossils
Jan 4, 2015

And the men turned away,
Either in hushed anger or in revolt,
Their pride was electrified by my bolt,
By my lightning - a billion volt
Jan 4, 2015
And at its end,
As if peeping from a periscope of a submarine,
A gold hoop, round like an eye
Of a sailor, sex starved, lewd, obscene
Jan 5, 2015

He sat there panting and sweating,
i poked right in his eye my giant thingy,
Take this ring towards which
You are so evidently clingy
Jan 6, 2015
The dick entirely blocked his view,
it was so funny, he was about to have a stroke,
i laughed like an hyena,
All HE could do was croak
Jan 7, 2015

To pull the sword from the stone,
Was easier for young king Arthur,
Than for you to take the ring.
You would have to use a meat carver
Jan 8, 2015
And not because it is glued there,
With dry, hard seamen remnants.
i clean it regularly,
With various sorts of soaps and disinfectants
Jan 9, 2015

i deep it in virgin`s milk,
And use all sorts of tasty oils to give it a lube,
it is cleaner to go inside her mouth,
Than her own boob
Jan 11, 2015
i can`t take it off either,
i have to be with it even in my bath,
Each time i tried removing it,
i ended up with a long bleeding swath
Jan 13, 2015

i think what made it so tight,
Was the method she used to squeeze
The ring into place, though i admit,
it was done with relative ease
Jan 13, 2015
But i don`t want to say too much,
Some stuff i`m not keen to uncloak,
in fact i`ve already gone too far,
indeed, i am afraid i mispoke
Jan 13, 2015

Wait, jermiau, do not expect
To be getting so easily off the hook,
You are going to tell me everything,
Rest assured, i am no schnook
Jan 14, 2015
What method did she use?
Come on, cough it out without further ado,
Whatever it is she did,
i am confident it is something i can undo
Jan 15, 2015

i`m unable to tell you how,
At least not precisely, but i surmise
She used wet suction. A great process,
Which i cannot over eulogize
Jan 19, 2015
You know, the principle
is the same as in those little suction cups,
That we stick on glass surfaces,
The kind that later often drops
Jan 19, 2015

Before you stick`em on,
You`ve got to make sure they are wet,
Moisture increases the (slim) odds,
That they`d be actually properly set
Jan 19, 2015
Liquid seals the gap
Between the two surfaces that are adjacent,
Allowing for a better seal,
Of the vacuum that`ll have them fastened
Jan 19, 2015

Father seemed perplexed.
What suction cups? What vacuum?
And he started twitching strangely in his seat,
As if he was lacking legroom
Jan 22, 2015
it`s only an illustration, dad,
Meant to demonstrate the science,
That`s behind her method,
And why should it encounter such defiance?
Jan 23, 2015

it`s not defiance, son,
i have a feeling that something awful
is about to come out of this whole thing,
Something tragically colossal
Jan 24, 2015
And i`m simply asking,
While trying to be docile,
What does it have to do with your penis?
Which right now i wish was more retractile
Jan 25, 2015

Well, dad, i am trying to explain
Why the ring`s grip on my dick is so firm,
it holds so well,
No Matter how it may wriggle or squirm
Jan 25, 2015
it was set by the force of vacuum,
Aided by the application of moisture,
But my attempt to explain failed,
He was losing his composure
Jan 25, 2015

And suddenly it happened,
Without any previous sign or notice,
Like a man who lost control,
Or one that suffers from a grave psychosis
Jan 26, 2015
His eyes flared with an inner fire,
And then, in a second, went blank,
Like the glimmer of gold,
Right before its stolen from the bank
Jan 29, 2015

i never saw him like that before,
He was rapidly going off-balance,
Like a stunted storm stricken boat,
Taking in water in the gallons
Jan 30, 2015
He started eyeing my dick,
in a manner that seemed to me suspicious,
And made me really afraid,
He might be up to something pernicious
Jan 30, 2015

What`s the matter?
But he seemed much too dazed,
To answer. His eyes were running angry,
Along my dick as if wanting to have it razed
Jan 30, 2015
For reasons unexplained,
i somehow felt it was time i ran for shelter,
Before it all exploded,
And folks went a rushing helter-skelter
Feb 1, 2015

i looked around me quickly,
The view i had was 360 degree panoramic,
i searched for a hole to hide in,
i`m telling you, i was in panic
Feb 3, 2015
i thought i found
An out of the way, secure little spot,
And i was preparing to dive into it,
Albeit it was no wider than a slim slot
Feb 3, 2015

But as it turned out,
it must have been too late for escape,
i got involved in this too deeply,
To be able to get out without a scrape
Feb 4, 2015
i was already jumping for safety,
The eruption caught me in midair,
Like a shock wave hitting the hall,
The panic shot out of its lair
Feb 6, 2015

it first hit my ear,
Like the sound of human thunder,
Deafening me completely for a few very long seconds,
As if stabbed with a dagger
Feb 6, 2015
it was the sound of his roar.
Or more aptly put - his howl,
The voice of a tortured entity,
Whose state of mind seemed tragically foul
Feb 7, 2015

He stood there,
His head thrown back with clenched fists,
Shouting to heaven so loudly,
That the floor would crack and show deep rifts
Feb 8, 2015
But the floor didn`t crack,
On the contrary, all became calm and tranquil,
The echo of his yell,
That before was so deafeningly shrill
Feb 9, 2015

Was still bouncing off the walls,
People frozen, mouths ajar,
Forks and spoons stuck half way in the air,
The food not being up to par
Feb 10, 2015
With the unexpected entertainment
Supplied by our pathetic crisis,
Nothing`s more delicious than misery,
Scandal`s the best of spices
Feb 11, 2015

Like all around us,
i looked at him with dread and alarm,
He stood there quiet and still,
Strangely absorbed in scratching his forearm
Feb 12, 2015
i finally managed to squeeze,
My penis back to its home base,
Hoping this would stop the escalation,
Slow things back to a normal pace
Feb 14, 2015

And i was wrong,
As then he came forth with such a spine chilling yell,
That froze and curdled the blood
in my veins into a thick gel
Feb 14, 2015
No one could understand him,
His shout was unintelligible,
But even if they could,
i guess the meaning would still be incomprehensible
Feb 15, 2015

Hysterical as his scream was,
One word i did manage to decipher,
As if from a huge explosion,
it was saved to become the sole survivor
Feb 16, 2015
The word he screamed
With a shrill voice, was `blowjob`,
He sounded like somebody gave a good twist,
To his private, little door knob
Feb 17, 2015

So i decided to wait patiently,
For him to find his calm,
No point in disturbing a person,
That experiences such an overwhelming qualm
Feb 18, 2015
People around us
Started to show interest and to gather,
i got seriously worried for him,
Fearing he might work himself into a lather
Feb 19, 2015

So i kept real quiet,
And allowed him to get together his shit,
People were looking at me, too,
Therefore i did my best to look upbeat
Feb 20, 2015
And when i was sure
That he`s somewhat regained his aplomb,
i timidly applied to him with a question,
Like one applies a healing balm
Feb 23, 2015

But gentle as one may try to be,
Such an unstable man, so prone to detonate,
Might react in a manner,
That would be hard to anticipate
Feb 23, 2015
All i did was quietly ask,
To his ear, even in a whisper:
"What Blowjob?" But these three syllables,
Aroused a tornado, a mad twister
Feb 23, 2015

He started contorting his body,
And moving it like he was a worm
So violently that a human spine,
May endure it only for a short term
Feb 24, 2015
Then with a thin voice,
That was part shriek, part wailing, part sob,
Going up and down like a siren,
With a frenzied, pulsating throb
Feb 25, 2015

And making at the peaks,
Such an ear piercing screech,
That some of the wine glasses around,
Were cracked by the incredibly high pitch
Feb 26, 2015
His eyes bulging out,
His mouth open wide, sticking out his tongue,
Like a sting of a hornet,
And i was afraid i was about to be stung
Feb 28, 2015

He proceeded to scream,
Words so offensive, lewd and vulgar,
That people froze in their sits,
One woman became as stiff as a sculpture
Feb 28, 2015
His moans were a plethora,
The colors of his lament were a painful rainbow,
And poor me was stuck under its mouth,
An erupting volcano
Mar 1, 2015

Miserable jermiau,
Exposed to animosity, violence and assault,
A sensitive little creature of flesh and black fur,
Not of Black basalt
Mar 4, 2015
i felt so sorry for myself,
How did i get caught up in this cataclysm?
i, who am always so gentle,
Subject to such a violent paroxysm
Mar 6, 2015

Everyone in the restaurant,
So pitied my dolor,
i wouldn`t be a millionaire, but i could pay that meal.
if for each one i had a dollar
Mar 7, 2015
The ladies watched me,
Transported by an emotional gale,
Upon examining their expressions,
i concluded they were aroused by my travail
Mar 9, 2015

Can you blame them
For pitying my misfortune?
After all, We cannot select our parents,
Like we select children by making an abortion
Mar 9, 2015
This man who for some reason,
Claimed fatherhood of me, was so sordid,
That consequently the state of our family,
Has ever been torrid
Mar 10, 2015

He always took to blaming,
Everyone around him, to mask his own fault,
Ever claiming i was not a family member,
But rather its gestalt
Mar 10, 2015
And an evil one for that,
A cloistered blemish, an innate hex, a jinx,
And this attitude finally achieved,
To drive him nuts, methinks
Mar 11, 2015

You know, he always used,
To draw people`s attention to my script,
Becoming so passionate
About the damage it must supposedly inflict
Mar 15, 2015
And there, too, he loved
Making the greatest possible fuss,
Doing his best to present as a minus,
What was actually a monumental plus
Mar 15, 2015

i`m referring to the manner,
in which i use letters of great sway,
Letters of a magical, godly value,
Too big for any scales to weigh
Mar 15, 2015
You have probably noticed,
Throughout this epic lay,
The strangest reoccurring phenomenon,
And must have wondered what it might convey
Mar 16, 2015

Two specific letters,
One of which (quite common): `i`, the other: `j`
Should`ve probably stood out,
Because of their refusal to obey
Mar 16, 2015
The law of capitalization.
Meaning that their case is ever the lower,
Go ahead, look for it in capital form,
You would find it nowhere
Mar 16, 2015

And mind that in this poem,
A new line starts with a capital,
But that`s an aesthetic choice,
Not one which is necessarily grammatical
Mar 16, 2015
Father knows it well,
And the reasons he supplies for this are false,
i guess he would have said even worse stuff,
if he had the balls
Mar 17, 2015

But the reason behind this,
Has nothing to it that is complicated or intricate,
Nothing philosophical,
Nothing intellectually delicate
Mar 18, 2015
On the contrary,
it`s simple, rational and mundane,
Not the kind of stuff to give the impression,
Of being esoteric, cryptic or arcane
Mar 19, 2015

The letters i and j,
When their case is the upper,
Do not carry that little dot on top,
Which in lower case serves as a sort of capper
Mar 20, 2015
This superscript dot,
Has actually got a title - a tittle,
it may seem to you inconsequential,
And yet by no means is it a mere tinsel
Mar 22, 2015

i, personally, was warned,
To take great care it is never absent,
So if i slack and omit it,
it will be equivalent to self-entrapment
Mar 22, 2015
That little tittle,
is what keeps the text watchful and vigilant,
One must ever keep it,
if one`s text is to be conscious and sentient
Mar 23, 2015

This small dot watching from above,
is the eye of the intellect of the depths,
it protects the words,
From various offences and thefts
Mar 24, 2015
When implemented properly,
it`ll serve as a sentry or a sentinel,
it`ll watch the reader while he reads,
it`ll make the lector legible
Mar 25, 2015

A block of text may do
Much more than you might speculate,
Though often grasped as passive,
it is, in fact, quite able to reciprocate
Mar 26, 2015
i keep the i to keep the eye,
There is no reader`s thought so clandestine,
But it will be like an open book,
Available for exploration
Mar 28, 2015

And this practice of mine,
No more than an innocent literary habit,
Was always described by him
As a ploy, a scheme, a devious gambit
Mar 28, 2015
But here i am straying again,
Lemme go back to the point in my annals,
When i ask him: `What blowjob?`
After which all is in shambles
Mar 29, 2015

Even though it was his expression,
He obviously couldn`t handle this term,
if you`re so afraid of the disease,
Why mess with the germ?
Mar 31, 2015
What happened next was the end of ends,
A proper verbal deluge,
i swear i was not the only one in the room,
Desperately seeking refuge
Mar 31, 2015

i remember distinctly thinking,
That we were close to the climax,
And that all this stuff that was happening,
Was as deadly as Anthrax
Apr 1, 2015
This whole rendezvous,
Was predestined to usher us to that juncture,
Ending up in an unimaginable,
Unavoidable and very tragic rupture
Apr 6, 2015

Did she give you a blowjob?
He screamed so loud that all the veins
in his forehead went completely black,
Like filth clogged drains
Apr 7, 2015
Did she use her tongue,
To put the ring on the head of your serpent?
Did she water it with her mouth,
While it bloomed and burgeoned?
Apr 7, 2015

Yelling all the air out of his lungs,
His dimensions had shrunk,
Like a scarecrow that the wind,
Blew away his stuffing and inner junk
Apr 7, 2015
i was in awe of how small
He suddenly seemed, how miniscule,
And i suddenly remembered,
How he used to take me hand in hand to school
Apr 7, 2015

When i was still a little thing,
And how he tried to be soft and tender,
Doing his best not to make me feel,
Like a wretched offender
Apr 7, 2015
And then i felt,
Something i never did hitherto,
i cannot give it any other name, but true emotion,
Which for me has always been taboo
Apr 8, 2015

And one thing i noticed right away,
it was not at all pleasant,
At the same time it was powerful,
Albeit somewhat awkwardly evanescent
Apr 9, 2015
Emotion was painful,
Although at the same time like perfume,
A fleeting, sad, crushing memory,
Of a long forgotten, intoxicating bloom
Apr 10, 2015

For the first time in my life,
Even if it was nothing but a tinge,
i felt that i was colored with regret,
And it threw me off my hinge
Apr 12, 2015
Things that i have done,
Were suddenly, unexpectedly afloat,
Even stuff which was insignificant,
Or chronologically distant and remote
Apr 12, 2015

A taste stood in my mouth,
That i cannot describe as anything short of acrid,
Maybe it was the calamari sauce,
it might`ve been rancid
Apr 19, 2015
And the view i had of myself,
Gained such clarity and became so lucid,
That my self-assurance, ever firm, unshaken,
Felt now so fluid
Apr 19, 2015

My moral ideas,
Formerly so irreproachable and solid,
Were being innerly questioned now.
Needless to say i was unable to remain stolid
Apr 19, 2015
What mostly stood painfully out,
Was my lack of emotion, a heart so stiff,
Tenderness kept breaking on it,
Like waves on a rocky cliff
Apr 19, 2015

Uninvited tears started flowing,
inside my soul`s hidden canal,
Like rain drops falling,
On the old, dirty bones of an unearthed skull
Apr 19, 2015
And yet, i let no one notice,
i just stood there, my face ashen,
Doing my utmost to seem calm,
Retaining my composure, after a fashion
Apr 19, 2015

inside of me the black snows,
Were dangerously starting to melt,
i clenched my fists,
A situation with which i have never before dealt
Apr 19, 2015
And i felt the running clock,
Knowing full well all must now worsen,
Beyond the point of no return,
Unless i take care of it in person
Apr 19, 2015

i was remembered of my childhood,
innocence fallen with all its privilege,
Truth was lost in time,
As if i never did behold its visage
Apr 21, 2015
Sparks of fire shot into my eyes,
And they burned as if dipped in acid,
My mouth`s corner twitched in a spasm,
Trying to remain placid
Apr 23, 2015

i, jermiau, a cat of no contrition,
Was clearly under an emotional siege,
Undermining the very principle
i served as master and liege
Apr 27, 2015
i stepped into an awareness zone,
Which put me in a state of agony,
Not only because i had to face,
What i used to denounce as calumny
Apr 27, 2015

But also because Like an ancient,
blackened witches cauldron,
That never contained anything,
But vile liquids, venom, bile and poison
Apr 27, 2015
into which for the first time,
Was poured a liquid without blemish.
it is but expected that holy water,
Would make the devil squeamish
Apr 27, 2015

And so just like that pot,
Which being made from cast iron,
Will under the attack of water, rust,
Falling apart, its sturdiness bygone
Apr 28, 2015
i was oxidized from within,
Emotion shook my heart of rust,
Crushing it under its mounting pressure,
Making it crumble into fine dust
Apr 28, 2015

i shall never be the same again,
A part of me bid myself farewell,
My soul expelled from its dwelling,
Like a snail who lost its shell
Apr 29, 2015
i looked at my father with new eyes,
And surrendered to self-obloquy,
That i`d always rejected up till then,
in many a heated colloquy
Apr 30, 2015

And i pitied his plight,
Felt his helplessness, shared his defeat,
Knowing full well it was my attack,
From which he could not retreat
May 3, 2015
And then unexpected,
Something happened, beyond belief,
it was a moment which revolutionized my existence,
Despite being ever so brief
May 4, 2015

Unexpected and shameful,
A small tear appeared in my eye`s corner,
And more threatened to come after it,
Like in Chinese water torture
May 6, 2015
i was breaking down,
Nothing i could do to stop that process,
i put my fist to my eye,
Helplessly attempting to block the watercourses
May 6, 2015

And it got wet.
Pointless. A stony sensation crept into my spine,
i fell to my knees like the pilgrim,
Who arrived at heartache shrine
May 6, 2015